Gay refugee not welcome at De Paul University

British journalist and editor Milo Yiannopoulos has a brilliantly cutting sense of humour and specialises in using the liberal left’s PC ways and language against them. Milo is gay and conservative as well as a libertarian. He currently is on a ‘Dangerous Faggot’ tour to promote free speech in American universities.

He is deliberately outrageous in order to get his points across but do not be fooled by his humour. Underneath his exterior is a man with a serious intellect and a real drive to bring the contest of ideas back to our universities. The opposition he has encountered along the way only reinforces how important it is that he continues his tour.

As a gay refugee from socialist Europe, I felt radically unsafe when college authorities allowed a bigoted and homophobic religious preacher to physically threaten me, despite my polite but admittedly slightly camp entreaties that I should not be subjected to threats of violence for the crime of expressing sexual interest in an ethnic minority man 

Speaking as a prominent member of the global LGBTQQUFHEBXJSBBF$:&:&; community and member of perhaps the most endangered and marginalised group in society — gay conservatives — I demand that the DePaul college authorities immediately rename its accommodation blocks after Ronald Reagan, Ayn Rand and Donald Trump. I refuse to sit idly by as the mechanisms of hate speech undermine my right to make jokes about hideous blubbery train wreck lesbian feminists and obnoxious and petulant Black Lives Matter terrorists. Enough is enough, DePaul. No more safe spaces — it’s time for Shitlording 101 to take its rightful place in the liberal arts requirements and for mischief, irreverence and misbehavior to be restored to the curriculum. PS no one is trans, it’s a brain disease.


DePaul University’s Facebook rating has fallen to an all-time low of 1.1 out of 5 stars after the school failed to protect Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos while speaking at the campus.

Thousands of one star reviews have since been added to the official DePaul Facebook page, with one gay refugee from Europe expressing his dismay at the hate crimes he witnessed throughout.

Some noticed the similarity of the gay refugee, who received nearly 900 likes on his post, to Yiannopoulos himself. Of course it’s impossible that they could be the same person, as Yiannopoulos is right-wing, and gay right-wingers do not exist.


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  • sandalwood789

    Good on M.Y. for speaking out as he does!
    I haven’t seen a lot of his columns but the ones I have seen have been *great*.

    • Boondecker

      His “Dangerous Fa**ot” campus tour videos exposing the hypocrisy of present day activist feminism on YouTube are simply priceless (and intelligently educational). Milo readily winds up the attending feminists, lefties, BLM activists (always an easy one) and safe-space needy social justice warriors to the point they literally explode. What’s interesting is the way the majority of his audience, those that are there to listen to him who are largely patient and respectful, eventually retort in unison by repeatedly yelling out the single word, “Trump!” It’s absolutely hilarious. Milo always laughs it all off by referring to Trump as “Daddy”. That just winds the SJWs up even more, which adds more fun to the watch. Highly recommended.

  • Damon Mudgway

    If you want to try and take a message to the U.S. you’re gonna need to carry a big stick. Americans have never been known for the ability to listen. Talk and shout…hell yeah! Listen? Not so much.

  • JEL51

    “Shitlording 101″…. Luv it. Hope he comes out here to upset a few of our notable luvvies.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    One interesting aspect of this debacle was the attempt by the university to scuttle the event by insisting on the organiser’s paying for security, at the very last minute, (thousands of dollars). Milo actually stumped up about $1k himself (he’s ridiculously wealthy). The hired security just stood by and watched the whole clusterf**k unfold.

    • Zimmer

      Not sure you can say he’s ridiculously wealthy? But agree with everything else, it was disgraceful behavior by the Uni

  • Ruahine

    This college was founded 1898 by the Vincentian Religious Order and became the largest Catholic University in the US.

    I know things move on but I do not think the founders would recognise today,s establishment.

  • kereru

    Not in the least surpising when DePaul has an Islamic jihadist-sympathising ‘chaplain’.

    ‘That this jihadi would have a job at DePaul or any American university
    shows what a radioactive wasteland of filth American academia has
    become. DePaul (and other universities) wouldn’t hesitate to employ a
    man who openly praises jihad terrorists, but they wouldn’t be caught
    dead hiring an outspoken foe of jihad terrorists.’

  • Misfit

    Milo is kicking butt, would love to see him here tear the left a new one.