Don’t let the facts get in the way of a pimped story

The Media party, working  in complicity with the Labour party are really pimping out housing stories.

Andrew Little hasn’t quite declared a crisis but he has said a crisis is close.

But is there really an over-crowding issue. John Campbell has been stalking the streets of South Auckland along with his other media pals rocking up to houses where inveterate breeders are moaning about their predicament so surely over-crowding must be an issue…right?


The government via the Ministry of Health commissioned a study in 2014 based on census data regarding over-crowding.

The statistics, you know hard data not manufactured cry-babies found by a political party says that over-crowding is reducing.


The chart shows that during the 1990s, when National were in government, over-crowding significantly reduced. This is of course contrary to claims by Helen Clark’s government that National ran a heartless government. Correspondingly over-crowding increased during the Clark years and is now falling again with a National government. This all runs contra to Labour’s claims.

The key findings of the report are:

Data from the Census 2013 shows that:

  • around 10 percent of New Zealanders live in crowded conditions (398,300 people in 74,124 households)
  • the Counties Manukau DHB region has the greatest proportion of people living in crowded conditions (22%), followed by Auckland (16%) and then Tairawhiti (15%)
  • children are over represented in crowded households. Over half of crowded households have two or more children (at least one child aged between 5 and 14 years) living in them
  • two in five Pacific people (38%) and one in five Māori (20%) and Asian (18%) people live in crowded households. This compares to 1 in 25 Europeans (4%)
  • there has been a 9 percent increase in people living in crowded conditions in the Counties Manukau DHB region (7755 more people) since 2006. This is likely to reflect a population increase in the region
  • for the lowest household income quintile, 15 percent of households are crowded; for the highest household income quintile just 2 percent of households are crowded
  • of people living in crowded households nationally, 35,847 (9%) live in households that do not use any form of heating in their houses. The highest percentage (16%) is in the Counties Manukau DHB region, where 14,103 people living in crowded households use no heating.

So, yes there is an over-crowding problem, but it looks to be largely demographically confined to Pasifika and Maori households, with some Asian households included. This to me suggested a cultural issue rather than anything else. There is no rational explanation for poverty meaning increased families…in fact it is the other way around, poverty is caused by large families.

The Labour party and the Media party will always be able to find someone living in a crowded house who has a bad situation. But for some reason there is no mention of the stats overall in their reporting.

Perhaps it is because it doesn’t suit their narrative.


– Ministry of Health



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  • oldmanNZ

    there many reason why some places have too many people.
    Like some were evicted for trashing the place and not paying rent.
    some are overstayers and hiding
    some are hanger on from a week long party
    some are saving money by squeezing as many people to split the rent.

    to go cruising around looking for overcrowding an say its the govt fault is like
    going to Remurea looking for a house and says its too expensive,

  • Tony Norriss

    The problem is that facts and logic don’t tear at the heart strings quite the same as images of a tribe of snotty-nosed kids and their parents crammed into a garage.

    • Sailor Sam

      They don’t tug at my heart strings it is very much the opposite.
      And if that is racist, tough!

    • Separating the parents would be a good start for these families, there is a market opportunity here for shock collars where they could be set up to go off if the parents get within a metre of each other.

  • andrewo

    So it’s now my fault some morons produce a litter of kids without the means to feed or house them?

    • Momo

      Not your fault but it is your problem.

      • kereru

        In that case it’s yours too – please tell us what we can do about it.

    • Vaughan

      No, it’s John Key’s fault. That’s the way Angry and the media seem to portray it.

  • Damon Mudgway

    It sure is ironic ain’t it? It seems the ones who are living in crowded conditions have children they can’t afford, dogs they think they can afford, and the inate ability to slam those that can afford the aforementioned. Why do lefties believe it is those with lower incomes god given right to have as many kids as they so desire? I’ve got two children, no dogs…it’s all my wife and I can comfortably afford without being a financial burden on fellow taxpayers. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what these parasites are, a financial burden. While there are some exceptions due to unforeseen circumstances, the majority are self entitled wastes of oxygen.

  • Jtbnz

    As far as I know there is no standard in New Zealand for Overcrowding, I think different standards get merged e.g. more than one person older than 10 per room. Also it doesn’t take into account cultural considerations, so if you have grandparents living with you and there are no spare bedrooms then you meet the criteria for over crowding.

    • exactchange

      See the Housing Improvement Regs 1947. Covers number and type of people per bedroom, bedroom area and number of toilets required.

      Regs are current but that doesn’t mean followed. However, landlords (private or public) could invoke them if they wanted to reduce overcrowding in their properties.

  • Gazza

    ….soooo what is the definition of ‘overcrowding’?

    [just saw post by Jtbnz….question answered]

  • FreeMack

    They can’t feed, house or keep their family warm. But they can still give more than 10% to the church. So it is God’s fault. Get them saying that on national TV.

  • D-Rad

    I don’t understand why so many people at that end of the scale live in Auckland. Its expensive, like insanely expensive. Why not move somewhere else where rent is cheap, especially if you are on a benefit. Why would you live in Auckland on a low wage? Why not go elsewhere where its cheaper. Is there low paid work available elsewhere?

  • HunuaRanger

    The problem with these statistics is that they are using American and Canadian definitions to define what overcrowding is.

    For Example in Samoa the mean household size is 6.8 persons. Rural households are larger than those in urban areas with an average of 7 members while those in urban areas have an average of 6.2 (figures taken from the 2014 Samoan Demographic and health survey) Link to PDF of survey
    So without looking at the figures in a cultural way it is easy to misread people choosing to live in larger family units with grandma and grandpa living with their respective children and grandchildren (extended family) as overcrowding compared to a couple with 2 children in a European (nuclear family) kind of way.
    It would be interesting to see the figures on whether the extended family unit model also applies to Maori families.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Regretfully it is the dummies who continue to have large families and thus put more strain on what is available. To quote loosely from the bible, “the poor will always be with us”.

  • SFB

    Something doesn’t add up with that story. Been on the waiting list for 5 months but moved out of her ex partners home 6 weeks ago?

  • Isherman

    Poor Andrew, he’s let Fairfax (who have partnered with UNICEF to ‘shine a light on child poverty & social welfare’) beat him off the mark in calling it a crisis. Mind you, it seems these Media party alliances and directives drive Labours direction and focus anyhow, so, situation normal I guess.

  • Anthony

    And over crowding as we know it is not really a health problem – it’s more the conditions like poor ventilation, poor heating and hygiene, etc.

    Hong Kong is one of the most crowded places on earth yet has a higher life expectancy than NZ – go figure!