Government crows that more women are on public sector boards than under Labour

Oh dear another Labour truism shattered by National.

Labour have long laid claim to being the most inclusive party and an enabler for interest groups. National however have just rubbed salt into those wounds.

There are more women on state sector boards and committees than ever before and the Government is urging the private sector to catch up.

The latest gender stocktake report released by the Ministry for Women shows that at the end of December 43.4 percent of board and committee members were women.

That compares with 41.7 percent in December 2014.

“While women’s participation on public sector boards and committees has been over 40 percent for the past decade, the private sector still lags behind at only 17 percent,” said Women’s Minister Louise Upston.  

“Having women at the board table isn’t just about numbers – it’s about better decision-making, organisational resilience and the economic and productivity gains that come from gender balance in leadership.”

The Human Rights Commission says until last year the percentage of women on state sector boards and committees had been “essentially stagnant” and it’s welcoming the increase.

“At this current rate of progress, I’m confident that we will be able to reach the government’s 45 percent target by the end of 2017,” said Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue.

I wonder why have a gender stock take at all?

Watch ‘them’ others start lobbying for a trans-gender stocktake as well.

People should be appointed to boards on their ability not because they have or don’t have dangly bits between their legs.


– Newshub


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  • Wayne Hodge

    Given the decisions made by many of these entities is this percentage anything to boast about?

    • localnews

      good point, maybe they should have a competence stocktake

      • Hill16

        I’ve had a good mix of male and female bosses and co-workers in my time …. and what I remember about them is whether they were any good at their job or not … and not what bathroom they used!

  • Wayne Hodge

    What was the percentage when National took office at the end of Clark’s reign?

  • Christie

    ‘Watch ‘them’ others start lobbying for a trans-gender stocktake as well.’

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

  • Christie

    I hate all this. I am not part of a special interest group. I am where I am because I worked for qualifications and experience, and am good at what I do. I don’t want to be part of a quota. I like to think that every job I’ve been offered is because I am the best ‘man’ for the job.

  • Vinz

    Does Gender Matter? Female Representation on Corporate Boards and Firm Financial Performance – A Meta-Analysis

  • Holdonamo

    If they are so into gender balancing and it is so vital, then… by direct comparison
    Why is the percentage of males versus females in Primary school teaching so abysmally low and if gender balancing is what they are really after then what are they now going to very publically and proactively do to enforce and improve it…?
    While they are at it, what are they going to do to ensure and enforce gender balancing in some of these sectors and occupations?
    – Nurses
    – Midwifery within public hospitals
    (indeed even the name of that occupational group needs changing to be gender neutral)
    – Early childhood care centres
    – Intermediate & Secondary school teachers
    Why is the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner Jackie Blue not bleating to high heaven about the extreme female gender imbalance in these and other sectors and demanding that it is now immediately positively rectified by applying positive employment strategies and encouraging these organisations to proactively employ many many more men over women in all future vacancies in order to rebalance the glaring gender imbalance.
    Yeah Right…
    And where is our Ministry of Men’s Affairs, while we are at it?
    Human Rights Commission… complete oxygen thieves and a waste of taxpayers $$
    Gender equality, just like racial equality, must be “One rule for ALL”

    • Christie

      Totally agree. The Chartered Accountants Institute (CAANZ) now has approximately 46% male members to 54% female. So I now expect a recruitment drive to get men back into accounting.

    • Holdonamo

      While we are talking about gender imbalances in appointments…
      The Ministry of Women and the Minister of Women…
      Am I correct in my assumption that since this Ministry was first created that all of the CEO’s of this Ministry have been woman?
      Why since its creation in 1984 have ALL 5 of the appointed Ministers been female only?
      Why would that be?
      Very clearly an example of gender bias in the allocation of positions and Ministerial responsibilities based solely on the applicant’s or appointees female gender.
      Maybe the Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner needs to investigate this particular Ministry and publicly tell them that they need to very clearly demonstrate much better gender balance in their employment practices and indeed after more than 20 years of female only Ministers, clearly it is time for a male Minister to be appointed, so as to gender balance over two decades of gender discrimination within this Ministry.
      “One rule for ALL”

  • kayaker

    As a (female) senior manager with an SOE in the early 2000s, I did my board governance training and gained my certificate. After that, I received several invitations (and still do) to apply for public sector board positions. For the first few years, I did apply and got through various stages of the process – on two occasions I got to shortlist and interview stage, but no further. Not only was there an old boys’ club, but there was also an old girl’s club – by far, I found the latter to be wanting to keep the territory all to themselves. This is the same in corporate leadership positions – the majority of females who make it to the top table have no interest in helping other females achieve the same. My best mentors in reaching senior leadership have been males. There was only one female and I will always remember her for that.

  • Superman

    I wonder how many Muslims are on boards? Probably not many. Shouldn’t we have a Royal Commission of enquiry and correct this? Then we can look at Asians, Africans, Chinese, Rastafarians and gays too. I apologise to any group I left out. Just let us know and we can check if you are adequately represented.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Crow? They could end up with a lot more crow than they can chew through if this trend continues. Still it is a forlorn hope that they would choose the best candidate strictly on merit in view of the PC creep.