Face of the day

Act Leader David Seymour

Act Leader David Seymour

A few words from today’s face of the day David Seymour about the Media.

Last week I spoke at a charity debate to raise money for the families of journalists killed for doing their job in dangerous countries. This week the so called International Consortium of International Journalists have put thousands of people in similar countries in danger of extortion and persecution by publishing details of their financial affairs, searchable on the internet.

If the boot was on the other foot and a group of lawyers had stolen and released thousands of journalists’ file notes and recordings then put them on the internet, endangering journalists in unsafe countries along the way, the New Zealand media would go nuts. Unfortunately, some of the same journalists who were at last weeks’ fundraiser are gleefully rooting though stolen information with little regard for the privacy and safety of vulnerable people because they think there is something inherently sinister in people being wealthy and using trusts. What a shame.




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  • Toby

    I have a lot of time for this guy. He could potentially do very well at the next election.

    • Nige.

      If he keeps making sense like this he will get my vote.

    • duve

      I have quite a bit of time for him too, but his potential to do well at the next election is very limited. Let’s examine the facts. He is in Parliament because National has gifted him the Epsom seat. What is ACT’s current percentage of the vote? 1%? I guess I’m opposed to political deals. Let’s have a National candidate in Epsom next time, and we can then judge ACT’s performance in real terms.

      • Mighty1

        1% is enough for 1 MP in parliament though. Just the threshold issue.

      • JohnO

        A national candidate in Epsom will not increase the number of seats held by the national party. It will increase National’s electorate seats by one and decrease National’s list seats by one for no net gain to the party but 1 less seat for the National/act/ uf government. This would give Peter Dunne and/or Winstone even more unwarranted power over the Government. I would like to see David Seymour run for Peter Dunne’s seat and a new candiate for Act take over the “safe ” seat of Epsom for Act. That way the party can build and provide support for National where it needs it.. on the right.

        • duve

          You really think National is a right wing party? We don’t have a right wing in NZ. National is clearly further to the left than Labour was in the Lange era.

  • Woody

    It is just a pity he can’t focus like that all the time. Well said Mr Seymour.

  • Abjv

    A number of these offshore individuals who are now exposed have considerable assets at their disposal. They may be looking for utu. But who are the un-named journalists and hackers involved? Helpfully, Hagar and a couple at TVNZ have put a hand up and in effect said “start here”. Wonder if this is the real reason the German sausage has stayed quiet this time.

  • Gazza

    Could not agree more with Mr Seymour…..well maybe just one change, the last three words, remove the ‘a’….there you go, sorted!

  • Catriona

    These so-called Journalists are awaiting their ‘Hollywood” moment, then they’ll be really, really famous. And yes, David Seymour is correct in saying that if it was a bunch of Lawyers releasing stolen and sensitive information, there would, indeed be hell to pay. These so-called ‘big shot’ journalists are beneath contempt imo.

  • Dumrse

    Surely its all ok given our very own Mr Hager is involved ?

  • Keeping Stock

    Well said David Seymour. The hypocrisy of the journalistic fraternity and of the political parties on the Left is without question.

  • Hedgehog

    David Seymour, you are spot on! Journalism is more like the Kardashians every day. No talent and all hype. And they wonder why most of them are not respected.