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  • Nechtan

    Born today in 1949 Rick Wakeman songwriter and keyboard player most famously with Yes.

    Born today in 1949 Bill Wallace bassist with The Guess Who.

    Born today in 1950 Mark Mothersbaugh songwriter , singer and multi-instrumentalist with Devo.

    Today in 1969 The Beatles went to number 1 in the US with “Get Back”

    Today in 1974 Ray Stevens went to number 1 on the US singles chart with “The Streak”

    • willtin

      Saw Rick Wakeman Live at Western Springs, 1975. One guy, playing zillions of keyboards at once. And just me on the hill listening to him. I just replayed Journey to The Centre of The Earth, the other day. And Yes, Yes, Yes, I say.

      • I’ve got both the 1974 original and the 2012 London Symphony Orchestra ones on CD.

        He was here in NZ for a one night appearance a few years ago. He does like 2 or 3 a year, max. So it was special. I couldn’t go. It clashed with Mrs Pete’s graduation and there was no way I could tell her that Rick Wakeman was more important to me.

        For true fans, No Earthly Connection is absolutely out of this word.

    • niggly

      A bit of a change of theme and genre – passed away today 36 years ago, Ian Curtis, RIP. Who would have foreseen his legacy influence many bands post punk UK and world wide including a place at the bottom of the world – NZ!

    • Isherman

      Can never resist giving Devo’s Whip It a spin.

  • Carl

    Wrong. It’s bacon and no one takes mine. (pic)

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Yeah. Let’s have a chat out behind the woodshed

    • willtin

      I boiled smoked bacon bones today, stripped the meat ready for a healthy vege soup, with bacon.

      • “Vege” soup. Bwahahahahaha

  • XCIA

    That vile idiot who masquerades as the member of parliament for Ohariu now wants and end to the Courts Martial and the resulting punishments regime at corrective establishments. Pity the Muppet didn’t compare the re-offending rates between the services and civilian regimes before he opened his mouth. How I wish he would find another love interest and elope to somewhere far, far away.

  • BR
    • kayaker

      This is not child abuse. Our son was the same, we just rolled with it. He is now a 25 year old amazing young man who has done very well with his life, and has a successful career in the US. The only downside is that I miss him heaps. Otherwise, it’s all BAU.

      • BR

        It is child abuse. If he has a penis he is a boy, and if she has a vagina she’s a girl. When kids are confused it is a parent’s job to put them straight, not perpetuate their delusions..

        No boy would have dared to wear a dress in public during the early sixties. If the other kids found out about it they would have beaten the crap out of him, and thus done him a bigger favour than that other kid’s idiotic mother has done.


    • JEL51

      We have had the privilege to adopt into our family a wee man about the same age with similar curiosity. I noted (silently) at Christmas time that his new Uncles each gave him presents that would help grow hairs-on-the-chest when that time comes. He is already accomplished at chopping kindling wood and new Outdoor Survival gear was well tested, even if it was only out on the front lawn.
      I think if anything, it is a display for extra attention from one whose whole world has come crashing-in by the arrival of a new sibling.

  • Caprice

    I am not sure who I would want least in the defence force. Someone with wandering hands, or someone not assertive enough to control or deflect the situation, before it reached Defcon 4.
    How about, “I do not appreciate your behavior, Sir” in the first instance. Followed by ” do that again, and I will slap your face”
    No winners as it stands.

  • GoingRight

    The party’s over Lenny and Penny! Finally the majority of Parliament will enforce some changes to the boundaries so more land can be released for housing. A great move even if it takes some time to filter through to those wishing to purchase a new house.

  • Wasapilot

    As a family refelects on past, and possible future events.

    Refresh for picture

    • Crowgirl

      Hillary had a couple of close-run primaries today and squeaked through with 1 win.
      Trump on the other hand looks to be getting there in a canter now.

      • Wasapilot

        If anyone had said that Trump would get to where he is now, when he announced he was running for Democrts nomination, I would have thougjt them mad. He might just do it, as he was looking presidential in his interview with Megan Kelly, and seems to have a broadening appeal to the electorate. Facinating times we live in CG.

        • Crowgirl

          My husband thinks he will win the whole shebang – he called it months ago. I’m still on the fence but it’s certainly getting exciting.

          • Wasapilot

            I was thinking clinton would be the next POTUS early on, now I think it is a 50/50 call, with Trump rising. I am no expert in US poitics by any means, but the tide may just be turning his way.

          • Spiker

            I started buying ipredict stocks back in august, they’re looking good now. Sold a few off and put them the Don making it to the White House

        • Duchess of Pork

          Don’t pretend to understand the complexities around the Republican nomination but isn’t there some concern that Bill Kristol could block Trump’s run?

          • Wasapilot

            Like you DoP, I have no idea. However the GOP hierarchy may have some dark plan to derail Trump at the convention. If they do, I think clinton will romp in.

          • Sticktotheknitting

            If they do the american people will riot.

          • Huia

            The thought of the corrupt Clintons in there again is scary. Have they ever been truthful at any stage?
            Don’t think so and have siphoned off millions with their circle of power.

  • Nige.

    Chris answered last night’s question with:

    “I was in the Army”

    Should conscription be compulsory?

    • Crowgirl

      I think some compulsory military service wouldn’t go amiss these days – especially for those who drop out of school with no skills and no training lined up.

    • Left Right Out

      17-23yo who have been on the dole for 12-24months the services would do them good

    • HunuaRanger

      Yes, with certain exemptions, similar to Israel.

    • Dave

      For the mid term or longer unemployed YES
      For the bludgers who moan and groan about not being to find a house, YES

      The biggest advantage, is it might give these younger people some basic skills, toughness beyond computer games, and working and life skills. Plus, they are accommodated and fed whilst away at camp, not spending or committing crime. Now, what were the disadvantages ??

    • XCIA

      We are better off with a small well trained army with good equipment, except in times of conflict when numbers need to increase exponentially. If you need to dump the unemployable somewhere, reactivate the MOW.

      • Michelle

        l was thinking today that the unemployed should be out cleaning the rubbish off the sides of our roads, they are a mess with rubbish and bottles
        They can also be used to clean up the beaches, there are so many complaining about the state of our beaches and roads

        there are plenty sitting round collecting money for doing nothing when they could be out doing some good for the beaches and road sides learning a bit of work ethic having to get out of bed every morning and earn their dole

        l know it was done before but must be able to be tried again

        • willtin

          I used my average camera to video the crap that was partially hidden off the roadside, at the top one of the most awesome roads I have driven recently. Hold fire (I need to load from the camera) and I will provide the video in the near future.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      YES. I avoided the 3 weeks thingy long ago because I was too busy at 18 years old. It should be compulsory now even if to create some sense of respect for the freedom the younger generation have.

      • Nermal

        3 months actually, I know because I got called up. I didn’t exactly enjoy it but it did me and everyone else who was there a lot of good. Recently received a service medal.

  • cows4me

    I see they are looking for a new 007, given the times it’s probably time for an under privileged, transitioning transsexual of colour, any bets.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Also must have cows – but 20% less than the asset accounts for

      • cows4me

        Yes agree, why should the poor cows be left out.

        • Spiker

          Because they are evil methane generating climate destroyers? Perhaps they could play the part of the villain, they’ll be used to that..

          • cows4me

            It’s a bit hard patting a cow while it’s sitting in your lap, Dr Evil better get to the gym.

          • Miss Phit

            Cows with lazer beams on their horns?

    • Wasapilot

      Caitlin Jenner springs to mind Cows. He could play 007, and the Bond Girl.

      • cows4me

        No he/she ? is a Conservative, we can’t have a Conservative. My God we’ll have a riot.

      • KatB

        They have had a transgender bond girl, Caroline Cossey in For Your Eyes Only.

    • Left Right Out

      I’m thinking you need to add that 007 needs to be gluten free, anti vaxxer, a green eco warrior who now only uses solar and wind to get around

      • cows4me

        Oh yes, God forbid we exclude any bentness.

      • Huia

        He/she would have to use a metrosexual toilet, have regular facials and manicures, be ultra sensitive, waxed, polished and mascaraed.
        Dear Lord just use real men please.

    • Cadwallader

      No, no, no…get a really tough 007 this time: Cameron Slater!

      • Hell no. He’s no 007. He’d make a better antagonist tho.

        • Left Right Out

          He would be hopeless in a shootout with the bad guys when ducks or the likes flew over

      • cows4me

        The left would melt their way into the core of the earth.

        • sheppy

          All the more reason to do it!

        • Dave

          More reason then, CS it is

    • Tom Hiddleston is a leading contender apparently. We’ve started watching The Night Manager, he’s great in that.
      Idris Elba has also been suggested. That would shake things up a bit. He’s good, but Bond? Can’t see it myself.

      • Goldie

        The Night Manager is awesome, and yes Tom Hiddleston could be a ‘Bond’, but equally Hugh Laurie could be a Bond evil nemesis! At the end of the day though, Bond has to be a well spoken, good looking, British lothario male (which doesn’t preclude any race or colour). If they get all PC about it though, then it will just spoil everything.

  • Steve kay
  • Tru dat (pic)

  • Refutes or rebuts. But rebutes? Really NewShub?

    • Hill16

      Well, they like to manufacture the news, so why not some new words as well!

    • kereru

      Probably both – or neither. ‘Refutes’ methinks.

  • goodwitheu

    This is comedy.

    It makes me wonder if National didn’t organise this guy to go whinging then pull out at the last moment. I mean even Labour…… surely….. god… If brains were dynamite.


  • sandalwood789

    Excellent post by Brendan McNeill on his blog –

    Quote – ” It was always going to happen. The Australian police report the arrest of an 18-year-old male Tamim Khaja who was planning a terrorist attack in Sydney.

    ( snip)

    ” We run the same ‘death wish’ polices here in New Zealand, as we also have several jihadists with cancelled passports festering at home, planning who knows what act of terrorism in our major cities?

    Meanwhile our politicians are too gutless to act in our defense.

    How likely are they to act if through immigration our Muslim population grows to 2% or 4%? Do you think it will become electorally any easier for them to deal with domestic terrorism then? ”

    Very well said, Brendan!

    He adds –

    Quote – “UPDATE: It turns out that Tamim Khaja’s family were refugees from Afghanistan. ”

    Yet people in this country *still* push for the refugee quota to be doubled (and that doesn’t include the huge number of family members coming in later).

    • Left Right Out

      The greens in Oz want to increase the quota from 13000 to 50000….. I for one don’t want that many on our doorstep…… The aussies, thankfully are foiling so many attacks but you just know one will happen… sadly

    • Duchess of Pork

      On cue from the Sydney Morning Herald.
      “On Tuesday, a friend of Khaja, Fatima Abdelrahim, said he was a “beautiful” boy who came from a good family.
      “His family are very clean, very intelligent, I’ve never seen them in trouble with the cops,” she said.

      • kereru

        Funny how they’re always ‘a beautiful boy’ and come from a good family, isn’t it. ‘Good’ as in extremely devout and observant, I suppose.

        • Duchess of Pork

          Yes of course. Always a beautiful boy. Always a good family; as you say devout and observant. Always a shattered and anguished family. And always totally unaware of their son’s attraction to terrorism.

  • Just something I thought was interesting. (pic)

    • HunuaRanger

      When you compare US temperatures to feature film lengths, there is a direct relationship to climate change :o) (pic)

      • OMG, you solved the climate change models!!!

        • HunuaRanger

          I iz smrt

      • Wasapilot

        Apply for a research grant now HR.

      • Keyser Soze

        That is as good a prediction for climate change as any other I’ve heard.

    • Isherman

      I would pick the 240+ spike to be the 1976 film “1900” with De Niro & Depardieu at a guess.

      • I was thinking about that. And the early 90s spike has to be JFK I thought.

  • Wasapilot

    For those of you playing in the WO super rugby picking competion, DO NOT forget to get your selection in before early Friday evening.

    • Jude

      Will do. These picks are getting very hit and miss! At least the Canes have a bye this week

      • Isherman

        It’s the margins that are causing the hurt in recent weeks. But, there’s been too much going on politically, I’m not focusing. In any case, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it:)

    • Glenn

      No matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, I can’t get higher than third from bottom. I hope there’s a booby prize!!

  • EpochNZ

    Andy has finally had an epiphany… “We’ve had difficulty getting cut through….I made the promise when I became leader we wouldn’t bark at every passing car. And I kind of got to the beginning of this year and looked back at the last year and lo and behold, we barked at every passing car.”

    • sheppy

      Having an epiphany is one thing, doing something about it is totally different. Are you sure it was the Angry Little Man that said it?

    • Keyser Soze


    • Nige.

      Bah. Hey knows the media are on his back. Yesterday was a monumental stuff up.

  • Most people have cheated at school. On tests, exams. Something.

    If not, say so and be proud.

    But if you did, what has been your most spectacular success (or fail!! :)

    How did you do it?

    • Nige.

      I was kicked out of school for allowing someone to cheat off me. This mate of mine was a bit thick and told me his dad was giving him a hiding and yelling at him most nights because he didn’t know his homework.

      I let him cheat off me and as a consequence i was “encouraged to leave” and he was asked to leave.

      Changed the course of my life.

      • Bugger. Here, have a man hug.

      • Carl

        Can I asked if you both passed?

        • Nige.

          The cheating happened in the prelims.
          Didn’t get to sit it. I would’ve. I had no problems at school. Me mate would have copped another hidding.

          • Mags

            Very harsh outcome.

    • XCIA

      We were all scared witless to even think about cheating academically. The best I did was to hide in the bushes during the Wednesday cross country run and rejoin at the end when they were heading back.

      • Spiker

        That’s not cheating, that’s just smart.

    • Mike Webber

      I never cheated and failed to get School C, my parents were horrified and made me do another year at a school I did not like.. My second attempt was better than the first as I got an even lower score than the first, my proudest moment. I farmed, did earth moving contracting and flew helicopters for 30 years and have never been asked for school C.

    • Disinfectant

      Never cheated and sleep very well.

      • FornaK

        Cheated through necessity, and sleep very well thanks.

    • Goldie

      I was one of those annoying people who could breeze through most exams without even trying very hard (basically just swotting up the night before), so didn’t have to cheat. My one failing though was English – I just couldn’t get interested in trying to write an essay analysing one of Shakespeare’s soliloquys for instance. Therefore passed everything except English for UE, which meant I couldn’t progress at the time.Thing is though, as part of NZCE they had a more practical subject called ‘Communication English’ which was all about letter / report / resume writing, speeches etc, which I got a B for.

      • kereru

        I sat English Literature twice and failed both times, mostly because I didn’t have a photographic memory and couldn’t quote from reams of Shakespeare, set books and poetry. I didn’t do too well at English Language, either, but I managed to pass at O Level, which was a little harder than School Cert. I think Communication English would have been far more useful!

    • FornaK

      I’d rather not give away all my trade secrets, but over the years there were:
      Writing on the palm of hand,
      Notes placed inside the cover of calculated cases,
      Notes hidden in toilets, that I’d use in “random” toilet breaks,
      Notes stashed in my schoolbag that I could view when we’re allowed to place school bags next to your desk,
      And when I was really struggling, the old peering across the person who’s next too you.
      Pretty simple but effective. Shows how much effort the teachers at high school put into catching us.
      When I didn’t use these techniques, I scored an admirable 13% in SC chemistry.

  • Keyser Soze

    If this it is widely shown across Britain it might win the Brexit argument..

    • JEL51

      He received more applause with that, than he has in some of his previous speeches. Some are waking up at last.

    • Isherman

      Also, in the last week EU leaders have had to admit, that the visa free travel of Turks in the Shengen area cannot but help raise the threat of terrorism inside Europe, and despite this the EU are now looking at implementing the same sort of visa free travel from Kosovo, Georgia and Ukraine, meaning the organised crime from those countries, being as as high as it is comparatively within the rest of Europe will simply spread with ease.
      Sir Richard Dearlove, former MI6 head has also warned that he see’s the threat of a populist uprising in Germany as more real than imagined, and he’s no wild conspiracy theorist. It was he said, akin to storing your gasoline next to the fire.

      • colin herbertson

        visa free travel with Ukraine??? What’s the matter with these people?, not content with importing terrorism they want to continue antagonising the Russians when they know full well that no Russian leader will put up with further erosion of whats left of their buffer with the west,
        Putins Russia may not be a model of human rights and democracy but right now they shouldn’t be making an enemy of him
        Trump says NATO is a relic of the cold war and should be reformed, he’s dead right, if he wins in november the first thing he needs to do is go to Europe and start banging heads together. this is just crazy.

  • Pluto

    I love sport, what has it become ?
    31 medal winners who are competing in the Rio Olympics are potentially banned because drug testing technology has caught up with them.
    But these are samples taken from the 2008 Beijing games who are still competing 8 years later. How many “winners” from London 2012 will have to hand their medals over ?
    Is sport broken ?

    • Nige.

      It is. I enjoyed sport now by pretending it is not corrupt.

      • XCIA

        Its not just the performance enhancers. You can never be sure if the outcome of a cricket match has been arranged to line someones back pocket.

  • willtin

    Cool. Nice juxtaposition of spelling mistakes. :-)) Do you Camelot here?

  • CheesyEarWax

    Evening. #geekjoke (pic)

  • Poppa

    I have to confess a brief look at Stuffed today and see another Kahui is in jail for abusing a child. What is it with kahui’s and child/sexual abuse? I wonder if he blamed his upbringing.

    • rangitoto

      I was listening to Leighton Smith in the car this morning around 9:30 and they were discussing the Robertson case. I couldn’t believe it when a caller rang in and suggested it was all because well racism. Maybe the Kahui’s is because racism, or colonial oppression too.

  • InnerCityDweller

    This one is for Nige, in case you haven’t seen it. Motörhead stamps – Germany rocks: http://www.metalinjection.net/metal-merch/german-post-service-honors-lemmy-from-motorhead-with-new-line-of-stamps

  • Goldie

    Have you read, that in the US, that our very own Steven Adams (NBA – Oklahoma City), has been pilloried in the US MSM / social media, for mentioning in an interview, that his opponents were ‘quick little monkeys’. Supposedly, in the US this is a racist remark. But who here wasn’t called a little monkey of some sort when they were growing up? And he is of partly Tongan descent! The PC Nazis are getting truly ridiculous!