Dickhead Mayor still thinking he will be re-elected


An interesting letter from a man who’s terrible behaviour on Anzac Day needs more public scrutiny.

Not to mention his untoward behaviour towards media.

He might be right about it being the last time….word is he is going to get rinsed for his bombastic attitude toward ratepayers.



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    Only two vancies….ghee, silly me, I thought local body elections are for all seats….typical behaviour for our highly manipulative and self-serving mayor. Surely hope the current term has been his last!

    • Sally

      And the mayor’s seat is also vacant.

  • biscuit barrel

    The presumption of the man, “two vacancies’ indeed.
    All the council positions are vacant at the election

  • duve

    I assume that if there are only the same number of nominations as there are seats, the nominees are automatically elected.

    • pidge

      That’s how Cameron Brewer got elected to Auckland Council last time – stunningly, no-one else stood in Orakei ward!

    • biscuit barrel

      Nominations dont close till 6 months away.

      The dude should be saying its a privilege to serve as mayor, and be grateful if you would RELECT me for another final term.

      He regards it as a taken that he is back for one last lap. Sometimes in these small towns , enemies can last a lifetime, and he could use pressure to make sure no one stands against him.

  • FornaK

    Ummm anyone care to share what terrible behaviour of his happened on ANZAC Day?