Dick wrong on Dodgy Socialist Dam

Leading member of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council Alan Dick has a go at his Labour Party fellow member Meka Whaitiri, probably while Dick was still under the influence after a hard night because he got a couple of important facts wrong.

Continued carping criticism of the Ruataniwha Water Storage Scheme (RWSS) by Labour MP Meka Whaitiri is ill-informed and most unfair.

It is particularly unfair to the highly reputable members of the independent Board of Inquiry – who actually made the decisions on both the RWSS project conditions and the complementary environmental rules embodied in the new Plan Change 6 (PC6).

If the Board of Inquiry was so good why did Fish & Game and Ngati Kahungunu appeal their decisions on Plan Change 5 & 6 on Points of Law, and why did the HBRC lose on appeal? And if it was wrong why did the appeals succeed?

And after Alan Dick refused to vote for his Labour Party colleague Rick Barker for the Chair of the HBRC, was any thought in Labour given to telling Alan to bugger off?

Or is utu going to be delivered at the ballot box?


– HB Today


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  • biscuit barrel

    isnt one a labour MP and Dick was a former Mayor of Napier, so not sure how one has any authority over the other.

    • F T Bear

      Utu may well be delivered at the next election but building the dam was and still is a very good idea.
      It will over time generate jobs, income, recreation, water storage, flushing flows, extra land in conservation, and vitality into a rural area that is just itching for some investment. The fact it has been hijacked by many groups and individuals with their own personal and public agendas is just a reflection of the way things are done in this country these days. Most of these groups and I include the HBRC to a point in this , have been fast and loose with the truth. All it needed was everybody to just take a breath and do what is right. Right for the majority of the population in Hawkes Bay, not just their self serving selfish little agendas.