David Carter lost control of the house

David Carter isn’t a very good Speaker. He never really wanted the job and is somewhat ham-fisted at it.

He is still miles better than both Gerry Wall and Margaret Wilson, who were perhaps the worst Speakers I’ve ever seen.

Right now though, NZ First are running a campaign to make his life a misery.

Yesterday it was Dennis O’Rourke and Winston Peters who got turfed. O’Rourke is a whingy prick and the little gimp deserved it. Winston was just picking a fight for a fight’s sake.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and one of his MPs have been ordered out of Parliament’s debating chamber.  

The row started when Denis O’Rourke was asking questions about the rail network, and Speaker David Carter told him one of his questions was too long.

Mr O’Rourke argued about that and was told to leave.

Mr Peters joined in and questioned Mr Carter about his ruling.

That was considered out of bounds, and he was ordered out as well.

They both had to stay out for the rest of question time.

Winston knows the sanction is light…out for the rest of Question Time…big deal. He still gets to make David Carter look like a prat, so he is winning.




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  • waldopepper

    i thought winston retired. sheesh ! does any one of these clowns ever do what they say they will ?

  • Big_Al

    Our parliament has become a big joke. All these moron MP’s on fat salaries who are meant to be there to help run our country to the best of their ability and most are no better than a bunch of kindergarden kids. It has become a circus with name calling and disruptions every session. If any of them carried on like this in a job in the real world they would have been dismissed long ago. There should be a three strike rule for any MP’s that are ordered out of the house. After that they should be dismissed permanently from parliament. Watching my hard earned taxes being wasted in this manner makes me mad.

  • Jp

    Wonder if this has anything to do with it

    Behind-the-scenes jostling between National and NZ First may have dashed Speaker David Carter’s chances of a plumb diplomatic post to London.

    Carter has long been thought the frontrunner to replace current High Commissioner to Britain Sir Lockwood Smith when his term ends early next year.

    But it is understood NZ First is demanding that if in a position to get National across the line for a fourth term, then it would want Carter hauled back from the London posting should he have already gained it.

    • MaryLou

      Well, that sucks. Wonder what their grounds are, for such a demand. Old rivalry seems a pitiful reason.

    • kayaker

      The real truth is that Winnie wants that posting for himself. I’m picking that as part of his king-making skulduggery he will be demanding a plum overseas posting. I really hope the king-making opportunity doesn’t come his way – he’ll leave Parliament with his tail between his legs as he deserves to.

      • rantykiwi

        NZ High Commissioner in Ulan Bator would be about Winnie’s level.

    • biscuit barrel

      Doesnt make sense to be hauled back after the election. You can only be Speaker if you are an MP after the votes are counted.

  • kayaker

    NZ First members are a bunch of twerps, time-wasters. They deserve everything they get from the Speaker. Winnie and Marks are the worst offenders – the latter is stupider than stupid. I resent that we pay the salaries of these sniping, back-chatting, non-productive, unintelligent losers and stirrers.

    Most of us – from experience at school, at work, and at home – would be dealt to for this kind of behaviour.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    “He still gets to make David Carter look like a prat, so he is winning.” I disagree, I think Peters comes across as a grumpy old OAP looking slightly bewildered and out of his depth. He seems to have forgotten how to behave in the House, and is often extremely rude to Carter, it amazes me he isn’t thrown out more often. It really is time he was put out to pasture.

    • Keeping Stock

      I agree completely Alan – Peters is getting thrown out frequently these days because he is picking fights with Carter. But the difference since the beginning of the year is that Carter is standing up to him, and not letting Peters get away with frivolous points of order and challenging the Speaker’s authority.

      The main criticism I have of Carter is that for the last couple of years he has been too lenient. Now however he seems to be responding to feedback along those lines from those who watch and listen to Parliament, and he is making Peters accountable for his grandstanding. All power to Mr Speaker.

    • Jayar

      Yes – well said. Peters has a thinly veiled insolence – also why does he always have to lean on the desk? OAP – good description, he’d hate it, as it’s true!

  • Seriously?

    It is not a job I envy, but I have to say that NZ First had a point yesterday. The question was not that long, silly and pointless yes, but no longer than many. I’m not sure why Cater took issue with it.

    NZ First then went too far arguing it. O’Rourke was a twerp and deserved to be kicked out, and Winston apparently wanted to be kicked out, but there is no doubt Carter is struggling a bit.

    • stephen2d

      O’Rourke is a tosser and trougher per excellence, with his “private secretary”/partner – but agreed, Carter is really far from being a good and objective speaker of the house.

    • ChrisM

      It was long enough to have a number of areas where Bridges could address. That was the point he was making but it didn’t through,

  • KGB

    Fine them!
    Winston is playing games, his win come from his ejection. As I said last night he is enjoying himself way too much.
    Being asked to leave the chamber was once a shameful occurrence.

    • johnandali

      I hope the bar was closed.

  • Sailor Sam

    Stuff is claiming that Winston is saying to the government that he will join them in coalition after the 2017 unless Carter is made High Commisioner in London.
    If these claims are true then the next demand will be for John Key to stand down as PM before Winston will go into partnership with National.

  • Jman

    I’ve never understood why the speaker is always an MP when it is meant to be an “unbiased” position. A member of a particular party is always going to be biased. The speaker should be an independent position.

  • Graeme

    A couple of weeks ago he told Carter that he knew more about Parliament than Carter did. That was just before he was chucked out………..again.

  • jedmo

    Am impressed by how the Speaker is able to recollect the minutiae of MP’s questions, and answers, when making rulings.