Don’t forget, he’s the “Smiling Assassin”

The PM didn’t care and why would he, getting booted from the house is hardly a punishment. It’s more of a reward.

If winners are grinners, it wasn’t hard to see who was claiming victory after Prime Minister John Key’s ejection from Parliament on Wednesday.

Far from looking chastened at being booted from the house, Mr Key was smiling. By Thursday morning he was laughing about the incident on More FM, saying his wife had told him to write lines in penance: “I’ve done my lines, I wrote 500 out.”

To be fair, he seemed rather pleased with himself even before the Speaker took action, but the punishment apparently did little to dampen his mood.

His first ejection from the house as prime minister (a fate also suffered by predecessors Helen Clark and David Lange) was administered as he answered, with typical hammy brio, a question from Greens co-leader James Shaw, who wanted him to apologise for having dragged Greenpeace and Amnesty International into debate over the Panama Papers.

Apparently unable to contain his enthusiasm for the fray, he carried on counter-punching when Parliament’s referee had effectively called “break”, thereby earning himself an early exit.

This was all too neat for critics on social media who reckoned he had got himself thrown out to avoid answering more questions about those problematic Panama Papers.

What problems with the Panama Papers?

The Media party gave up on Wednesday after just two days. There was nothing in them and the public saw it for what it was, a shabby manufactured government hit by Nicky Hager and the seven intellectual pygmies of the Media party.

But that wasn’t the interpretation Mr Shaw and Labour leader Andrew Little gave in a joint stand-up immediately afterwards. “He basically lost control of himself in the house,” said Mr Shaw.

Mr Little reckoned that Mr Key’s aim was distraction and that when that didn’t work he demeaned people: “He lost control.”

Mr Shaw later retweeted a claim the Prime Minister had deliberately engineered his ejection.

Oh boo hoo, idiot. So what, the fact that you let him get there says as much about you as it does about Key.

Key’s Parliamentary opponents have been left swinging at clean air.

Maybe the prime minister was happy to be banished, but he was hardly taking a battering beforehand.

While debate will continue about New Zealand’s foreign trusts industry, the Panama Papers have yet to deliver the deadly anti-Key ammunition his opponents would love to uncover.

If they had, would the Parliamentary attack have been so focused on the relative sideshow of getting an apology for Greenpeace and Amnesty International?

In a week that might have turned out far worse for him, Mr Key’s buoyancy is understandable.

Why should he apologise? Greenpeace and Amnesty International are in the Panama Papers. The problem for Andrew Little and James Shaw is that they have spent weeks demonising every mention of someone in the Panama Papers.

The opposition launched yet another failed hit, showed the public they are still unfit for public office and are left floundering.

Don’t forget that he was known in the corporate world as The Smiling Assassin.

While his opponents struggle to make some concrete gains from the Panama Papers, expect the grinning to continue.


The opposition made much of it, stating it was embarrassing and showed Key had lost his cool, but strangely when pointed out that Clark and Lange had also been given the arse card when PM they still kept on with the hits. Like punch drunk fighters they just don’t know when to quit. The voters threw in their towel long ago.


– Radio NZ



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  • Uncle Bully

    I love it when those opposition leaders make fools of themselves. It’s free election advertising for National, authorised by Dumb and Dumber.

  • oldmanNZ

    wasnt David Parker, just days before, booted out?
    Has he also “lost control”,

    the fact that JK (The smiling assisin), was answering and correcting James Shaw every question, and actually got kicked out for too much info, appears he was more than willing to answer those question.

    sometimes i wonder if the left actually think before they speak.

    • Catriona

      In a nutshell, James Shaw wasn’t listening to the answers to his questions.

      • exactchange

        Questioners mostly seem to have a list of supplementaries which they work their way through regardless of what answers have been given. I do not very often hear a supplementary which actually does follow on from an answer. Points of order about the inadequacy of an answer more often though. They don’t need much forethought.

        • MarcWills

          Classic example on Thursday – JA Genter kept persisting with supplementries which Michael Woodhouse had already answered, either the same day, or on the day before. He batted them away by saying ‘see the previous answer’. They seem to think if they keep asking the same question enough times, eventually they will get an answer they like. She even tried to make out a question was the same one he had answered the day before, but MW was astute enough to realise she had actually changed a word, and therefore the meaning of the question – so it wasn’t the same. It was actually an impressive performance on his feet from Michael Woodhouse, and showed he was prepared and was on top of his portfolio [Revenue].

          • Aucky

            The questions are drafted by party flunkies and it seems that very few opposition MPs have the nous to adjust their line of questioning when required to do so.

          • biscuit barrel

            The government Mps questions are the same. Written for them by ministers who take credit for the sun rising but never for the rain coming.

    • zotaccore

      Parker did lose control, his anger got the better of him and standing right in front of the Speaker as he vomited forth his disgust at one of the Speakers rulings. Parker is a tosser of the worst kind and tries to use his past skills as a lawyer to try and outwit the Speaker, problem is the Speaker is the Judge so any challenge is contempt – so Parker gets exactly what he deserves.

  • Beria

    Little has not explained in simple terms why Greenpeace’s appearance in the Panama Papers is totally benign, nor assure us that it has paid all its taxes amd dues in every country in which it operates. Maybe it has and I don’r personally care, but Andy is a hypocrite if he can’t prove it while asserting that everything else in the database is grubby.

    • They don’t pay any taxes. They managed to get themselves back on the charity list.
      How a political activist organisation is a charity is beyond me. Might as well give Kyle Chapman & Right Wing Resistance charity status on that basis.

  • Macca

    Once again this ‘journalist’ isn’t actually reporting John Keys answer. He was happily ripping Shaw a new freckle by pointing out that although Green Peace maybe shouldn’t have been on the list and were not guilty of any crime, it was no different to the actions of Labour and The Greens slighting other innocent people.

  • Cadwallader

    I foolishly expected Mr Shaw to be more rooted in reality than his pre-decessor and his puffy co-leader. I was wrong and foolish and optimistic. This is the Green Party’s leadership not a viable group of moderate thinking individuals. Watching Mr Shaw relentlessly traverse the same ground repeatedly without heed to the overt and sensible responses from JK reduced his performance to the level of a 6th form debate….staged, brittle and ultimately pointless.

    • MarcWills

      I think it was Wednesday when David Seymour (ACT) asked a supplementary “When was the last time the Greens asked a question about a green issue?” Much hilarity in the house ensued, but not so much from the Greens. I think the question went over their collective heads.

    • Aucky

      James Shaw is just a Russel Norman clone repackaged in a $2k suit and a decent haircut.

  • Totara

    Perhaps the Greens and Labour think that their ‘missing million’ don’t have Internet access, and can see them for the fools that they are?

    Every media outlet has the session embedded as a video, which quite clearly shows the Prime Minister not ‘out of control’ but instead explaining an obvious point to a very stupid question.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Perhaps the Greens and Labour think that their ‘missing million’ don’t have Internet access, and can’t see them for the fools that they are?”

      I have internet access and consider myself politically interested if not totally immersed but until a couple of days ago never bothered to look at question time (apart from having a nosey when it first became available) or any proceedings so, if I believed what was written in the MSM, that would be where I got my information from.

      Even now that I have gone a few times I really find all the grandstanding and stupidity annoying rather than amusing. It all seems so stage managed. Their smirks as they ask these clever ‘gotchya’ questions.
      The chamber is misnamed as they wouldn’t know how to handle a proper debate.

      • biscuit barrel

        Its just a small part of parliament works.

      • sheppy

        What you are actually discovering is just how bad some of the politicians are, and how much their image is manipulated by the media.
        If everyone knew just how much stupidity comes from all parties of the opposition, National would have a way greater majority than they have now.

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    All part of the cut and thrust of the debating chamber – nothing here please move on

  • Keeping Stock

    So Greenpeace, whose New Zealand boss is former Green Party co-leader-with-a-penis Russel Norman is complicit in the anti-National, anti-John Key sting that Labour, the Greens, TVNZ and RNZ is running.

    It must be time to write to the Charities Commission to get them to once again look at whether Greenpeace is a charity, or whether it is primarily a political organisation.

    • H. Upmann

      If Greenpeace did loose their charity status again, they could always apply for status as being a religion.

  • Jayar

    John Key is always a joy to watch in this situation. Having been asked a foolish question, he answers with rollicking good humour which must infuriate the fools in Opposition.

    • Keyser Soze

      I was annoyed he got he boot because all the fun was over!

  • Crowgirl

    Why are they looking for them? So they can name and shame them for doing nothing illegal again? And once again people mildly associated with such can be drawn into the fray. I think Greenpeace has been huffing too many petrochemicals.

  • metalnwood

    ‘Mr Shaw later retweeted a claim the Prime Minister had deliberately engineered his ejection.’

    I would rather see a minister who is paid to be in the house be kicked out in pursuit of a debate than see a bunch of them all walk out of of parliament rather than debate.

    James, when you accuse someone of leaving the chamber intentionally then you have to consider the actions of your MP’s when they intentionally leave as well.

    • PhantomsDoc

      So, Jame Shaw is stating publicly that he believes there was collusion between the PM and the Speaker of the House for the speaker to act unhonourably???

      I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more on this.

      • biscuit barrel

        Not collusion, he just made a professional foul, as often happens on the field, players do these to break an opposition teams advanatge.

        Its a cheap nasty way of playing.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Here we were thinking Shaw and the Material Girl were the dumbest pair but it appears we got it wrong again. The latest Tweedle dee & Tweedle dum pairing is what the opposition would have us believe could run the country as they both claim the Prime Minister “lost control” and got early relief from their repetitive dumb questions. They still don’t realise that the Prime Minister is/was in total control especially as Shaw struggled with each additional “supplementary” which seem to be far too many in his case.
    It was hilarious a short while later watching the ex-SAS cook making a bid to get in on the action and gain his spot in the jug collection.
    They all dominate a growing trend where the wording, phrasing rounded out with innuendo, snide remarks and falsities of questions are more important than the answers which they ignore.
    It is the sort of dumb approach that sees Shaw demanding an algology for his friends identified in the Panama Papers when in fact they were from the database with the PM showing him a step by step keystroke and screenshots how to find them.
    There will be no apology from this pair of Tweedle’s for misleading the public, attacking respected peoples reputations while making the best chump display this year. There will be mega back pedalling, excuses amid the usual claim it was misconstrued. Retribution will come in the more poignant form of a severe backlash kept to the forefront by easy recall by the Government.

  • Left Right Out

    Personally I think Shaw should be the one pleased that JK was ejected…. Key was on form and was launching into Shaw……… his day will come again

  • Cadwallader

    Does anyone here listen to Student Radio? I occasionally tune to my local student station as they tend to play music otherwise not aired. I assume that student radio is funded by Creative NZ which tosses our $$$$$ about with little thought as to why. In general I support student radio but my reservation is the narrowness of the focus. If ever there is anything close to a debate the primary themes read like a commie manifesto and are regurgitated without thought. There is a seemingly permanent disdain for JK, the USA (now Trump) wealth creation and enterprise. On the other side of the ledger Jacinda is top of the pops, climate change caused by humanity is an established dogma, all education must be free, and that superannuitants ought be made to account for how they spend their pensions. I could go on…

    • biscuit barrel

      “NZ On Air also sponsors New Zealand music shows on student and alternative format radio stations.”
      But in general student radio is volunteers and most supported by funds from their Student unions.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    The whole premise that Key got turfed out intentionally is ludicrous. The only question he had left to answer was the usual stand by his statements from the loathsome Ron Mark, a question he would bat away with ease.

    • biscuit barrel

      On the ruby field it would be called a professional foul, doing something in front of the ref. Its dirty tactics, if its deliberate.

      • Rightsideofthebed

        Except as his back was to the speaker – it’s more like being sent off for playing on when you haven’t heard the ref’s whistle due to the crowd noise.

  • biscuit barrel

    Was it for trying to talk over the speaker, which was Keys ploy.

    Peters is normally kicked out for ‘his very long questions’ or failure to follow speakers instructions regarding questions.

    I dont think hes ever been kicked out for not shutting up when the Speaker is standing, as key did.

  • anniem

    Loving the “seven intellectual pygmies of the Media Party” Best line of the day.