“Gender-neutral” bathrooms part of an ideological push in a cultural war


Recently in the news an Auckland primary school installed a uni sex toilet. The school’s board chairman said that they had set up the toilet for a six-year-old transgender pupil to help the pupil  “feel safe in the school environment”.

Interestingly this move was taken without the consent of or consultation with the school community.

This is not the first gender neutral bathroom inside a New Zealand school. Earlier this year uni-sex toilets were set up inside two Wellington secondary schools.

In a  response to these changes a petition has been started by Citizengo.org

The establishment of “gender neutral” bathrooms is the culmination of a social re-engineering project for those who have transitioned to this new political ideology.

…Moves towards “gender-neutral” bathrooms are a part of a wider ideological push in an adult-centric cultural war. For the protection of children’s privacy, dignity and innocence-we will not tolerate any push to impose, without any consultation, such decisions in New Zealand schools.


I think that they make a very good point. Where is the ground swell for this movement coming from? Is it coming from the tiny minority of families that have young children with gender identity issues or is it being pushed and supported by adults with a social engineering agenda?



Homosexuals fought for their rights and have achieved equality. Women fought for the right to vote and achieved equality. Black American’s in America fought against segregation and achieved equality. These were movements representing large groups of people that were organised and run by them. They were fighting genuine oppression, segregation and inequality.


APolposterWomens-suffrage-NEW ZEALAND-slide-photo-and-1st-country



Where is the oppression and segregation of individuals with gender identity confusion? It doesn’t exist. In fact the only segregation happening is being caused by this adult ideological movement that demands that they have their own ” safe space ” so that they don’t have to be around people who biologically are made exactly like them. As has been pointed out on this blog before, uni-sex toilets just mean that not only will they have to share a toilet with someone who shares their biological sex, they will also have to share it with someone of the opposite sex.

So tell me again what exactly it is that we are achieving with uni-sex toilets? Is this really about helping them feel safe or is it really about making sure that these children don’t feel ‘ labelled ‘ as male or female?







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  • Lance Ralph

    In the 1970’s, when young, I attended the Sorbonne. Many bathrooms, toilets in halls of residence were non-specific.
    As an old man I attended a course at UNITEC a few years ago . A certain number of toilets were non-specific.
    Age had made me a bit more reserved and I must confess to being more at ease in the men only UNITEC toilets.

  • Crowgirl

    What’s interesting about this to my mind is that we currently have gender segregation in things like toilets and have done for ages, and now we are moving towards no gender segregation or a non-specific gender identity in toileting, yet we have gender segregation in all facets of of the muslim community to the point where it is forced on non-muslims. If this gender neutrality advances to the point where most public toilets become unisex (and we already see movement in this direction), then what will be the response of muslims and where will they toilet themselves? Won’t somebody think of the muslims? ?

    • David Moore

      Logic is on holiday.

      The simple solution is just to remove gendered bathrooms and be done with it, but they are not fighting for that, they are all about creating more special interest groups.

      This is very much The Frankfurt School in action.

    • rexabus

      I feel a facebook or kickstarter campaign coming on. If we could raise a million bucks we could have a spare set of Burkas, niqabs, cloaks at the door of every shared toilet in the country ,for boys who think they’re girls and boys who want to look at girls ,to put on and all happily go to the Krapper together without hurting little Nadima or Mohammed’s feelings

  • Pita

    The natural propensity for children to bully is not going to help any child that uses the gender neutral bathroom, feel safe in the school environment.

    • taurangaruru

      Exactly, imagine the crowd outside the gender neutral bogs just waiting for little johnniejillie to emerge. They will be into herhim like a pack of rabid dogs

  • Andy

    The interesting thing is that we are supposed to hear the phrase “six year old transgender pupil” and not bat an eyelid.

    I know plenty of kids who at the age did all sorts of dress up games etc that went against the gender stereotypes yet turned out to be “normal” adults.

    Pandering to this oafish political correctness seems like a form of child abuse to me. Can’t we just let kids be kids?

    • Andy Garner

      Absolutely agree. Why is not acceptable to question and not discuss why the child is identifying as transgender?

      • rexabus

        I guess when you’ve decided as parents that your kid is transgender, investing a lot of time and energy in making the right sort of hoohaa at the school to get something done, you really wouldn’t want the little bloke to change his mind or change tack. “Come on, take thos trousers off and put your dress on please David, you’re a transgender girl now remember”

    • rexabus

      It’s bizarre. Wouldn’t a normal thoughtful parent just handle it gently and let things pan out as they’re meant to. I know there are plenty of kids who identify more with different gender when young but as long as they’re not having a hard time I would have thought onset of puberty when sexuality really emerges was the time for stamping someone’s sexual identity. Doing it this way may just confuse the little one even more

    • spanishbride

      I have an adorable photo of my son when he was three walking along in my high heeled shoes. He wasn’t transgender he was just trying on my shoes.

  • sandalwood789

    This is definitely a part of the ongoing “culture war” being waged by the Left.
    Another part of it is their demanding that the refugee quota be increased – “diversity” and all that.

    • Sailor Sam

      Yep and the first casualty of the increased refugee quota?
      Not diversity but, you guessed it: homosexuals, transgenders etc etc.
      So is this push by the left just a means of easy identification of people who will be first ones to suffer once sharia law is in place?

  • ex-JAFA

    I went to an all-boys school which obviously only had boys’ toilets. Except it wasn’t really an all-boys school: seventh formers from the all-girls school 1km up the road came for the sciences (physics, chemistry, calculus, etc.), and our seventh formers went to their school for the dark arts (accounting, economics, etc.).

    If either party needed to use the toilet while visiting the other school, we had no option but to use opposite-gender toilets unless we could hang on for an hour or two until we returned to our own school. And it wasn’t just mixing with opposite-gender kids our own age; anyone from form one up could be in there. There was no issue. Not a peep from the schools, the students or the parents. No doubt that wouldn’t be allowed now.

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      Of course not…they were male and female. This is about everything else. Cultural marxism, top to bottom (snigger).

    • Uncle Bully


  • XCIA

    Welcome to the “New World Order” where the good of the one outweighs the good of the many and the mantra is “its all about me”.

  • cod

    Nah, this is just the same old story as usual, someone seeking attention, but being gay doesn’t cut it anymore – to mainstream. In twenty years time they will be asking for separate toilets for those who identify as alien.

    • localnews

      I have been trying to work out what will come next, there seems to be a new interest group each year. I would have never predicted this one coming out of the woodwork. Alien seems to be about all that is left, so is as likely as anything else.
      Would ipredict give you odds?

  • Wheninrome

    Let us just consider for a moment, the boy playing with a doll, the girl playing with a gun, traditional “sex specific toys”. How much harm is this doing to the particular child. This is all in the parent’s eyes who have read too man y books on parenting most with conflicting views. Parents who are terrified they are going to damage their child. For goodness sake these are children who have years to go before they can identify exactly what or who they are. Let them just get on with the business of being a child and exploring life as it presents. Of their own volition they will make their choices by themselves for themselves. Parents making life changing choices for children should be ashamed of themselves.
    The only time a parent should make a major decision for a child is if the child’s safety or life is threatened.
    Society makes the other choices in terms of education and the fact that they ultimately should get a job and pay their way. In terms of sexuality that will become self evident as they become adults. Puberty creates all sorts of confusion best left to maturity to sort out.
    Parents get to make minor tweaks along the way.

  • WBC

    Whatever the wowser reasoning behind these toilets, we need to keep in mind that the wowser minority doesn’t control the majority, we have seen this in recent elections, in fact we see it everywhere, people will just find ways of continuing to do what they actually want to.

    In this case, there are positives for the school community as a whole. You see the unisex toilet provides an overflow for if you particular genetically aligned toilet is full. No more do students need to stand waiting while the opposite gender’s toilet stands empty, they will now have the overflow option to use – if they choose to. All in all this is an efficient use of resources and if we completely ignore the LGBTIQ reasoning, it still actually makes sense.

    If any principal has an issue with all boys and girls using the LGBTIQ toilet then we can just add “latrinaly fluid” to the mix and call discrimination.