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  • AL357

    I was horrified at the last picture above regarding how anyone could view an adopted child – we have an adopted, now grown up daughter and love and respect her unconditionally.

    • Nige.

      Yeah I can’t stand the way adoption is portrayed nowadays. Parents who adopt do so sacrificing their own time and money for the sake of love.

      It’s easy to go around making babies and spitting them out to 4,5,6 different fathers but it takes true guts and courage and commitment and faith to put your efforts into someone else’s genes not knowing if those efforts are going to pay off or not.

      • XCIA

        It can be devastating. Couple adopted a young fellow, who had the best of everything a privileged upbringing could give including private schools and all the love in the world. He ended up raping and murdering a young English tourist at the Mount in 1989.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      I was equally horrified but also because I really don’t find any of it funny. OK the child can’t read it but why would you ‘adorn’ your child with such stuff and it sort of shows the mentality of the person buying it – surely.
      Also at some point this child will be able to read, will see a photo of herself and be left wondering I would think.

    • AL357

      And the love and respect is mutual

  • Wolfman Jack

    Attention men et al, Sgt Dave and Teddy tried to tell you, but nobody listened

    • WBC

      However, methinks that particular picture is as genuine as a German hacker.

      • Wolfman Jack

        But I watched Sgt Dan in the movies and that”s the sort of thing he would say. He shot a lot of baddies back then