Finally, a Labour MP who gets it on crime

stuart nash

Stuart Nash has a ripper of a comment on Facebook today about the creep up north who raped a three year old:

Minimum non-parole five years? Why should this monster ever get out? This three year old has a life sentence – and gonorrhea (heaven forbid) – and this arsehole could be out in five. The sentencing judge said that “As rapes go, this is one of the most serious I have ever seen”. So give him life!!

I have ZERO tolerance for this sort of offending against children, and i think society has had enough. As I have said in the past, you kill or rape a child, you have fundamentally broken that basic contract that exists between society, communities and citizens. Enough is enough.

The crim-huggers in his own caucus will be aghast but Stuart Nash is in touch with middle New Zealand he knows that crim-hugging is a voter turn off.

It is good to see him come out aggressively on this issue.

Labour needs more MPs like Stuart Nash, it is a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of his caucus.

Perhaps Nashy might like to take Kelvin Davis aside and explain to him how the world works.

If Stuart Nash ever takes the reins of Labour then National could get a run for their money.

– Facebook


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  • cows4me

    He’s pushing his luck, must be getting close to a stay at re-education camp.

  • Raibert

    Was stunned when I read the story of this rape. As a father and grandfather can not understand why this monster is not at the very least put away for life. There is absolutely no defence for this crime and all children need to be protected from this sort of offender. I believe this criminal lost his civil rights when he committed this act and not even sure he is entitled to human rights now. He may blame his drug use, but this only amplifies his character traits. So to me this is no defence.
    Also can not see how anyone from any political party could defend his actions, so Stuart Nash is just taking a responsible position here.

    • Wheninrome

      There is no excuse full stop. Forget the drug argument, life and what you choose to do boils down to personal choice.

    • Jimmie

      Unfortunately the max penalty for Rape is 20 years.

      I can’t see why the Judge couldn’t have hit near the 20 year mark with a non parole period of say 19 years, 364 days.

      Words mean nothing Judges – a bit more action would be appreciated to throw the key away on some of these evils.

  • papagaya

    Labour will eventually come round to Nash. They’ll have to. End of story.

    • OneTrack

      Or he will be purged as a heretic.

  • Paul Marsden

    For what he has done, I’d doubt he will ever leave prison alive. Here’s hoping.

  • shykiwibloke

    Methinks the force is strong in this one. Watch a surprising rise to power after the next election defeat, and the abolition of the unions stranglehold over the party.

  • XCIA

    Our dud judiciary needs a good clear out starting at the top with Elias.

    • Phenandra

      Indeed. The only statements I remember hearing from her were to a) whine about the size of her offices and b) whine about people being mean to her in print.

      Helen Clark did us no favours with her appointments.

  • T Mardell

    I believe a collateral effect of Donald Trumps success in “talking what people are feeling” in the US Presidential elections, will be the greater confidence now, for people such as Stuart Nash, to “tell it like it is”.

    This is what will take it to National. Not the hate filled, politics of envy currently espoused by the Labour leader.

  • Simon P

    Don’t worry, the good Nash did for Labour will be undone when the crimhugger from the North supports this monsters first appeal for human right violations.

  • Vutekno

    Nash is one of the few Labour MP’s that shows promise to be part of an effective opposition to a strong and sound National party. One would expect his star to shine after the next election that will see Labour totally demolished.

    A strong opposition is important to New Zealands future as a democracy and it’s troubling to see that Labour has so little talent to offer in a reborn Labour Party.

  • LovetoTeach

    I would vote for Nash

    • contractor

      I wouldn’t. One person does not change a party of lightweights.

  • Dave

    However, its a bit like the Limbo Pole, How Low can Little go…. I reckon once he hits 5% the bigger knives come out, and he’s gone.

  • Sponsz

    How sad is it when a comment like Nash’s is seen as surprising and even a bit controversial, especially coming from a Labour MP.

    The judge correctly identified this as very close to the very worst type of rape and then passed a sentence of only 50 % so that the scum could be back on the street in five years. What the hell is wrong with these people!!??

  • rantykiwi

    He doesn’t really get it. If he got properly it he would have written “I have ZERO tolerance for this sort of offending against children.”

  • Keanne Lawrence

    A lone voice speaking out will not really do much for young Nash in party circles but points for finally saying something worth reading. It’s taken awhile though.

  • George Carter

    He’ll probably get a telling off by the chief whip (NZ equivalent) and told that as this criminal is probably one of the missing million he should tow the party line!

  • Sid_Holland

    I understand incarcerated New Zealanders have a very low tolerance for those who are convicted of this type of crime. Potentially this villain may not even serve five years……..with any luck!