Fraser House whispers: what’s going on to prep for Tuesday


A whole truck load of dry knickers have been delivered because the left are in a spin about this Panama thing.

My secret GCSB supplied microphones around Fraser House have picked a few useful snippets.

Key may be acting lackadaisical, but he’s pretty much puckered up having spent a fair part of yesterday hounding the IRD to disclose where he may be exposed personally and politically.   The fact he’s left it this late is a good indicator that he didn’t think there was anything wrong, but he’s certainly making sure he goes into Question Time on Tuesday with at least as many facts as the opposition hold.

The Opposition of course includes the media.   I’m picking up activity from quite a number of media outlets.  Several are holding all the information already under promise that they won’t let it go before Labour can execute their plan.  Pretty similar to Dirty Politics.  I’m trying to find out which media companies this includes, but in light of recent performance by TV3, in spite of being loyal to the leftie cause, they appear to have been given the cold shoulder this time.

Once again it is clear that New Zealand media are complicit in working together with Labour and other involved parties to prepare a hit on the National Government, and John Key specifically.

The New Zealand media think that journalism involves getting into relationships with hackers, taking illegally obtained data, then spending time working with the hackers, the enablers and the political attackers to prepare a coordinated plan.

This is somewhat different from the media being told to keep an eye on Tuesday, watching it unfold, and then going in and reporting what happened followed by asking questions and doing research.

The latter is journalism.  What’s happening in New Zealand is that the 5th Estate and the left of politics are colluding against a popular and well supported government.

One thing is for sure:  Tuesday is going to be a beltway bonanza.  You and I will love the drama.  But the voters are already glazed over wondering why they should care, and why John Key is apparently going to resign out of shame over legislation introduced by a Labour Party, not repealed by the last Labour government and unchanged by a National government.

But the complicit media won’t tell you that.  It will all be about perception, smelling bad, and the fact that John Key knows people that have money.  Worse, under his watch, he’s allowed the continuance of a Tax Haven that Labour started and also let continue, so clearly, Key is to blame!


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  • Curly1952

    Going to be an interesting week. I was wondering this morning that in fact the media are holding back as there were no screaming headlines on any of the usual suspect web pages.
    The hysteria around Parliament is going to be huge and question time is going to be a “must watch”.

    • sheppy

      I surely hope it’s more of a “must watch” than last week when Labour / The Greens and Winston first appeared pretty pathetic, granted I was listening rather than watching….

    • Cadwallader

      5am on Wednesday morning I would expect Ms Smalley to be blazing like a comet on this one! There’ll be few (if any) facts in her delivery. I anticipate it’ll be an ill-considered vomit load of innuendo and wailings of “Key must resign!” She may well have already written her condemnations based on the swirling scuttlebutt in Wellington.

  • Aucky

    I think the fact that JK has left his checking with the IRD so late is more likely to be to give the union moles in the IRD the absolute minimum time in which to brief Fraser House. There was absolutely no upside in JK talking to the IRD any earlier.

  • Crowgirl

    Going by past performances I fully expect the complicit parties to over promise and under deliver. They will have found some large wadges of cash have been going into trusts held in NZ – sort of like with the Mexican guy who has been reported on recently – but this time with the actual documents to show how much, when and who etc. They probably won’t have found anything to suggest this is illegal though, which is the one thing they need to do.

    They will continue in the vein of hoping to ‘shame’ John Key out of office. Of course we will all be cringing with embarrassment for them, but they won’t realise that because….Twitter.

    If it’s a significant blow to Key, I’ll be very surprised. Of course regardless of the outcome, most of us will still remember they have broken multiple laws to land the blow and that their credibility is shot as a result, and will disregard what they have to say anyway.

  • Carl

    The thing is that those revealed of having trusts or whatever will only be who the people releasing the stuff want you to know about. If there were any people on the left side of politics in the list we will not see them as it does not fit certain peoples agenda, just like Dirty Politics.

    • Sagacious Blonde

      Don’t worry; the savvy left set the tax havens up in the first place. They made their money under Rogernomics.
      There was no pity shown for poor old, union due paying, blue collar Waitakere man.

      Edit – sorry, was reply to RightOfSingapore above.

  • JEL51

    If publishing company’s, tv channel’s and State-dependent radio station employees are, as we suspect, ready to jump onto the barrow to form yet again ‘The Pack’, I do hope they will have the decency to put name to paper.
    After all, all their places of work are under great pressure for their very existence and any over-exaggeration, misinformation,manipulation or bias by staff will undoubtably show-up when the next push-come-to-shove to reduce staffing levels, returns.
    This next week may be really telling. As a reader/listener/member of the enduring public, I will and I suggest the rest of the public, expect nothing but facts. Just a reminder!!! Straight unadulterated facts.

  • Isherman

    Can we just fast forward to the end bit, you know, where the media say things like “No matter what we say….”?

    • dumbshit

      The jiggly one should be dusting the line off now. She will need it!

  • The big reveal part 2……… The last one delivered nationals biggest election win
    The media are too full of themselves to realise that the public has grown tired of them trying to manufacture the news and not report it
    Will look forward to the next polls showing national up and labour heading for sub 20

    • Tom

      Maybe the polls in future should include a “what do you think of the media” part. So they know exactly how little we think of them.

      • I think that would be a great idea – however there is no way they would include it due to their egos………. And learning that most of us would trust a prostitute over them may be a little bit more than they could handle

  • RightofSingapore

    Maybe the Left are jealous they don’t have that kind of money and they don’t have the knowhow about foreign trusts and reducing tax etc? These Leftards are the same people who talk about the “right wing attack machine” and “dirty politics” and act all sanctimonious about “good” they are, then they engage in nasty smears like what they’re doing now.

    • Miss Phit

      I hope beyond hope that somewhere tucked in the trust data is a few friends of the left or even some of the left / MSM (although they will have it all hidden by now Id bet) that will be brought forward into the light to “balance the attack” and give them the bloody nose they deserve. Of course even if something did come out we would never hear or see it on the usual MSM channels.

      Surely those of reasonable means on the left / MSM would have trusts to protect themselves (given their gathering enemies and if they did make a wrong step to get sued). I bet the hypocrites are checking with their lawyers well before now that their “skeletons are in order”.

  • Mark

    I still sit in awe & with great respect for John Key for the job he does.
    My criticisms of him & his Govt are many. However there can be no doubt of his love & passion for New Zealand & NZr’s.
    A great many of whom don’t deserve a flick of sweat from his hardworking brow if they were on fire!
    I would certainly have wandered off down to the Dairy for marshmallows & popcorn by now.

    John,thanks Mate,no idea how you do it.

  • TK

    Even if the revelations are damning there is still the issue of having no credible opposition to vote for as an alternative.

    • shykiwibloke

      Exactly. How well do you think they would be polling if the MSM were truly non-partisan? 4%? I predict this will also be angry’s swan-song.

    • contractor

      There will be no damming revelations of course, not even a whiff of smoke, and as for the opposition, well they aren’t fit to run anything whatsoever let alone a country.

    • localnews

      That’s right, if John key decides he has had a guts full and who could blame him, labour assumes they are a shoe in. But they haven’t done any preparation or planning for how they would make people vote for them

    • Oh Please

      Yep, I’d rather vote for a corrupt Key than a straight-as Little.

  • Aucky

    So the assault starts at 0600 10 May. Sounds more like the Somme offensive in 1916 and likely to be just as effective.

    It’s fascinating to listen to the pre-assault manoeuvring by the Media Party and Labour today. The Nation interviewing Little and ZB reporting on what Little said to The Nation. I don’t do Twitter but I guess the luvvies are speculating madly too. Something tells me that this is not going to turn out well for the left.

  • GoingRight

    Whatever comes out I wonder how many of the general public will believe or be interested in it as there will be the same old, same old, Angry Little albeit fitting his suit a little better, Robertson with his usual outrageously exaggerated adjectives followed by Winnie who is another cracked record from the 1970s and finally our new star the green man James. I doubt they will successful and will retreat to their perches with their heads between their tails.

  • taxpayer

    Great, the left and some crim hacker are going to try and smear John Key.
    That worked so well last time they tried it.
    Too dumb to realize many in NZ like JK, think he is doing a good job, and the more they bag him, the more we back him.
    Much the same as WOBH in fact, I would much rather read the blog of someone labeled a sociopath on TV, than that socialist drivel from A.Little posted by SB the other day.
    Even if JK has been avoiding tax I would expect it will be legal and above board.
    I remember Sam Morgan going on national TV to declare that thanks to his millions he was now paying pretty much no tax, I did not see any lefty socialist gunning for him over that.
    I am confident teflon John will come through this unscathed, and the left will burn with frustrated rage, again.

  • Teddy Taylor

    Of course, there is the minor inconvenience that the legislation in question was passed during the Premiership of a certain Helen Elizabeth Clark – currently a candidate for Secretary General of the UN…..
    Good luck explaining that to her, Andrew Little!

  • Catriona

    Good stuff. Got the popcorn at the ready…….
    At least theres no Town Hall party for the big reveal……

  • shykiwibloke

    If what they have is so good – why are they waiting until Tuesday to discuss under parliamentary privilege? Why not ‘come clean’ now?

    • sheppy

      My guess is a combination of:
      a) they are on dodgy ground legally with some of the accusations
      b) they want it to be clear of the weekend for maximum news exposure
      c) there is an additional part that hasn’t made it into the big wild world yet
      d) they want to prevent Key having time to give a legitimate factually accurate answer
      e) they want to give the media party all day Monday to try and work what audience they have left into a lather
      and finally
      f) maybe KDC is due back in court to try and stall the inevitable for a bit longer

      • shykiwibloke

        All sounds like mud throwing – hoping some will stick. Fun for a day, but not a viable long term strategy.

        • sheppy

          Absolutely true, but given their total lack of sensible workable policies that will move NZ forward, mud throwing seems to be all the left have. Just knocking a wall down out of spite is very sad indeed, and I’d guess most in NZ can see it

    • contractor

      Indeed, as if much of the population spends their Monday to Friday following what happens in the House. Again the left and their MSM allies are scheming and screaming on their own.

    • Oskar

      Tuesday is the first sitting day for Parliament for the week.
      A 6 am release on Tuesday means that it will make the morning news so people will hear it as they wake up and have the radio or TV on at breakfast. Whoever is behind this will provide ‘useful’ media releases of the points they want emphasized. This will be the news all morning.
      Questions for Oral Answer have to be submitted by (from memory) 11 am. This gives Ministers, in this case probably John Key and Bill English, three hours to have answer to the questions and also try and anticipate whatever supplementary questions may be asked.
      Whats the bet Labour will have been provided with questions so when Key and/or English cannot answer or do not answer they will be shown on the evening TV news as “shifty” and “evasive”. The truth is less important than the perception.

  • Paul

    Tuesday? Could that be so parliamentary privilege can be used to spout all sorts of scurrilous stuff that the media can then report on.

  • Left Right Out

    I see Angry has come out wanting to ban all foreign trusts now…… the same policy his party put in place

  • Dave of the West Bank

    Went for a lovely boat ride yesterday. Went slowly past a few fur seals basking on the rocks. Funny how they sounded like the barking of Andy. Perhaps they’re his advisers? Perhaps they should be in Parliament too, after all, nobody voted for them, either.

    • Dumrse

      I think you have hit the nail on the head. I recently stopped and observed a number of them close to the road. They too were barking, barking mad I thought and did they stink. They, and their rocky patch stank to high heaven. Similarities.

  • Miss Phit

    I wonder at the timing of Weldon leaving. Or maybe Hilary…?

    Is this linked in anyway?

    Just a random thought.