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When I first came across this artist’s rendering of what is under the famous Easter Island heads I thought it was a hoax. I then did a search and to my surprise they DO have bodies underneath the grass.

Hidden from view, the heads are actually attached to bodies that extend several feet below the ground.


Standing Tall

The tallest statue stands at nearly 33 feet and weighs approximately 82 tons. Another statue, found lying down, was measured at 71.93 feet in length.


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

A few of the unearthed statues feature the same petroglyphs, referred to by researchers as the “ring and girdle” design. It is believed to represent the sun and rainbow.


Writing on the Wall

Found on the bodies of the statues were indecipherable writings known aspetroglyphs.



Name That Tuna

Tuna vertebrae was even found near the bottom of an excavation, backing the claim that the original carvers were rewarded for their work in meals of tuna and lobster.AD-Easter-Island-Statue-Bodies-10

According to Wikipedia, the tallest of the 887 Moai is over 30 feet tall and weighs 82 tons. Another, if completed, would have been almost 70 feet tall and would have weighed 270 tons! Incredibly, many of these enormous statues were moved to various places around the island. The faces represent ancestors that are seen as deities.




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  • Uncle Bully

    They must have been standing for some considerable time for the erosion of the hills behind and deposition of the alluvium to have so thoroughly buried them. I guess with the deforestation of the island, the topsoil was stripped fairly easily, much like what has happened to Haiti.


  • colin herbertson

    Two questions come to mind, how and why,
    how did a culture with not much tradition of stone working find the expertise and tooling to work such hard material.
    why such a massive effort to make, transport and erect such enormous statues,because they had time on their hands? just sustaining a population on this tiny island would have been a full time job.

    Either the Rapa nui people imported stoneworkers from South America who built these very unpolynesian looking statues or they weren’t built by the Rapa nui people at all and are much older than claimed

    • Sailor Sam

      The same ancient or alien technoligy that built the pyramids and Sphynx.
      And these are also much older that officially stated.

      • Nige.

        Time travel

      • colin herbertson

        The quality of stonework at some ancient sites in South America is amazing. Walls made of irregular shaped blocks that fit together perfectly, truly massive stone blocks that have been shaped and had faultless grooves and slots cut into them with a degree of accuracy that our modern machine tool technology could only match in recent times. it’s hard to believe that it could be done by some Inca mason with a hammer and bonze chisel
        I don’t know about aliens but i’m convinced that there is a lot more to the history of human civilisation than modern science will admit.

  • Totara

    Jarred Diamond gives a good account of the raising of the statues in his book, Collapse, although there is now an alternative hypothesis for the collapse of Easter Island society.