Fuddy Duddy Soper on “prissy” Peter Dunne

It’s hard to imagine prissy Peter Dunne with shoulder length hair sucking on a doobie.

But as a uni student in the 70s, that’s what he did – but says he didn’t like it very much, even though unlike Bill Clinton he claims he did the drawback.

But in those days the wicked weed had little more effect than a Craven A tailor-made, such was the level of THC. If his memory is based on skipping the light fantastic in his student days then there’s little wonder why he reckons the prescription of medicinal marijuana should be left to the experts whose primary concern is to look look after our health.

Perhaps he’d understand the plight of those, like the recently retired trade union leader Helen Kelly who is dying of cancer, if he had a toke of the current New Zealand green crop. It’s working for her, well at least it’s providing the best pain relief that she knows of.

Kelly tried to go through the process that Dunne’s advocating and became frustrated with it, describing it as complicated and intrusive.

She, just like many others, are now getting their daily fix on the black market. Kelly has been forced to break the law, although thankfully she’s unlikely to ever be held to account.

Peter Dunne even stood in front of a drug conference overseas and advocated for liberalisation of drug legislation.  The man is a total nut case, and overdue for retirement. 

Dunne’s sticking to his guns, saying the greatest therapeutic benefits, and the dosage and delivery mechanisms will only come through a robust, scientific approach.

Otherwise, he says, they’re flying blind and hoping for the best – an approach that flies in the face of evidence-based medicines policy.

By releasing the feedback, the minister with the power over puffing, says he hopes it’ll go some way to balancing out the irresponsible and ill-informed messages being passed off as fact, and to provide a degree of reassurance to those genuinely looking for respite to significant health issues.

The proof of the pudding is in the baking. Just ask Helen Kelly.

Anyone in the last months of their lives in extreme pain that find that marijuana provides relief may as well break the law.  By the time you’re arrested, charged and brought into a court room, you’re dead anyway.

But that shouldn’t be necessary.

Why there is such a resistance against medical marijuana is rather odd, especially from Dunne, who had no problem foisting synthetic marijuana on our nation without any kind of foresight or testing.  At the same time, we have a practical history and mountains of research on the real stuff.

None of it is good enough for Dunne.  He wants to see another longitudinal study.

I trust someone will stand a strong centre right candidate against Dunne.  His time is over.


– Barry Soper, NZ Herald


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  • Cadwallader

    I recall Dunne at Canterbury Uni wearing a dark brown double-breasted imitation leather jacket everyday year in and year out. These days he wears an imitation political party year in and year out.

    • JustTinkering

      And it hasn’t been washed since then too.

    • Wolfman Jack

      One of the enjoyable things about visiting WO is the killer comment pops up now and then. This one’s a keeper

      • biscuit barrel

        Sure is . The Pleather party leader


    I tweeted Peter Dunne a few weeks ago to see if there are plans to include Autism as a qualifying condition for Medical Cannabis, well he basically said my doctor should apply for Sativex which costs $1,300 a bottle, but here is the problem when you tell your doctor you want access to Cannabis, some of them will look at you like a drug dealer.

    Now I would like to add one of my mates who has Autism and when he goes into meltdown mode it usually involves self harm or destruction of property, that is what a meltdown can do on a Autistic person, some parents in the US are finding success when they give their children or older children THC or THC Cannabis Oil which stops severe meltdowns happening on a Autistic person


    • jack50

      That was well worth a look ,scary to see him unmedicated,I’m grateful my kids don’t have autism

  • Maybe it would be better to get some growers to lobby Peters son…. worked pretty well last time
    James Dunne’s online profile describes him as a lawyer with “inside knowledge of how Parliament works”, specialising in the Psychoactive Substances Regulatory Authority, which oversees the regulating of legal highs.

  • XCIA

    The Muppet just creates work to look like he is doing something. If he wasn’t as thick as, he would realize he is past his use by date and head off into that wonderful parliamentary pension paid retirement with its life long perks.

  • sheppy

    I still curse the prat whenever I consider having more than one beer whilst waiting for the takeaway next door. The sooner the turncoats gone the better!