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  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Is that a cry for help from the hardware store owner??

  • Uncle Bully

    According to Google maps, I have a Cafe & Motel in one of my hill paddocks, just under the shade of the stand of kauri trees.

    • Damon Mudgway

      Sweet. How much per night to fellow Oilers?

      • Uncle Bully

        It’s pretty cheap. But be warned, there’s no dunny, the only running water is down by the dam and the heifers won’t respect your privacy. In fact, they’ll poke their noses into anything that looks vaguely interesting. NIce view though….

        • Michelle

          Hope there is no possums to drop in

          • Uncle Bully

            Not anymore. Just peacocks, whose cries in the night can be a bit startling for the uninitiated.

          • Michelle

            Isn’t called the “Cry of the living dead” or something like that?
            Some people can’t stand the noise they make
            they make one hell of a racket and often cry out to signal rain
            we have one down here close to the house that someone dropped off on the side of the road, she is the only one left of 3 dropped off
            l see she is moving closer to home