Daily Roundup




Wait until you see the Air action figure









Auckland Council Elections… (any council, probably)







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  • Nige.

    Roundup. Joy!

  • Orange

    Needs to hand in his cat card.

  • Des

    Damaamn Hood Rat.

  • KGB

    Yep best form of defence is attack!

  • sarahmw

    Lol my grey boy had the same happen . Never seen a mouse before lol, so funny watching him back off.

    • My dog spent years chasing rabbits. Then one day it actually managed to catch one, was so surprised that it spit it back out and just stood there looking at it as it ran away.

  • Dave

    our placid little moggie would be so excited, a few taps of the paw later, it would be in his mouth and either offered to us, or consumed.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    One of mine bought one home for me last night – STILL ALIVE!
    Wouldn’t care but worry they run under something and then the cat looses interest and then some days later there is a lovely smell to be tracked down and eliminated!

  • Woody

    Another van for Paula Bennett to get her knickers bunched about.

    • Andinz

      What is wrong with that van’s endorsement of what it contains? What could be inside blog pages with the title “Whale Oil Beef Hooked”? Probably depends on the way it is read – you need a north country accent I believe.

      • Woody

        I thought it was great, so did Mrs W

  • willtin

    Moving was quite moving; just completed second in 16 months.