Face of the day


Today’s face of the day is J K Rowling for saying that free speech is for everyone, not just your friends.



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  • JLS

    Well said JKR. Listen up those who have barred the climate change skeptics from speaking on their campuses.

  • Catriona

    Woah! Amazing clarity from a very well balanced individual. What JK Rowling says all makes perfect sense.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Hellalujah for freedom of speech!

    Excellent articulation, of course!

    I wonder how many people stopped to think about their own beliefs hearing her words.

    Heartening to know clever women such as J.K.Rowling continues to echo for freedom of speech as Evelyn Beatrice did before her when she penned
    ‘…I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it…’


    • Ruahine

      Nicely researched. This saying is so often mis-attributed to Voltaire.

      I totally agree with the statement.

      It is my belief that freedom of speech is the greatest of all freedoms. Just as important today as it was during the times to wrest the control of people away from Monarchist, Religious and Military dictatorships where the right of Universal Sufferage in the form of ‘one man, one vote’ is an accepted of a modern and free society.

      The fight still goes on though. This banning of people from Universities is a worrying trend.

  • JEL51

    Appreciate that the author has stood-up to hold some to account but what is it with the liberal left that they have to label everything, everyone? It seems very limiting in as much they have no intention to seek a better understanding or clearer view of things. From that small piece, I know which I would choose to have on my side. The one she denigrates may well turn-out the better person.

  • geoff

    Same could be said about Holocaust denier David Irving not being allowed into NZ.