Green Taliban want to ban all trucks because they are filthy and dangerous

Julie-Ann Genter, Green Party

Julie Anne Genter, Green Party

The Greens are about to launch a transport policy aimed at getting trucks off the roads.

Transport spokeswoman Julie Anne Genter says New Zealand needs cleaner, safer and cheaper freight options.

“A few expensive motorways and more trucks just aren’t going to cut it,” she said ahead of the policy launch.

“Our new transport infrastructure policy will reduce the number of trucks clogging up the country’s roads.”

Ms Genter says it will also save lives, because every year on average 55 people are killed in crashes involving trucks and 874 are seriously injured.

“The National government funds transport in a completely nonsensical way, putting high cost, low benefit motorways first, second and third,” she said.

“Because of that backwards, 20th century thinking, in just 10 years we can expect to see another 1.7 million truck trips on our roads, making them more dangerous for all of us and driving up pollution.”

Ms Genter’s idea of forward thinking is to use trains. which apparently isn’t 20th century thinking, because that’s 19th century thinking.

The rest of the world is looking at self driving trucks and drones.

The Green Party want to ban trucks because they make roads “more dangerous for all”, but that ignores the fact that truck drivers are actually mostly not to blame for any fatal accidents.


A few expensive motorways and more trucks are in fact exactly the correct solution.  They are working astoundingly well right now.  How often has the newspaper been late?  Or the bread or milk not been delivered to stores for the day?

And how does Ms Genter propose I move house, get my TradeMe purchases to my house, or have the new bedroom suite delivered?


– Green Party



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  • Jman

    Describing motorways as “low benefit” shows the idiotic thinking of this woman. What planet does she live on?

    • geoff2112

      Mars…….she bikes there and back each day

      • OneTrack

        Ah no. When she is on her way back (from Mataura) suddenly the evil car and jet aeroplane are just the thing tor a Green MP on the move.

  • XCIA

    Damn hypocrites. Every day, I see old diesel banger’s belching clouds of diesel soot limping along festooned with “green” stickers that would not look out of place in a fifth world country.

  • McGrath

    I like roads. Roads are good! I don’t fancy the Green Party option of going by horseback, steam train, wagon, or some other alternative mode of transport.

  • meltingpot

    She may find it a surprise that 99% of freight is required away from the main trunk line!

    • ex-JAFA

      They will establish distribution centres (not markets; those suggest capitalist nonsense like sale and purchase) along the main trunk line, and everyone will take feeder mules from their villages to the nearest distribution centre.

      Mules will be necessary to carry the heavy earthenware pots people will need to collect their water, because plastic is made from icky oil and glass requires more energy than the local blacksmith can sustain.

      • meltingpot

        Bonus, they can then tax the Mules for carbon emitting farts, and collect the dung to fertilise their mung beans.

      • DLNZ

        Blacksmiths will be referred to as non gender specific “ferrous metal craftspeople” as there are likely to be people offended despite the perfectly legitimate origin of the name.

  • Sailor Sam

    They want to elelctrify the rail between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga at a cost of $860 million and rejuvenate coastal shipping.
    Watch prices go up because trains and ships do not run to shopping centres, supermarkets and big box DYI and electronic retailers.
    It will mean quintuple handling – from overseas ships to distribution centres to trucks to train/coastal ships to truck to shops.
    I see the TUC lapping this up.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Getting goods from Auckland to Taranaki would be fun without trucks.
    Or to Taupo or little villages such as Pirongia or Pio Pio.
    And is she suggesting the central otago rail be re-established?

    • Sailor Sam

      There is the “forgotten world” railway though.

      • Quinton Hogg

        Yup, so there is. But i am not sure if as is the case with the auckland whangarei line that containers can get through the numerous tunnels.
        and then there is the need to basically rebuild the line due to it not being maintained since it was shut.

      • dennis

        But it’s leased to a private concern.

  • BigDogTalking

    If you keep remembering that being a green supporter is a religion and therefore not required to conform to reason and logic but merely to the articles of faith they make a lot more sense with their pronouncements.
    Personally I have moved past organised religion including the green party.

  • CheesyEarWax

    If Genter thinks she can provide freight cheaper why don’t she put her money where her mouth is? Start a freight business, I am pretty sure KiwiRail will be very keen to give a good lease deal using their trains and tracks.

    • Platinum Fox

      It will probably be a revelation to JAG that freight consolidators already use rail to move freight between cities and the business might be a little more competitive than she thinks.

  • Terry

    Simple question to Julie:
    Next time you’re in your supermarket, ask yourself which train delivered to its door the goods that you buy.

  • Goldie

    I dare say she is talking about long haul transport only, as you will always need trucks to pick up and deliver goods and get them to / from the trains. But that’s the problem, it greatly increases the handling and time required, which is where the inefficiencies and cost come in.

    • rangitoto

      The Greens will go after short haul as well. You will need to use horse and cart or slaves.

      • Miss Phit

        NAh they wont want to ride their sanctimonious cycles through the piles of manure.

    • Miss Phit

      And look at the stock “losses” when it was shipped on railways and somehow delayed in sidlings for a day or so.

      Im told there was a simple method of getting stock through and that was to grease the wheels so to speak. Stock was wrapped in plastic and a few extras were left unwrapped as a tithe to the railway minions on the understanding that the remaining wrapped stock made it to its destination intact.

  • Christie

    Damn it! Let’s go back to the horse drawn carriage!

    • Quinton Hogg

      no! Porters and bearers are the way of the future.

  • Maisie

    Maybe, along with getting rid of these nasty trucks that kill so many people on our roads, she might look at all those nasty polluting airplanes that are killing all those people in our skies! Oh that’s right how would they travel to all these greenie meetings around the world

  • MarcWills

    Simples (pic)

  • Nebman

    Small impertinent question for her….who is going to collect the milk, shift stock, move the felled trees and move the stuff from the trains?

    Last I checked, Toyota did not list a Prius that could do any of those things.

    Unless of course you had another agenda to say, end dairying and forestry in New Zealand while you were at it…

    Who was she an MP for again?

  • Left Right Out

    I’m surprised she hasn’t suggested flying the freight everywhere… well why not, thats what the greens do for themselves…..

    To them flying is awesome

  • Left Right Out

    This is awesome though…. the greens have managed to save 3 industries around NZ in one policy

    Such forward thinkers

  • Murray Pratt

    Trucks pay their weight to be on our roads and help keep the country moving. Without trucks there would be a major increase in traffic on our roads with smaller vehicles. Julie Anne Genter would have far more to complain about if that happened. Like everyone else, I’m sick to death about listening to hypocritical Green hog wash. I think its high time we make these moaning greenies stick to their own beliefs. Kind of like organics & having to prove its been organically grown. A Green code of compliance that they must live by. These guys preach it, why don’t they live by it?
    Here is one of their pet hates to start with – oil.

    Rule number 1: Oil
    You can’t own or use any transport that uses petrol, diesel or oil. That includes all fuel that is made from crude oil or is a by-product. LPG is out as is Jet A-1 so no more plane rides and trains are out too. Electric cars are far more harmful to our environment because of lithium mines that have a massive environmental impact, plus oil is used to manufacture the car and lube all its running gear. Bicycles can not be manufactured without oil so we have got you down to walking now. Enjoy that as long as you don’t wear shoes, oil again I’m afraid. By the way, don’t walk in your bare feet to the supermarket, because despite your beliefs, trucks will still be delivering all their goods to the store so the rest of us can get on with living. If you not a vegetarian, looks like road kill will be your best bet. Well maybe not, that would be a vehicle that would of done the damage.

    • Brian Dingwall

      Rule two: From now on oil is for exclusive use of movie stars to fly 12, 000km round trip from Cannes to collect their environmental prizes….

    • Platinum Fox

      I gave up counting at three green hippycrites wearing shoes with soles made from oil derivatives in the front row of the sit-in blockading the door of the main ANZ branch in Auckland on 13 April while protesting against investment in extraction of fossil fuels. The next woman along was wearing a fleece jacket!
      I’d have thought they would all have been wearing natural fibres and bare footed, though they would probably have issues with how cotton is grown and how sheep are farmed for wool production.

  • JEL51

    Julie Anne, can you come up with some new ways to use the carriage-way more economically than the inconvenient-one-trip-a-day-slow-under-utilized-unionized-strips-of-metal that seems to be the current method? Shall look forward to a response.

  • Vutekno

    Just another illogical utterance from another green list MP desperately and hysterically trying to justify the salary and perks that go with List unwanted MP’s. It saddens me to see that this is what MMP actually gave us.

    I foolishly voted for MMP thinking it would provide Government and the Opposition parties the opportunity to bring in talented, wise and experienced New Zealanders who would complement the assets of elected MP’s.

    How naive I was!

    What I see is an incredible waste of money whilst we support and pay for, self serving troughers that have track records so dismal and so destructive to New Zealand with the silly laws they manage to get supported in spite of a strong National government.

    One simply needs to look around the House during question time, and wonder, when you consider the abysmal contribution from many of the List MP’s and the uninterested look on their faces whether you maybe watching a documentary about early onset dementia!

  • Dog Breath


    • Hailstormers

      Idiot x2. I’ve got a 40ft container of apples to get to the port. Might get Julie to pop round with the Prius and we’ll carefully load it on the roof rack.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    So on the North Shore I can get 8 tonne of steel per month delivered by public transport? Once processed it has to go back out of the factory using the same method?
    The woman is mad

  • jonno

    Seriously if she thinks motorways are expensive has she looked at the cost of building a rail line lately. Regardless of the fuel used rail is not a cheap or green as it appears. The staging costs and re-handling issues fix that. As for a complete rail network providing daily after hours services to supermarkets and service stations we may as well start breeding GM pigs with wings.

  • Tiger

    Julie Ann McFly: So Doc, I was stuck behind a truck on the way to parliament today and it made me late.
    Doc Brown: Julia Ann McFly, with this machine and the flux capacitor…
    J A McFly: Yes, yes Doc, what?
    Doc Brown: You can go Back to the Future!
    Come soon to a parliament near you, the blockbuster Fantasy episode of “Spaced out with the Greens”.

  • Graeme

    She obviously hasnt worked out how produce etc is going to get to and from the railhead.

    • benniedawg

      Or once on it how it is going to be delivered fresh to markets. Anyone remember when NZR used to shift stock and the trainload of sheep shunted up a line on the West Coast and forgotten? Along with numerous other freighting nightmares.

    • Old Dig

      She obviously hasn’t worked. End of story.

    • Rick H

      She probably doesn’t know what a rail-head is.

  • Uncle Bully

    We’re gonna get rid of those smelly cattle trucks too, by running a rail spur to each and every farm in the country.

  • Old Dig

    The Greens have absolutely zero understanding of logistics, or reality for that matter.
    Every thing is so black and white with these people. How does she intend to get freight to and from the trains? How is freight going to get delivered once unloaded from a train? How does the freight get to towns that have no rail link?
    I am worn out from the constant barrage of ignorance and naivety from these troughers, I give up.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Another pesky list MP of the worst kind not only Green but imported. Zip it sister we already know how dumb your are.

  • WBC

    I wonder how she plans to get all the bikes delivered.
    Something has to get them from those aeroplanes the Greens use so much.

  • Red

    Does she realise, outside Auckland (where only 75% of us live) the rail lines were torn out of the ground as quick as possible by Labour in the 90’s?