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Omar Mohammad Batawil was a 17 year-old freethinker from Yemen, who shared his thoughts and criticism of religion and religious scholars and institutions on his facebook page. He was accused of apostasy and murdered yesterday by an Islamist group.

One of his facebook statuses (translated from Arabic):

“They accuse me of atheism!
Oh you people, I see God in the flowers,
And you see Him in the graveyards,
That is the difference between me and you.”

-Kacem El Ghazzali FB page


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  • T Mardell

    I am deafened by the outrage from all the moderate Muslims around the world.

    It is these situations, and the responses that are the most telling, not the weasel words we hear about it being the religion of peace.

    • duve

      Turkish President Erdogan has said “there is no such thing as moderate Muslims, there are just Muslims”. True, that.

    • Simo

      Hillary will sort them out…..NOT!

  • Brian Smaller

    This is why it is totally irrelevant that fundamentalist muslims only make up 10, 20 or 30% (whatever the number is) of the Muslim population. They are willing to kill any of the 70,80 or 90% who are not fundamentalists. So the people who just want to live in peace say and do nothing to draw their attention. In the end they acquiesce to the Islamists by their silence.

    • Huia

      That may be so, but if enough of them stood united against the hijacking of their religion it would make a difference.
      By saying nothing or doing nothing, they are guilty by association and people like this brave young man would have some support.

      • JohnO

        The fundementalist muslims are the ones who are staying true to Islam by executing free thinkers like Omar. Islam is totally against free-thinkers and considers it both needful and righteous to kill them when they appear.

        • Huia

          I agree with both you and Brian Smaller JohnO, but the religion has been taken to its absolute extreme by the fundamentalists. There has to be those in the religion who do not agree with the violence and murderous way it has gone, although I do suspect they will be secretly pleased when yet another country has succumbed to the pressure of Sharia.

      • Brian Smaller

        Unfortunately the religion is not being hi-jacked by the fundamentalists. They are being true to their religion. The young man above was an apostate, therefore deserved death – according to the tenets of their faith.

  • Simo

    If they just rolled and worked with John Key what this country would achieve would be truly something to behold…..but nah once a leftie always a leftie, its sticks in the their gobs that they have let down their history and forefathers who toiled to destroy the capitalists bastards. They will not let it go so they will keep sleepwalking backwards into the future like another lot we all know