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It’s a dog’s life … Spot at home with his former fiancee Rachel. Photograph: Richard Ansett/Channel 4

Today’s face of the day is proof that our society really has gone to the dogs. The social engineers who have told us that by identifying as the opposite sex we become that sex, have opened the door to every other kind of mental disorder.If we say, yes you are a woman to a man who identifies as a woman we cannot say no to a man who says he identifies as a dog, or a woman who identifies as a cat, or a man who says he identifies as a six year old girl.

It’s easy to laugh at a grown man in a rubber dog suit chewing on a squeaky toy. Maybe too easy, in fact, because to laugh is to dismiss it, denigrate it – ignore the fact that many of us have found comfort and joy in pretending to be animals at some point in our lives.

Seriously? Many of us pretend to be animals?

Secret Life of the Human Pups is a sympathetic look at the world of pup play, a movement that grew out of the BDSM community and has exploded in the last 15 years as the internet made it easier to reach out to likeminded people. While the pup community is a broad church, human pups tend to be male, gay, have an interest in dressing in leather, wear dog-like hoods, enjoy tactile interactions like stomach rubbing or ear tickling, play with toys, eat out of bowls and are often in a relationship with their human “handlers”.

In the documentary, we see Tom, AKA Spot, take part in the Mr Puppy Europe competition in Antwerp, a mix of beauty pageant, talent show and Crufts; David, AKA Bootbrush, talk to camera in a leather dog mask; two pups walk through London pretending to wee on lampposts to raise awareness of their identity; and lots of men jumping up for “treats”, barking and wagging their mechanical tails.

When I speak to Tom, he is keen to point out that puppy play is about more than just outfits and surface-level power games: it’s about being given licence to behave in a way that feels natural, even primal. “You’re not worrying about money, or food, or work,” says Tom, who works as an engineer in a theatre. “It’s just the chance to enjoy each other’s company on a very simple level.”

This may explain the man who claims to identify as a six year old child. What he really is after is a life devoid of adult responsibilities. This is not really about identity, it is about getting to behave in a way that makes a person feel good. How many transgenders after the operation find that losing their penis or breasts does not make their life better? It is possible that their perception is that the other gender has it better in some way and that they think that by becoming that gender their life will be better.

I think it is tragic that as a politically correct society we feed people’s delusions. If a person wants to ‘pretend’ in the comfort of their own home to feel happy or for a sexual thrill then go for it. To take their delusion out in public and expect us to say that yes, they are what they are clearly not, is a bridge too far.

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If you agree with me that’s nice but what I really want to achieve is to make you question the status quo. Look between the lines, do your own research. Do not be a passive observer in this game we call life.