Dirty Politics Labour style

Screenshot -One News Michelle Boag

Screenshot -One News
Michelle Boag

There is a massive shit fight going on in Wellington. It’s a little like the shit fight going on in Auckland on the right, except this is on the left.

There are rumours swirling around Wellington that have reached my ears in Auckland that Labour are scared to death of Nick Leggett’s campaign. So much so they have raised the spectre of Michelle Boag in a grubby little rumour that is being pushed out of the parliamentary wing of Labour and also by Justin Lester himself.

Anonymous emails are being pushed to me as well in the hope that I will bite, but after a bit of judicious checking and phoning around I can report the rumours are false.

This is the email I received and the email address I received it from:

Wellington Insider <[email protected]>
To: Whaleoil

Re: Boag on Leggetts team

Hi Cam,

I thought you’d be interested in this little piece of information I have been passed.

It seems that Nick Leggett has made the first mistake on his run for the mayoralty of Wellington.  

I’ve heard from sources that he has Michelle Boag on his team, tapping National donors in Auckland to fund his run.

The National donors I’ve heard from are quite flummoxed at being asked to fund an ex-Labour man’s run for the mayoralty, even if he is going up against the current flag bearer.

National people are pretty grumpy that Boag would shit over their preferred candidate Nicola Young who’s recently shown a bit of steel in calling for beggars to be banned (as finally we have a candidate willing to stand for something!).

Anyway, you’re welcome to check this information up. It’s from a good source. The public should be aware that Leggett is happy to align with someone like Boag.

Yours sincerely,

WCC Insider.

This is a false accusation and a pretty scurrilous one at that. Using Boag to smear someone is just low. If only it were true that Boag had abandoned Auckland to inflict herself on Wellington.

Word is some Labour people are accosting Nick Leggett and demanding answers. This is the true grubby nature of the smear, Leggett didn’t know anything about this rumour until accosted.

It seems his campaign has seriously upset the party. These scurrilous rumours are clearly bullshit designed to frighten off Labour people supporting Nick Leggett, like Ken Douglas who endorsed Nick in the paper last week (see last two paras). Technically, he could be expelled for endorsing someone against an official Labour candidate, but they can’t open those floodgates.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.52.54 PM

Senior Labour MPs with a personal history of spreading rumours have been fingered for the backstabbing. Between them and Justin Lester they really are trying hard to nobble Nick Leggett’s campaign.

This is the reality of Labour’s own dirty politics.


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  • shykiwibloke

    Better send that one on to Hagar the Horrible for his next book looking at the left in as much detail as he has scoured the right.

  • Keeping Stock

    Senior Labour MPs with a personal history of spreading rumours have been
    fingered for the backstabbing. Between them and Justin Lester they
    really are trying hard to nobble Nick Leggett’s campaign.

    That could refer to about three-quarters of the current Labour caucus. But if suspicion was limited to those MP’s with a specific interest in Wellington-related issues the list would be a little bit shorter.

    In the Labour Party however the real enemy isn’t the party on the other side, in front of you. It’s much closer to home.

  • spanishbride

    But, but, they said that after Dirty Politics you were washed up and lost all your sources. Maybe Andrew Little needs to monitor his MP’s mobile phones just like John Key to make sure no one is talking to you. I wonder how you are doing it? Carrier pigeons?Below is a photo of Speckled Jim winging his way to Whaleoil while wearing his cute little backpack, complete with National Party logo.

  • stephen2d

    If it smells like Mallard, looks like Mallard, then it probably is Mallard.

  • Intrigued

    I remember watching Nick Leggett on TV sometime round the last election and thought at the time he talked the most sense of any labour leaning politician I’d heard in years. I thought he would be snapped up by the party after its last shameful defeat. But no – it seems you have to be ideologically ideotic like the current incumbents, Little, Hipkins, Twyford, Ardern, Moroney, Mallard…..to get anywhere in the “out of touch” party these days.
    I hope Leggett does well in the Wellington mayoralty election. Be a shame for his common sense and energy to go to waste.