Faces of the day




When I first came across this artist’s rendering of what is under the famous Easter Island heads I thought it was a hoax. I then did a search and to my surprise they DO have bodies underneath the grass.

Hidden from view, the heads are actually attached to bodies that extend several feet below the ground.


Standing Tall

The tallest statue stands at nearly 33 feet and weighs approximately 82 tons. Another statue, found lying down, was measured at 71.93 feet in length.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

A few of the unearthed statues feature the same petroglyphs, referred to by researchers as the “ring and girdle” design. It is believed to represent the sun and rainbow.


Writing on the Wall

Found on the bodies of the statues were indecipherable writings known aspetroglyphs.



Name That Tuna

Tuna vertebrae was even found near the bottom of an excavation, backing the claim that the original carvers were rewarded for their work in meals of tuna and lobster.AD-Easter-Island-Statue-Bodies-10

According to Wikipedia, the tallest of the 887 Moai is over 30 feet tall and weighs 82 tons. Another, if completed, would have been almost 70 feet tall and would have weighed 270 tons! Incredibly, many of these enormous statues were moved to various places around the island. The faces represent ancestors that are seen as deities.



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