Hager, New Zealand’s international embarrassment (Comment of the Day)


disclosure: photo has been changed for dramatic effect

no bullswool wrote

Most New Zealanders don’t follow politics.

I am married to one who does his duty every 3 years and wants to hear about it as little as possible.

What the last few days has taught me is that my mild mannered husband becomes furious if the name Hagar is mentioned.

It is not the Dirty Politics that angers him, it is the attack on our country.

We are both patriotic proud kiwis whose fathers, uncles and grandfathers fought for this country and paid a heavy toll.

It is the dirty little innuendo and smear on our country’s reputation that offends the most.

They fought so that Hager has the freedom to act this way.

I will defend his right to do it.

But I agree that it really doesn’t win hearts and change minds.

It is destructive, and he exclusively hits out towards the ideology he does not agree with.

He has covered up problems on the left of politics, and silenced journalists by holding negative information over their heads.

What has Hager ever done that builds our great nation, rather than tear it down?


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  • shykiwibloke

    And despite all the media trying desperately to paint the little twerp as a bond-fide balanced journo – the country sees him for what he is and what he will always be. Time the MSM woke up and stopped treating us like idiots.

    • Whafe

      MSM, slowest learners this side of the black stump….. And sadly they are not even embarrassed of their shocking behaviour

    • roxo

      “With freedom comes responsibility and a high standard of ethics – the media cannot hold people to account if there is no accountability within the industry.” – Andrea Vance’s tell-all confession – my days working for the ‘gutter press’.

      Does accusing people legally going abut their chosen profession doing legal business – breach Andrea’s level of ethics? Or is get Key the be all and end all? My toilet germs have higher standard ethics than her and Hagar.

  • Whafe

    It is a struggle to work out what would make Hager happy or what is flowing through his veins?
    it is far from what is flowing through most NZ’ers veins

    • Charlie

      You only have to look at the guys face, even without hearing him speak you can tell he is a nasty, twisted, know all, foul natured little twerp.
      People that carry on being negative and nasty all the time, as he does, inevitably become uglier and more repulsive as their blood turns to acid the more they try to crucify others.
      You never see normal people such as our PM spending their life carrying out personal attacks on everyone, although he would have plenty of reasons to do so. Hagar, Little & co = glass half empty, Key & co = glass half full!

      • Usaywot

        Four others whose faces show their true nature, Little, Minto, Kelsey and Bradford. You are right, I have noticed that people I warm to, who are positive people have pleasant faces even if they are not classically good looking.

        • Charlie

          Yes, that’s it exactly. Being nasty appears to show, whereas being more pleasant also appears obvious, probably because you get more self satisfaction and pleasure being nice to others.

          • Usaywot

            I suspect Hagar was bullied at school by a rich boy. Revenge of the nerds

          • Brian Smaller

            I suspect he was the rich boy at school – or at least comfortable enough to be a trust fund baby.

          • Dave

            He was the rich boy at school, his parents worked very hard to provide for him, VERY VERY HARD, and I believe (cannot prove) there is a trust.

          • Platinum Fox

            His father’s shirt factory in Levin (established in 1956, two years before Saint Nicky was born) grew from having 9 machines to employ 70 staff by 1969. It closed in 1993 after tariffs on imported clothing were cut. (Source: An industrial review of Horowhenua 1972 – Horowhenua Kete)

          • RealKiwi

            I notice that Leftie woman and I guess men too get that mongrel dog look about them, It’s like their hatred of anything that could steal their power boils to the surface

  • Left Right Out

    The problem with people like Hager, and we have seen this from the left, is that they become obsessed with a single issue… John Key…. and they have no interest in what collateral damage they may leave in their quest to bring him down.

    • Brian Smaller

      That is because the ends always justify the means to lefties. At the end of the day there is very little that they won’t do to advance their cause.

    • dennis

      It’s for the greater good so anything goes.

  • Drhill

    Greenpeace is listed in that Database, however as the pop-up says “Trusts are used for perfectly legal reasons”

    • Pluto

      Which begs the question – did they have the courtesy to check with Greenpeace that they had perfectly legal reasons for having a trust, and why didn’t they extend the same courtesy to all the others they’ve smeared ?

  • HR

    Not that I would ever encourage or condone an illegal act, but I was thinking what the reaction would be if the situation was reversed, and Nicky Hagar had had his private e-mails stolen, or his law firm had had their documents hacked, and they were drip fed into the public bit by bit in a way to cause maximum damage to his reputation…

    I hope it never happens because I don’t think I could stomach the hypocrisy.

    • Look at the outrage when the police get a legal search warrant for Hager.

      if it was reversed and their information had been illegally hacked the stories would be on the illegal hack and lack of morals of anyone printing it

    • johcar

      To be able to have a reputation to damage, one must first have one worth keeping/protecting…

      EDIT: clarification

  • Dr Wang

    What most people are overlooking is the forgotten victim in Hager’s latest flaccid exposé – his common-law wife. How disappointed must she be with her “man” Nicky, always promising what he has to give, but never ever delivering. My sympathies go out to her.

    • [MOD] That’s totally unacceptable here. Enjoy a month on the bench.

  • Rebecca

    Auckland lawyers are chuckling at how misdirected Darth Hager has been this time around. He’d better produce something substantive to justify trampling NZ’s reputation like this.

  • Dave

    Last night i commented about the Little Boy who cried Wolf, but was cautious to see what today’s bigger reveal contained – NOTHING. I believe almost all of the Kiwi MSM will be giving Hager a wide berth, after leading them once again down the path to nowhere. When you think of the effort TV1, Red Radio etc have gone to, all those hours and hours, the team led A Vance must be so proud.

    I wonder what the bosses and execs at those organisations are saying, can’t wait to read Bob Jones take on the whole fiasco.

  • SAM51

    What annoys me is the fact that TVNZ and RNZ, both propped up by the NZ public, are so involved with this crook. Its time the funding at RNZ was cut to zero and TVNZ was put up for sale. The government shouldn’t have anything to do with owning or being involved with the media – we are not North Korea.

    • Whitey

      If anyone needed an incentive to explore tax avoidance options, the fact that Red Radio and TVNZ are publicly funded would be it.

  • JohnO

    Come on Nicky Hagar be brave and “out” your own trust financial details. You have been standing up for the masses by exposing private and confidential financial details of other peoples trusts but you need to come clean and expose your own trust details. We know you are a “trust kid” who has inherited millions from your wealthy bourgeoise parents and have the priveliged position of fighting for equality for the down-trodden masses from a financially secure trust income. This trust was set up years ago on your behalf so you would not waste the capital, and from astute investment it has prospered and grown. Please be a man and “out” yourself as you have “outed” so many other timid souls’ tax details. The revolution cannot be accomplished with full power and energy if some of us hide and leave all the personal exposure to others. You know you should in all fairness give us all the details; be courageous and don’t be frightened …trust that your accountant has paid all the tax owing on all your trust income and lead the way by outing your own trust accounts. We are all waiting expectantly for the last 10 years of your own personal trust and financial details because it would be for the public benefit of NZ to know that their “hacker champion” is straight and above board and honest and accountable in all he does.

    • Dave

      I wonder……. I live offshore, am not a Kiwi resident, and whilst I don’t have the skills, lets hypothesize a little.

      1) I organize the collection of data on Nicky, including financial and family records, in the public interests of course.
      2) I find a large trust fund, income not declared, personal bills paid from the trust which avoids income tax, and all sorts of minor taxation issues.
      3) I find a trust for all assets, all squirreled away, its dirty trusts i tell you.

      I take all of this to the mainstream media, they explode with excitement, at last a hit on horrible Hager. The info is drip fed, parts are sanctioned so as not to damage compliant media mates and to keep them under the thumb, and to do the most damage over a week or so.

      Nicky is ashamed, and slinks away to nurse his hurty feelings.

      Would that be fair, is it in the public interests ?????

      All hypothetical of course, i cant afford to fund it, and don’t have the skills.

      But, as I and a handful of tame Journalists deem it okay, and in the public interest, is it really okay?

  • taxpayer

    What a champion Nzer he is, trying to drag NZs name through the mud in the hope some idiots will fork out for one of his rubbish books.
    Cheers Nicky, thanks a bunch.
    Thankfully NZ has an excellent reputation as a place to do business and I doubt anything Mr Hager says or does will ever change that.

  • Whitey

    Hager is so far round the bend he couldn’t see reality with a periscope, and so he doesn’t understand that the majority of NZers see him as a loony, hypocritical conspiracy theorist. I think he’s mad enough to believe he’s fighting the good fight against the evil government, but he’s really just a poisonous little man who’s never created anything in his life, and feels driven to destroy what other people create out of envy and spite.

  • Usaywot

    Thanks for this. I didn’t know any of it. Sounds like Hagar has a massive sense of entitlement, then, and can’t see why others have more than him…wah, wah, wah. Isn’t it disgusting that this lucky individual who had hard working immigrant parents now wants to besmirch the country that gave his parents so much opportunity. I feel angrier than ever.

  • Michelle

    just saw Hager on Al Jazerra didn’t bother to listen

  • rangitoto

    Just saw a tweet questioning why Hager doesn’t reveal who Rawshark is since Hager is apparently all for transparency.

  • kayaker

    If I can be permitted to make an empty calorie comment – that’s the best I’ve seen Hager looking since forever.

    • Wheninrome

      I have been watching Banshee on Sky, apparently you an get Devil horn implants.

  • quantummechanics66


    • GT

      Yes but I think they are itchy Trigger fingers and have start shooting before the gun clears the holster. The left will need their own invictus games

  • Wheninrome

    I am starting to think that Hagar was not one of the “hallowed” few who had access to all the information relating to Panama Papers. I get the distinct impression he is highly disappointed there was nothing in them incriminating of John Key.
    With what has been released why would you have tried to make a name for yourself as involved in this breaking news.
    It is a fizzer and he is proving himself very much the lightweight we all knew he was. How silly of all those who leapt on the bandwagon, they were not privy to the information. Being conspiracy theorists they just assumed there would be something there. They cannot help themselves and judge others by their own standards of behaviour.

  • EpochNZ

    I was genuinely shocked to find out Nicky is 58 years old….I would have thought with age comes wisdom, but I’ve been proven wrong. For gods sake Nicky, just let it go…

  • Dog Breath

    To answer the question NONE.