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Today’s face of the day Sadiq Khan is about to be elected as London’s first Muslim Mayor. He has defended Islamists, 9/11 terrorists, and is endorsed by anti-Semites.

Londoners go to the polls on Thursday to choose a replacement for the outgoing Mayor, Boris Johnson MP. Despite the fact the Labour Party is currently mired in an anti-Semitism scandal, if all things remain equal, expect the party’s candidate Sadiq Khan MP to be confirmed in the early hours of Friday morning.
Mr. Khan, 45, has had a successful career in the Labour Party…

The many concerns raised about Mr Khan include:

A letter to the Guardian in the wake of the 7/7 terrorist bombings on London, blaming terrorism on British Government policy;
His legal defence of Zacarias Moussaoui, a 9/11 terrorist who confessed to being a member of Al Qaeda;
His chapter in a book, entitled ‘Actions Against the Police’ which advises on how to bring charges against the police for “racism”. This is the same police force that Mr. Khan as London mayor would exercise authority over;
His defence of Islamist extremist Azzam Tamimi. When Dr. Tamimi told a crowd that the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammed would “cause the world to tremble” and predicted “Fire… throughout the world if they don’t stop”, Mr. Khan, who shared a platform with him, dismissed the threats as “flowery language”;
His platform-sharing with Suliman Gani, a south London imam who has urged female subservience to men, and called for the founding of an Islamic state.


…Mr. Goldsmith and his ‘Back Zac’ campaign have used the last few months to highlight Sadiq Khan’s proximity to Islamic extremists, extremism, and this past weekend, to anti-Semitism.

But perhaps it speaks to the mindset of Londoners, and certainly the British capital’s demographic shift, that such news has scarcely affected Mr. Khan…


Polling suggests some people are nervous about having someone like Mr. Khan near an office that wields so much power, responsibility, and cash.

Private conversations with Westminster insiders often see Lutfur Rahman – the former Mayor of Tower Hamlets – raised as another example of a prominent Muslim mayor.

Mr. Rahman was removed from office, accused by critics of playing sectarian politics with the area’s Muslim population, of backing Islamists, and of distributing tax payer cash to his favoured Muslim groups to secure their support.

Mr. Rahman was found guilty of “corrupt and illegal practices” – and has perhaps set back the plight of the few, integrated British Muslims in elected life. He – alongside politicians like Humza Yousaf, Sayeeda Warsi, Rushanara Ali, Shabana Mahmood, Yasmin Qureshi, Amjad Bashir, Naz Shah, and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh – have created a deep distrust between British voters and Muslim politicians…


…Mr. Khan can hardly claim a clean record. Mr. Goldsmith’s attacks are not without basis, though they have been shrugged off as “racism” or “Islamophobia” with the assistance of the left’s useful idiots like Owen Jones.

Apart from his somewhat threatening statements about not voting for him while claiming that “he is the West”, Mr. Khan’s own track record is perhaps one of the most sour of all Muslim politicians in the Western world.

In 2001 he was the lawyer for the Nation of Islam in its successful High Court bid to overturn the 15-year-ban on its leader, Louis Farrakhan.

In 2005 and 2006 he visited terror-charged Babar Ahmad in Woodhill Prison. Mr. Ahmed was extradited to the U.S. in 2012, serving time in prison before being returned to the UK in 2015. Mr. Ahmed pleaded guilty to the terrorist offences of conspiracy, and providing material support to the Taliban.

And Mr. Khan also campaigned for the release and repatriation of Shaker Aamer, Britain’s last Guantanamo detainee, who was returned to the UK in November.

Both Messrs Aamer and Ahmed provided Mr. Khan with links to the advocacy group CAGE, which described the Islamic State executioner Mohammed Emwazi as a “beautiful young man”, and which has campaigned on behalf of both men. Mr. Khan is reported to have shared a stage with five Islamic extremists, including at sex-segregated events. Even so, his poll numbers remain firm.

…Londoners may, in small part, be swayed by the clutch of anti-Semitism that is now perceived to grip Labour. But with Mr. Khan’s lead, it is unlikely to be a large enough swing to keep him out of office.

On Friday morning, Londoners will likely get the news that their mayor for the next four years is a man with the judgement, priorities, and fellow travellers as laid out above. This, combined with an annual £16bn budget, and an army of police, bureaucrats, and officials, would make Mr. Khan one of the most powerful Muslims in the Western world.




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  • intelligentes candida diva

    This post is a tight accurate summation.
    It is important always if voters do not care for much but at least have an opposing view to a particular standing candidate such as Sadiq Khan it is crucial to vote and this situation is a case of point

  • andrewo

    A sad day for London if he gets in.

    • KatB

      And possibly for the rest of us. It will show people aren’t doing their homework about their candidates, or they’re prepared to explain away what doesn’t suit them. If he gets in, will he be held up to the rest of us as an example of assimilation and integration all the while his background suggests quite the opposite.

      • andrewo

        I think you misunderstand the voters in London: He is more representative of the common man than his opponent. Bear in mind London has been over 50% brown skinned for several years now and there is an on-going dribble of ‘white flight’ into the home counties; although of course they’ll all deny it.

  • Gazza

    …..and this is what happens when the population of certain groups enables the sway of power, just as their continued rhetoric suggests….its part of the long game.

  • Isherman

    Mind you, the Brit pollsters have had a nasty habit of being rather wrong lately…and the Goldsmith cakes have been outselling all the others.
    As an aside it sounds like there have been some problems in Barnet, with thousands of voters turned away after issues with the electronic voter registration system.
    Polls close in an hour and a half from now, the London Mayoralty aside, it could be a bad day for Labour…some pundits now suggesting they could drop as many as 200 seats.

  • dumbshit

    “Rust never sleeps”! A recent conversation with a London resident, evidenced the acceptance of Muslims, and not a hint of trepidation for the outcome!
    Personally, it ain’t going to end well.

  • Davo42

    Que NZ immigration increase of non-muslim refugees from Old Blighty.

    • Mark

      I am close to the point of saying stuff them,which is particularly uncharitable of me.my parents having fled Northern Ireland.
      The ones that really gall me are the UK Cops that we import,fascists having stuffed their own country they run away.
      But sadly I don’t know what they should have done & I despair.

  • Muffin

    Well if people don’t care enough to use the power of democracy to protect their own way of life then all we can do is watch and learn

    • Isherman

      You raise a good point, the voter turnout numbers could be interesting from the commentary I’m seeing…quit low by the sounds of it.

  • JohnO

    And the UK thought it was too good to allow Trump into their land. they are seriously deluded and deceived and they will pay the price.

  • Isherman

    Polls are closed, and we await exit poll results. Corbyn reckons Labour will not lose any seats…hold that thought chap.

  • Odd Ball

    He was democratically elected (if successful), London gets the mayor they deserve, weather they voted or not. If it all goes badly for them, they only have themselves to blame.

  • spanishbride

    I despair I really do. Democracy really does sow the seeds of its own destruction.

  • PsychoKea

    Need to put it out there that if he gets elected bacon rolls will banned from sale, that would motivate a few people

  • Brad

    My pick is the Colonial Planters, since the British will be busy observing Ramadan…