Comment of the Day

From today’s General Debate,?Phantom Citizen comments:

Andrew Little has short memory. Attacking National Party donors has not been a fertile area for Labour to win political points in the past and it continues to be a counter productive strategy now. I think I’m going to coin a new political term. I’m going to call it “The Little Standard”.

“The Little Standard” is a new Labour internal policy whereby the party will block any of its donors (company or shareholders) from:

– tendering for government contracts let by a Labour led government, ?– lobbying a Labour led government and its Ministers,
– be involved in any overseas trade delegation or participate in any government funded industry body,
– supplying any goods or services to government department led by Labour, and
– providing any submission feedback to select committees in the bill formation procedure.

Andrew Little is a visionary and NZ should applaud and admire his ethical position and the long term benefits it will bring NZ by permanently cutting off the blood supply to Labours already depleted coffers.

The “Little Standard” can go with the “Moroney Effect” (the positive effect on a NAtional candidates majority by having Sue Moroney stand against them).

Our commenter makes a very good point, though I suspect the Little Standard could be defeated with the “Shield of Sanctimony” and “Cloak of Htpocrisy” that all socialist own and use.