Corbyn shaping up to have Tony Blair investigated for war crimes

Terrorist hugging communist Jeremy Corbyn is shaping up to have Tony Blair investigated for war crimes.

Tony Blair has said it would be a “very dangerous experiment” if Jeremy Corbynor a populist politician like him were to form a government.

In an interview with the BBC, the former Labour prime minister said populist politicians, whether on the left like Corbyn or on the right, were worrying and he spent a lot of time thinking about how people in the centre should respond.

Blair famously said last summer that anyone thinking of voting for Corbyn as Labour leader because it was what their heart told them to do should “get a transplant”, but his latest comment may be his harshest yet.

Speaking to Emily Maitlis for BBC2’s This Week’s World, Blair rejected the suggestion that he was responsible for Corbyn’s emergence as a political force. He said it was “a result of the way the world works these days”.

He said: “It’s a big challenge for the centre and, when I’m not thinking about the Middle East, I’m thinking about this because I do think, by the way, it would be a very dangerous experiment for a major western country to get gripped by this type of populist policymaking left or right, a very dangerous experiment.

“I do think the centre ground needs to work out how it gets its mojo back and gets the initiative back in the political debate because otherwise these guys aren’t providing answers, not on the economy not on foreign policy.”

All that is because there is a report on the Iraq war coming up.

Blair and Corbyn are at opposite ends of the spectrum of Labour opinion, with Blair on the far right of conventional party thinking and Corbyn on the far left. Blair won three general elections, but his support for US intervention in Iraq and free-market economics made him increasingly unpopular with Labour activists, helping to explain the rise of Corbyn in 2015.

A spokesman for Corbyn declined to comment.

In the interview, Blair would not comment on the forthcoming Iraq inquiry report. But he said he felt some humility when he thought about the decisions he took at the time.

“I have a real humility about the decisions that I took and the issues around them,” he said. “I was trying to deal with this in the aftermath of 9/11 and it was very tough, it was very difficult. I think it’s important that we also have humility then about the next phase of policymaking, so we try and actually learn the lessons of the whole period since that time.”

He said Islamic extremists posed a threat even before the Iraq war and that people in Europe faced the risk of even bigger terror attacks if the extremists were not confronted.

Jeremy Corbyn is a dangerous lunatic. Labour now hates on the most successful Labour PM they’ve had in several generations. It is bizarre really. We have seen a slight turning on Helen Clark here as well because of her support for the TPPA.


-The Guardian


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  • taurangaruru

    Blair’s role in convincing the British to go to war in the Middle East should be subjected to scrutiny, the were some very murky dealings especially with regards to the reports around Saddam Hussein’s stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction.

    • jimknowsall

      Scrutiny yes, but all those accusations of being a war criminal are ludicrous and politically motivated.

    • Chinaman

      I agree that Blair and his ”sexed up” reports into WMD`s in Iraq have led to the rise of Corbyn.

      Also it explains the rise of Trump and Sanders in the U.S and how the Bush family is finished in Politics in that nation..Jeb spent millions and never above about 2% in the U.S primaries.

    • Wayne Peter McIndoe

      Major issues regarding the whole Iraq invasion business, too much to go into on this occasion, but the whole war crimes business is way over the top and somewhat politically motivated, Labour in the UK as in Nz have perhaps more pressing issues to deal with

    • Observer

      Seeing Blair investigated for War Crimes would be great to see. Hillary Clinton should also be investigated for supporting Libyan Rebels who massacred black Africans. These interventions paved the way for the huge rise in asylum seekers now trying to enter Europe.

  • biscuit barrel

    There is no mechanism for a political leader to be charged with War Crimes , unless they look part in individual actions or directly ordered things like massacres to happen.
    British law ( which was restrospective) only covered actions by Germany in occupied Europe.
    Not sure where the quote is for Corbyn says he will have Blair investigated for WC

  • Isherman

    Perhaps Corbyn has forgotten that the decision to back the invasion of Iraq was a voted Parliamentary decision, not a decision made by Blair under the Royal Prerogative, and that 3/4 of the Labour Party voted for it. Corbyn’s dreaming if he thinks he can hold Blair up on war crimes.

  • Ruahine

    Corbyn. A dog digging up old bones. Old bones that leave a bad taste in ones mouth and little food value or any other value.

    • David Moore

      Well, he is best described as the Honorable Member for the 1970’s….old bones is all he has.

  • zotaccore

    If anyone here thinks Little is a stuffy left winger, check out question time in the UK parliament. Corbyn is something else – almost on another planet really. The Tory’s really enjoy question time because they poke so much fun at him, he melts into a jelly ball. Quite entertaining.

  • Edward M Blake

    I thought it was standard practice of labour to hate it’s previous success. You can’t hate success with hating your own.
    As for Helen Clarke, when she relinquishes her lead of labour they’ll start the hat’n.
    Thinking about it reminds me of a bee swarm except all drones and no workers.

  • Vutekno

    I’m trying to imagine how the World would fair with Corbyn as PM in the UK , Trump as President of the USA and Clark as head of the UN. Have to stop this close to vomiting.

    • Uncle Bully

      And who would be the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse? Angela Merkel?