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Muslim Woman Arrested After Instagram Photo Shows Her Hair

Elham Arab (Photo Source: The Daily Dot)

Today’s face of the day is a Muslim model Elham Arab who took a selfie while she was wearing her hijab. She posted it to social media as she had done hundreds of times before but this time she was arrested by police.

As we all know, there are strict rules and regulations that come with the religion of Islam. Unfortunately for women…it seems that they bear a much heavier burden under those guidelines than their male counterparts.

According to The Daily Dot:

Wearing a headscarf in public has been compulsory in Iran, a predominantly Muslim country, since the 1979 revolution, although some Iranian women have tested conservative ideologues by wearing their scarves tilted back, partly exposing their hair, or posing for “bareheaded” photos on social media.

This is the problem that so many people have with the religion of Islam. Despite the fact that every other society on earth has evolved to acknowledge that we’re all equal as people, the religion of Islam does not hold this belief when it comes to women.


The head scarf issue often features prominently in the constant tug of war between powerful hard-liners and Iran’s increasingly urbanized and worldly society. Iran’s laws require that all women, even visiting foreigners, cover their hair out of a traditional respect for culture and morality. Many hard-liners view the obligatory veil as a last-ditch defense against what they say is an onslaught of Western cultural decadence.

But the main culprit was not Ms. Arab, Tehran’s public prosecutor, Abbas Jafar-Dolatabadi, concluded on the television program. No, the main offender was “the enemy,” Iran’s household label for the West and its unwanted influences.



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  • shykiwibloke

    The Middle East is a casebook nest of hypocrites. They happily take the Wests money, then cry a river when their own people spend that money. The West is blamed for their own consumerist desires.

    • JohnO

      They can stop people looking at women on the streets and on TV but they cannot stop people looking at womanly beauty on the internet. The internet is a huge weapon against Islam and its diabolical mission to demean and degrade all people.

      • kereru

        If any ideology relies on oppression and fear to maintain its credibility then that ideology is anchored in quicksand and is bound to be sucked under eventually.

        • Crowgirl

          The human spirit always yearns to be free. Fear and intimidation and oppression can work for a while, but eventually that yearning will show itself. Iranian women resisted having to give up freedoms and don head scarves back at the time of the Islamic Revolution, and they’re still resisting even now.

      • shykiwibloke

        I take your point, but the internet is used as evidence by the nutters – proof that society should heed their warnings

  • intelligentes candida diva

    General stereotype with a wink of the eye from me this morning…
    ……….Oh dear those poor Islamic following men losing a grip on their beautiful women. Of course they think the west is the enemy in case Western men see the women as beautiful strong women and treat them better …..equal!!!!!!!