This is why we desperately need a New Media organisation

Cartoon-TICP - The Israeli Cartoon Project

Cartoon-TICP – The Israeli Cartoon Project

When we were challenged by a reader to provide a balanced view when writing about Israel, Cameron responded that Whaleoil is the balance.This is a reasonable statement considering that a bias against Israel can be found at every MSM organisation and also on Left wing blogs.Have a look at the screenshot below. Do you think the panel for a discussion about Palestine is balanced? Do you think that the topic for discussion is balanced or indeed accurate? Since when was Israel a part of Palestine? The entire premise of the discussion is that Israel does not exist despite the reality that it is a distinct and separate country.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a new media organisation that provides firstly just the facts and secondly opinion pieces from both sides of an issue?


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  • Cadwallader

    If the named panel was a ship it would have rolled to the left with such force as to cause it to capsize. The only obvious omission is Ms Smalley to be the front person.
    The last time I read of Israel in language which was authentic and sober were from the reports by WO when he visited there in 2014. (Even his dip in the Dead Sea hadn’t been photo-shopped!)
    A new “news” organisation would need to be staffed by persons not tainted by the existing news channels. So; where would you get them from? The universities can’t be trusted to provide balanced journalists given they’d be well marinated in marxism while attending.

    • spanishbride

      My educated guess would be that journalists write what the editor tells them to write and allows them to write. A left wing Editor allows left wing bias. A right wing editor allows right wing bias.

      A really good editor will have a bias but will expect fact based reporting and will insist that opinions are restricted to clearly marked opinion pieces. If the editor restricts reporters to reporting on the facts then they cannot allow their bias to show. The editor would also have to be strict on lying by omission, ie leaving out pertinent facts in order to influence readers.

      • Cadwallader

        To record and then reproduce facts is not as simple as it seems. To record an event objectively for a reporter steeped in a particular ideology would be difficult, if not impossible. If I were to write a report on a Greens’ conference I could not guarantee that I’d do so impartially given my pre-disposition away from the participants’ interests. The use of cameras and even direct interviews can be perverted towards a desired stance (and this happens in NZ) so how to ensure anything close to objectivity?
        In ZB it cannot be the Head of Dept (read: editor) who directs the news output given the vast differences between their on-air staff. How could one person agree with Hosking and Smalley contemporaneously?
        At Mediaworks there is a consistent anti-Key, anti-government left wing bias. Mark Weldon couldn’t squash the bias…who can?

        • spanishbride

          Weldon was not an editor. He was hired to improve the financial bottom line. He was a money man, a hatchet man to remove the deadwood and the expensive employees. As far as I know the left wing ‘culture ‘ remains and I am unaware of any intention or desire to change that.

          In fact Media organisations in NZ seem to be going more left these days. NewstalkZB is a case in point.
          Maybe this is why a new organisation has to be built from the ground up as intrenched bias is too hard to shift.

          • Cadwallader

            I agree. The result thus far is unfortunately Left Wing Status Quo 1 v Weldon 0. If they regard themselves as having had a victory there’ll be another Mark Weldon on the horizon then another after him etc.. Who in Mediaworks behind the talking heads actually drives their leftie nonsense?