If they were any good the market would pay for their work

Aussie arts bludgers are having a whinge.?

The government has slashed their subsidised lifestyle.

Last week, the Australian arts community reacted in horror as news was released of the defunding of around 65 arts companies and organisations. In what is already known as ?Black Friday?, the Australia Council released its latest figures for multi-year funding, revealing the bleak result of years of cuts and bungled policy.

So far discussion has focused on the crisis facing small-to-medium companies and organisations. But this has obscured where the real damage is happening. The number of Australia Council grants to individual artists and projects has decreased by a staggering 70% since the 2013/14 financial year. ?

According to the Australia Council?s 2013/14 annual report, that year it funded 1,340 individual artists and 2,489 total projects. In contrast, the total for the twofunding rounds for 2015/16 was 405 individual artists and 694 projects. This represents a fall of 70% for individual artists, and 72% for overall projects.

The number of small-to-medium organisations receiving multi-year funding over the same period fell from 178 to 128, around 28%.

The 70% reduction particularly hits artists such as writers and visual artists, who mostly work alone. This intensifies the impact that literature has taken in the cuts. As Writers Victoria said: ?It?s impossible to know what Australia?s literary landscape may look like in six or 12 months? time.?

Horror? Really? As for the luvvies expressing concern for the “literary landscape”…oh puuulease.

If they were any good then the market would support their apparent self-described brilliance. It doesn’t, hence we can assume they are crap and no better than ordinary bludgers. In fact they are just bludgers who can write, spell and paint.


-The Guardian