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Today’s face of the day is a young sufferer of Leukemia, a cancer that will no longer be a guaranteed death sentence thanks to the Israelis.

…Millions have suffered the devastating consequences of Leukemia, a blood marrow cancer that strikes both the young and the old. The disease knows no ethnic or religious boundaries. Until recently, Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia, the most common form, was a death sentence. Despite extensive chemotherapy regimens that left patients tortured by pain and nausea, most of the stricken eventually succumbed to the disease.

But over the past few years, a number of small Israeli medical research firms have devised new compounds and technologies that hold the promise of targeting Leukemic cells with the same incredible accuracy that Iron dome targets incoming Hamas missiles, leaving the rest of the patient’s body intact and producing a permanent cure. These developments should they pan out, represent a revolution in medicine and in the battle against cancer.

Will the Times or the BBC take time off from their relentless criticism of Israel to provide their audiences with another perspective of Israel? Will David Remnick, editor of the highbrow New Yorker, which reliably treats its readers to periodic exposures of israel’s flaws and alleged injustice toward Palestinians, assign a writer to produce an in-depth report of this story?

Don’t bet on it. Providing the world with a cure to a dreaded disease is not the Israel these media organizations care to portray.



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  • sandalwood789

    And left-wingers have the *nerve* to criticise Israel – a tiny country that has done more for the world in the last 100 years than all Islamic countries combined have done in 1400 years.

    • kereru

      It goes against the grain for the media to praise Israel for punching above its weight in every field of endeavour – science, technology, medicine, agriculture, design, music, innovation, enterprise, you name it. Never do you read of how Israeli hospitals treat anyone in need of care – including their neighbours who keep targeting them. The MSM is so blinkered by its prejudice it cannot bring itself to report the facts in a balanced manner. Join Honest Reporting to learn the truth behind the propaganda.


    • kereru

      Israel is an irritant slap bang in the middle of a sea of backward Islamic countries. It must be got rid of. This is an ancient hatred born of jealousy and prejudice. It goes back thousands of years to the time of Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau.

    • oldmanNZ

      we actually buy a lot of Israel stuff more than we realise.
      they make a lot of great products.
      like the epilady…

  • oldmanNZ

    I will probably not halal approved, so they will blame the Israel for denying them of the cure, and using it a a biological warfare.

  • Duchess of Pork

    As this technology progresses no doubt more Nobel prizes will be awarded to the industrious Jews. 0.2% of the world’s population win 22% of Nobel prizes. An amazing achievement which all countries should be looking to replicate. Are you listening Murray McCully?