So green eco-terrorists lie. What’s new? Problem is that they waste time and money

Some green eco-terrorists have made claims about the death of a Maui dolphin. It turns out they have zero evidence of their claims and a wild goose chase has ensued to find out what, if anything, has happened.

A cover-up is being alleged over the death of a critically endangered Maui’s dolphin outside a protected are off Taranaki, but the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) says the claim is unsubstantiated.

German conservation group NABU International spent three years trying to verify claims it had heard one of the dolphins was caught in a gillnet during the 2012/2013 fishing year.

It claims to have a statement from an eyewitness on the boat who said an official government observer told them he had “seen nothing”.

There are no recorded deaths of Maui’s dolphin in the official database of fishing bycatch for the 2012/2013 year. There are estimated to be around 50 of the mammals left.

NABU head of endangered species conservation Dr Barbara Maas says the group had tried for years to get MPI to confirm the rumour.

“To no avail, and given there are so few animals, we felt compelled to make this information available to the public in the hope it would spark some much-needed change.”

So there is no evidence and so they published their lies anyway.

She says all those on the vessel saw the dolphin being pulled in by the net.

“From what I understand they were quite distressed about it because they knew they would have to report it and it would be a lot of paperwork.”

Dr Maas, who had previously lived in New Zealand and worked for the Department of Conservation in bycatch mitigation, said the Government has a stark choice about their treatment of the rare dolphin.

“There’s an anti-science stance that can only lead to their extinction. Either you pull the gillnets or trawl nets out of the area in which the dolphins live, which is what everybody has suggested including us, or Maui’s dolphins will go extinct — that’s the choice.”

Is she surprised? She has made allegations with zero evidence. That isn’t science…that is fraud.

She warns if nothing is done, New Zealand could be on the brink of claiming an unwanted reputation.

“Let’s make a science-based decision and protect these animals otherwise New Zealand will be the first to drive a marine cetacean to extinction which is something the whalers haven’t managed to do.”

Dr Maas says the protection area which covers the dolphins’ habitat, mostly around the west coast of the North Island, should be increased.

I’m all for a science based decision. I’ll make one now. Dr Maas is a silly cow and has zero evidence.

But wait Greenpeace is demanding an investigation into the non-evidence.

Greenpeace wants an immediate independent investigation into the claims, saying it is shocked by the allegation.

“It is incredibly serious if, as NABU allege, the Government agency responsible for enforcing the regulations protecting Maui is actually complicit in covering up one of their deaths. This loss would equate to 2 percent of the remaining Maui dolphin global population,” New Zealand executive director Russel Norman says.

“It certainly raises questions as to the integrity of New Zealand’s system of regulating the fishing industry. It can only be dealt with by an independent investigation into the Ministry.”

No, it raises questions as to the integrity of Greenpeace and this dopey Kraut eco-terrorist unit who have not even presented a single affidavit from anyone on the boat. MPI should just tell them all to feck off.




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  • Tom

    I saw a seal eat a baby Maui dolphin once on a sailing trip. It was a baby accompanied by two adults. True story, it happened 5 years ago.

    • Brian Smaller

      I feel a rendition of The Circle of Life coming on.

      Predation by other species is probably way more harmful to the Maui dolphin than any human activity. If there have been no reports of dolphins in nets for
      some time, and the estimated number of these mammals is only 50 then
      something must be killing them because that number has not changed much
      in years.

      • Davydz

        Cats have been responsible for the deaths of maui dolphins – If you dont believe me google toxoplasmosis + maui dolphin

    • one for the road

      Arrest that seal.

    • JEL51

      We passed through what would have been acres&acres on land, an area filled with hundreds & hundreds of common dolphin on a trip back from the Hen & Chicks, a couple of years ago. They were chasing a small pod of dolphins which were only half their size. Hectors, maybe? Having seen a few youtube clips on what other mammals of the sea do to each other, there is no doubt in my mind now what the common dolphins were going to dine out on that evening.

  • So this was 2012/2013 and not a single secret cell phone photo from any of the distressed people, that’s the unbelievable bit and pretty much proves it didn’t happen.

  • PhantomsDoc

    Maui are well past the tipping point for extinction. The number of breeding pairs left are less than the ability for them to maintain the population at it’s current level let alone grow it.

  • BR

    I’d like to kill all the Maui dolphins just to annoy Greenpeace.


  • StreuthCobber

    Council politician’s blog accidentally jump links their Death of Maui Dolphins article to local political results. Freudian Slip?

  • cows4me

    It must be a wonderful thing to be a dribbling wonder, make as many unsubstantiated accusations as you like, ruin the livelihoods of many and carry on with your life without repercussions. They are scum and this German idiot along with her fat countryman should be on the put of the first flight back to Kraut land.

  • More holes in this story than Swiss cheese. They had an eyewitness on the boat that said everyone saw it but was horrified at the amount of paperwork they would have to do. An official MPI observer was on the boat who saw nothing and the rest of the crew saw nothing

    Sound like a definite coverup – I’m sure the Greens will be calling for a royal commission on Monday and using it as their latest reason why the prime minister must resign

  • XCIA

    Muppet’s such as Maas and NABU International pick on us as an easy hit, because there is a percentage chance we will take the bait and fall over giving them an easy credit for their CV’s.

  • Mountie

    I have met commercial fishermen who have fished in this area for 20+ years and never seen a Maui Dolphin they all suggest the existence of the Dolphin is a greenies dream.
    Having spent most of my life at sea I doubt that anyone can claim the number of alive Maui Dolphin is 55.

  • Red

    Greenpeace have no integrity, so good luck waiting for it. Have we ever seen them put up their donated cash for anything other than blow up Polar Bears or climbing ropes?