Grant Robertson knows what’s in the government’s budget (clue: nope)

Grant Robertson knows as much about finance as Jacinda Ardern knows about raising children.

Both have spouted off in the past couple of days but Robbo has declared that Labour will fight the next election with the promise of a tax working group.

The Government’s tax cut promises have turned into a farce, Labour’s finance spokesman Grant Robertson says.

Mr Robertson is accusing the Government of making a mockery of the Budget process by dangling the promise of tax cuts, but failing to include them in the Budget.

“We are not as a country in a position to be offering tax cuts when there are families living in cars and garages,” Mr Robertson said in a pre-Budget speech in Wellington today.

“I have a specific challenge to John Key and Bill English when it comes to tax cuts – if you really believe they are the right thing to do for New Zealand, cost them properly and put them into Budget 2017, rather than dangling them about in an election campaign as a promise from Neverland.” 

I wonder what would happen to Robbo if National did actually do that.

Mr Robertson has also questioned where Mr Key will find the $3 billion he’s said would be needed for tax cuts.

“That revenue needs to be put into core services and to invest in infrastructure to ensure it keeps up with record population growth and the growing needs in our community,” Mr Robertson said.

Same old Labour. Saying the government is giving tax cuts, when the reality is they will be taking less. Labour sees tax cuts as a gift from a magnanimous government but only if they can’t find a way to spend the revenue first.

Tax cuts in this year’s budget have already been ruled out.

However, Mr Key has suggested they could either be included in next year’s Budget, or be part of National’s 2017 election campaign.

Mr Robertson said if Labour’s elected, it will re-establish a tax working group to look at the overall balance and fairness of the tax system.

He also signalled Labour will announce a number of “interim steps” ahead of the election to ensure there’s sufficient revenue to address issues like health, education and housing.

Robertson is blowing smoke…he doesn’t have a clue what is in the budget and is just tilting at windmills, and being utterly dishonest at the same time.

Labour always promises to do something about taxes and always promises to create a working group to look at it without being specific about what exactly they are proposing.

I’d love to see them fight against tax cuts.


– Newshub


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  • shykiwibloke

    So what he is really saying is – we don’t have any policies right now – or at least not ones we want to come clean and tell you about – so we will wait until we are safely elected and have a big talk about how unfair the tax system is and decide the rich pricks should pay more to our union mates. Well at least that is the message I got.

    • Hill16

      and we’ll have to wait until we’re in government to work out the details … so you suckers will be paying for that bit too! Vote for us …we’ll do stuff … but we don’t know what it is yet … but you can trust us! They must think we are all as incompetent as them.

  • Beria

    If infrastructure takes years to build and is intended to meet the needs of future generations, there is no reason to pay for it all in the 2016-7 tax take. That’s why we have bonds and long term debt, and the country is better off for it.

  • twittertit

    “Tax Working Group’. Sounds like another way to pay large sums of money to people who do stuff-all.

    • Keanne Lawrence

      Or rather what they are told to do at a good rate of pay.

  • Why dont labour fund their own tax working group ? then they may be able to prepare some half costed policies and tell us all before the election how much more they plan on taking from us

    • Keeping Stock

      Before the last election turned down staff on secondment from Treasury because of a dispute over who would pay their salaries. Of course, Labour is broke now so they can’t even afford a feed of fish and chips, let alone expert assistance.

    • Woody

      The reality is that they are financially incompetent to the point that they have no money to spend on anything. What he is saying is, “Please elect us, then we will have access to all your lovely cash (picture Scrooge McDuck rolling in his cash) which we can waste on all sorts of rubbish to prove that we are financially incompetent”.

  • Keeping Stock

    He also signalled Labour will announce a number of “interim steps” ahead
    of the election to ensure there’s sufficient revenue to address issues
    like health, education and housing.

    Like an increase in the top tax rate to 60%. And, of course, it will kick in on income about $1000 more per annum than a back-bench MP earns, won’t it Grant. After all, we can’t have Labour MP’s being considered Rich Pricks* in the tax system, can we.

    * Michael Cullen, December 2007 –

    • Sailor Sam

      High income taxes will force is back to the under the table cashies and those who can afford to move to Monaco or the Cayman Islands will do so.

  • metalnwood

    Robbo, this is how you budget at home. You have a bank account with your money and you have expenses. To not burn through you bank account and leave yourself bare you come up with your expenses and decide how much you need. It might be $350 for the week. You may be tempted to take out $400 for extras you don’t need and in most cases when you do that you waste the money on something frivolous.

    So you don’t, you keep to what is necessary in your budget and maintain the health of your bank account.

    At a simple level the govt is the same and the bank account is the people. A tax cut is effectively not taking out more than you need to service your budget.

    Sounds simple, you make it sound like you can budget like a rich prick.

  • Mick Ie

    As Labour struggling to manage their own party’s finances and are practically broke, how can they and anyone else seriously consider them capable of managing an entire country?

  • It wouldn’t be hard to figure out what is in the budget as large pieces of policy have already been released in a series of pre budget announcements…this seems to have been lost on Messrs Little, Robertson Twyford & Hipkins. They appear to be so ensconced in their own little bubble that they may have missed the details…no surprises there.

    • Tiger

      I think that Robbo, Ardern , Hipkins and labour at large are too lazy to read: publications, polls, Government policies and anything in general (except Twitter, FB and the woman’s weekly). Not sure if they can read their own navels despite looking into them an awful lot.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    This from a man (I use the term loosely) whose only foray into the real world, was a brief stint working in a supermarket on the way from uni to Helen Clarks back office, and whose main economic policy tool is the cut and paste function on his iPad.

  • Caprice

    Reading this post one thing stood out.. It is amazing to think how easy it is to think of tax cuts, as the Govt. ‘giving’ us something. Rather than them not taking quite so much. Easing thier grip on my short and curlies, if you will.
    I am sure that with GST at 15% they would get a good chunk of any cut back anyway.

  • zotaccore

    Cardigan Man should continue to do what he is doing – I have no problem with that. Each day it becomes more clearer that he and his incompetent leader and pied-piper followers will deliver the same inaccurate statements. They can keep doing that all the way up to the next election. Labour – the gift that keeps giving galactically stupid policies (short on detail as usual).