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Oh Germany….








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  • Grocersgirl

    They also serve who only stand and wait!

    • JC

      Well.. served anyway.


  • JEL51

    What is it with cats & boxes? I have sat here for a couple of minutes mesmerized by the complete idiocy of the thing. If he wasn’t so cute I would call him Little Andy.

    • Platinum Fox

      Maybe it’s something to do with the smell of the kraft paper that corrugated cardboard is made from? I’ve never seen a cat interested in so small a cardboard box before.

      • JEL51

        The instinct to hide in order to pounce on the prey, has to be part of it too. I’m sure they all try it.

  • WBC

    Stuff is advertising that it has 17 followers on facebook! 17 whole followers! Maybe not quite enough to risk going behind a paywall…