Government to host state funeral for Hilary Barry, dress code to include Panama hats


Every media outlet plus the usual drop-kicks on Twitter are carrying on as if Hilary Barry has died…while saving a whole village of refugees who were sheltering under her cloak of sanctimony.

Seriously, these people need to get a grip.

She’s a bloody NEWSREADER…nothing else

The way everyone is carrying on you’d think it was Mother Teresa who died. She’s a NEWSREADER.

Show me the long list of investigative stories she wrote that changed the face of New Zealand. Don’t bother searching, you won’t find any; she’s a bloody NEWSREADER.

What gets me is all the people who were supposedly boycotting Mediaworks are now somehow all aghast that Hilary Barry will no longer be reading the news on a channel they no longer watch.

Why does it have to be me to call out all these drop-kicks. She’s a bloody NEWSREADER.  

All that happened is that Hilary Barry, after 23 years doing the same bloody job, finally resigned. It happens every day in many businesses around New Zealand. Big deal. So what. But because she is a bloody NEWSREADER the world ends…FFS…get a grip.

The other media are doing this because they get to kick Mark Weldon because, in reality, they are jealous, broken-arsed losers who see a chance to give someone a kicking. He sacked Saint John Campbell and so he must be kicked until he dies. It’s pathetic. All these luvvies pretending they care.

I can’t wait to see what happens when Mike “Flak Jacket” McRoberts gets the arse-card…coz he’s next for sure.

The cosy duopolies that exist in NZ media really need a good shake up. They are all too cosy with each other.

Honestly, the out pouring of grief over a bloody NEWSREADER quitting her shitty job, in a shitty company staffed by shittier people, managed by even shittier people is hardly front page news.

Our media is screwed. Crying a river of tears over a bloody NEWSREADER…pathetic.

Maybe she will turn up at the lifeboat for drop kicks aka Radio NZ.


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    Thank you, I feel reassured there remain a few sensible people left in the news sharing world & I am not callous because I have a lack of interest & I am indifferent over an individual ‘choosing’ to leave her job…….people do it all the time.

  • KatB

    On a website yesterday I saw a headline something like, LATEST:Samantha Hayes reveals the sad news about Hilary Barry. Silly me, I took the bait thinking they were telling us more to the story. No, turns out the sad news was that Hilary was leaving. What?? We already knew that.

  • Cadwallader

    According to Stuff she’s going to “face-off” with Paul Henry. It seems the brainless fodder producing msm has decided it is all his fault! Why? I think he deserves some form of accolade if he is responsible. She’ll have a job with John Campbell quite soon. Her disdain for the current government and JK will likely continue seamlessly being in tow with Campbell at Red Radio.

  • Ginny

    She’s not a NEWS READER, she’s a NEWS MAKER. Just the other day, she flew return to Wellington in between shifts to keep her frequent flyer status. Give me strength !

    • Santa Fe fan

      Obviously getting in before she left because she knew that it may be a while before she gets flown around the world business class at someone else’s expense.

  • Aucky

    It’s not like she’s Christiane Amanpour.

    The media have it in spades as the world’s biggest self admiration society.

    • contractor

      Which must be why they are at the bottom, ranked least trusted occupation, below used car salesmen (salespeople).

  • Sally

    This is why I like WO, tells it like it is. She has resigned from a job which happens on a daily bases all round the world.
    Has John Key been blamed yet?

    • Cadwallader

      No this was the work of Donald Trump…..join the dots as many will; She is Hillary as in Clinton and Barry as in Obama. This makes her a threat to Trump she had to go. I suppose JK will now be accused of colluding with Trump as he was blamed for the dumping of Campbell. With the deluded nature of the msm any theory could be made to fly.

  • Cadwallader

    I have long enjoyed the writing of George Childers. Barry would fit his 1970’s description of women in the news media: “A lip-glossed bimbo from the leafy suburbs.” These were the young women who would enter ghettos holding a mike and depict false empathy with the occupants. Nothing has changed in 40+ years, think of Smalley in the ME (I accept this is nausea inducing early on a Sunday.)

  • shykiwibloke

    Fascinating reaction – just like people saying goodbye to a colleague made redundant knowing it’s only time before they are in the same position – oh wait….

  • hookerphil

    Glad there is a photo of her so I could see who she is – do not watch the “news” or any morning TV at all.

  • Ginny

    When Judy Bailey left TV1 and I found out how much she was being paid, I was so disgusted, I never watched TV1 news again.

    • Sailor Sam

      I think I spotted Judy Bailey reading the news on Paul Henry the other day.
      If so, did the arrival of the “mother of the nation” cause Hilary to abandon ship?

      • Anthony

        That was after HB had quit. I noted the improvement at the time

      • Cadwallader

        What a stupid patronising term “Mother of the Nation” was for an auto-cue reader! Does this mean John Campbell was the “Uncle of the Nation” and Hilary Barry “The Niece?”

        • Richard

          No, Hilary was more like the annoying little sister.

        • OneTrack

          Yes, John Campbell was the Creepy Uncle of the Nation.

        • JEL51

          Our dear Rachel is doing her darnedest to fill those MotN shoes, so it must be really, really important to be seen wearing them.

          • Cadwallader

            If Ms Smalley wants to be the “Mother Of The Nation” then we ought all vote for orphanhood.

        • John Phillips

          It was always a nonsense term, dreamed up & promoted by other media clowns

    • Don’t knock Judy too much, at least she could read the news without putting a spin on it, never knock anyone for negotiating themselves a good earner.

    • Tom

      I believe Barry is on about $500K so double the PM.

      • Jax

        The PM’s salary is 448k a year + 25k allowance. Even ministers with the same allowances get more than 300k so not double. Is she worth it.. Who knows but that’s not the point, if that’s what she is offered and can get, good for her.

        • Andrew

          $500,000 to tell me about child poverty? Hire me and
          I’ll do it for $300,000. Bargain!

      • one for the road

        $500k to work a couple of hours aday…. And to boot, She has no budget, no people reporting to her, no leadership responsibilities, nada.. And it says that Tvnz had to pay her more ie a welcome bonus plus match her annual earnings!! What a complete ripoff.. Good riddens

  • Tom

    Seems she may be reincarnated at TVNZ if yahoo news is right. Poor TV3 They cant get a thing right.

  • dennis

    I agree. I like Hilary Barry but is just someone that reads out loud. Maybe tv3 can get the Mexican weather girl to replace her. That would turn their ratings around.

  • Bluemanning

    Barry is a ‘taking head’ on a tv screen. People who are so upset she is leaving need to get a life.
    I only watch TV news on an accidental basis these days, it is utter tripe.

    • Damon Mudgway

      Um, I think you mean ‘talking head’. ;-)

    • one for the road

      Wouldve been good to see her taking head..

  • Anthony

    This news ranks right up there with articles about Donald Trumps hair.

  • Martin

    For all that he is a jellyfish when it comes to calling out the totalitarian paedophile deathcult or myths like the gender pay gap Paul Henry is far superior to the What Now? of news on One in the mornings.

  • Curly1952

    Can’t argue with that one little bit. Why are the media so precious about their own? I know, they believe the world revolves around them!!

  • Nesher

    In memory of Hilary I will keep this screenshot:

  • Simon P

    I enjoy Paul Henry, but do not like Hilary, so for me it is great news

  • EpochNZ

    I’m sure that in person Hilary is a very nice person that you could easily sit down with and have a nice chat. And to be honest I’d quite enjoy the opportunity. But her resignation from her job has not made one iota of difference in my life, in much the same way that my resignation from a job last year effected hers. Even most of my facebook friends didnt care…..

    edit: spelling

  • JEL51

    If there is one piece to be submitted for the Canon Awards this year, it has to be this. WO in it’s purest, simplest best, saying out-loud what the rest of the country is thinking. Luv it .

  • Graham Pilgrim

    Frankly, I don’t give a toss who is delivering the news, or the mail, or collecting the rubbish. These people are performing a public service.

    As Peter Williams of TVNZ said, it is not his job to have opinions. It is his job to provide facts and information, then get out of their way.

    • Paul Marsden

      Trouble is with Williams, he doesn’t walk the talk.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Because I don’t do social media at all, the only way I pick on news like this about Hillary is from my OneNewsNow app, Stuff, or here at WO. The news for me is that Hillary has just bowed out of a career of 23 years. I don’t have to like her, but I admire anyone that can stick at one thing for that long. And while I agree with the sentiment about the newsreader aspect, and believe it is right to call out the luvvies for making her out to be something she’s not, I still have to doff my cap to Hillary for her work ethic and commitment in the past.

    What is clear is that media as it was is dying an increasingly fast death. The fact is there simply is not the money to pay superstar salaries to egos who believe their own hype.

  • Jayar

    Excellent article – showing a bit of realism. I’ve been watching a lot of CNN and Fox News and noted their women who front are glamorous, but in addition are very articulate and knowledgeable and quite capable of interviewing Trump, Cruz etc with hard hitting questions. I think Hilary has done extremely well to have attained the position and very good salary she has achieved.

  • Andrew

    Re David Farrier and the NZH making a big deal out of Mark Weldon misspelling Hilary Barry’s name in an e-mail (Hillary v Hilary; both are names; Barry goes by Hilary). Do a search of the Herald Online for “Hilary Clinton” and see how many hits you get! (Clinton spells it as “Hillary”). Pot, kettle, black, stones, glass houses, twats…

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Tough on Henry though. He will have to get another Nodding Ninny to fill the vacant seat

    • Asian_driver

      I think he has Verity Johnstone, with a bit more training she will be perfect at something

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    I think this will have an impact on TV3s ratings

  • Asian_driver

    Cant wait till Duncan the Gardener goes too, I would think Him and Hilary would wipe well over a million off Mediaworks losses. And thats just their takehome, how much for the fluffers and hand wringers that accompany them?
    I find Garner far more offensive to my personal values than Barry, maybe thats why Barry is so valuable , doesnt offend quite so many people.
    On second thoughts if they got rid of Garner then Paddy Gower teeth would step up, whats going to be the worst

  • XCIA

    I detest the card carrying Left leaning Breakfast Muppet Rorton Christie. He blags the PM and National at every turn with his snide, sneering drivel. If Barry replaces that idiot, I might switch Breakfast back on again in the office.

  • Uncle Bully

    She’s not going to be missed that much. It’s not as if she is like Angela D’Audney and showed us her breasts on TV. Now she was a good news reader…..

  • Larry

    It’s not like she has really resigned. She will still be on that shiney thing on the wall. There will just be different shadowy number in the corner.

  • Edward Ellis

    She’s never done anything you could describe as serious journalism. What she has done is 23 years of reading out loud. So difficult. no, sorry — so boring.

  • Jdogg

    Ohhhhh yes reading my mind, I thought I were reading obituaries.
    No doubt a nice lady, did her job perfectly, toe’ing the line, nicely done – but come on now.
    It’s pretty easy to rise when the talent pool has shrunk exponentially.
    We’ve lost a lot of talent over the last 5-10 years, in the list of journos from just 5 years ago Hilary would have sat far below those that have come and gone before.
    Sorry, not feeling the outraged dismay. But all the best to Hilary’s future, for sure.

  • John Phillips

    What a disgrace that the NZ Herald devoted the ENTIRE front page to Barry’s resignation on Saturday!!