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I’d draw it between the golden retriever and the bunny.   You?




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  • In Africa, they’d be wondering what the line was for, not about where to put it.

  • Caprice

    Sitting here in the dining room with a full tummy, yes I would include the bunny.
    Cast ashore on a deserted island, with just a boat load of animals the line would be far far to the left of the billboard.

  • Frank N Further

    I have knowingly eaten all but 1 of those species, although different breeds. And having traveled widely, eating with the locals, wouldn’t be surprised to find that I had a full house.

  • Edward_L

    The place across the road in Paris did nothing but horse. Not extraordinary to taste.
    The work canteen had what I thought was lasagne but turned out to be layered offal.
    That was France. The worse smelling the cheese the better.

  • Anthony

    I don’t like the taste of dog so much, all others a good eating. I rank curried cat over rabbit.

  • So I was driving Mr 9 home from school and Duncan Garner starts going on about if people would like to have a “sex pass”. As in, if you are otherwise in a committed relationship but you can’t with your partner, your partner gives you a sex pass to go off premises.

    It’s as much as I heard before I changed the channel. I realise talkback is for adults, but I really had no warning that was coming.

    Didn’t really want to explain any of that to Mr 9.

    • XCIA

      Perhaps it has something to do with the company he keeps these days?

      • That’s a bit harsh on my son don’t you think?

    • Crowgirl

      This has got to be related to Duncan’s Tinder “research”.

  • WBC

    I agree with the bunny for the line and have eaten everything to the right. Of course everything to the right of the bunny already feeds everything to the left of it anyway so what is the difference?

    I haven’t deliberately eaten anything to the left but I have traveled a lot…