Greenpeace named along with money launderers, drug dealers, arms dealers and others in Panama Papers

Oh dear…no wonder the Green party has been a bit quieter than Labour on the Panama Papers.

I wonder what sort of spin Russel Norman is going to put on the revelations that Greenpeace is named in the Panama Papers.

You know because anyone named in the Panama Papers is a dirty filthy money laundering crook associated with drug dealers and arms dealers.

See the problem when you smear and try and judge and execute people on the basis of criminal hacking.

I imagine Greenpeace will claim that they aren’t doing anything illegal…but they are named in the Panama Papers and surely that is a disgrace, an embarrassment, it’s shameful.

Who would have thought Greenpeace International was involved in being associated with money launderers, dodgy lawyers, arms dealers, criminals, drug dealers, and other unsavoury rich prick types?

What do they have to hide? What else are they hiding by using secret trusts in offshore jurisdictions?

While we are casting aspersions, I wonder what the left-wing says about the fact that Amnesty International is also named in the Panama Papers?




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  • sheppy

    Or The Red Cross or…. Mojo Mathers…. But it’s ok because she said in parliament that she is the beneficiary of a British Trust, so not foreign at all!

  • contractor

    This is a very bad look, the public of NZ will be seriously concerned, and it has to be asked will the Green Party now disassociate itself from Greenpeace?

  • The Fat Man

    Careful, is it Greenpeace or somebody using a charity as a front.

    It has been known to happen.

    • Blokeinauckland

      Greenpeace lost it’s charitable status years ago – now we know why. It’s an organisation funded by drug dealing, gun running and rich pricks. Along with the odd Colombian car dealer and Icelandic Prime Minister.

      Wayne Kerrs that’s what they are.

  • rexabus

    There’s often a few faces you wouldn’t expect to see turn up at tHe brothel or drug dealers house… same goes with doing the best for your money with dirty secret trusts it seems

  • Keeping Stock

    It gets even better; a Green Party donor has a foreign trust:

    A Green Party donor has been listed in the database of the Panama Papers documents leak.

    Kiwi rich-lister Forbes Herbert Elworthy was named in the offshore leaks documents, associated with a Singapore trust and entities in the British Virgin Islands.

    Elworthy donated $15,000 to the Green Party in 2011 during the election campaign.

    The Craigmore station owner was named along with other members of the Elworthy family as being associated with offshore trusts.

    His sister Josephine Elsworthy confirmed that her brother had a number of offshore trusts, and that she had been incorrectly named as a settlor by an Asian wealth management firm Portcullis.


    On Tuesday, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) published a searchable database of 214,000 offshore entities involved in offshore leaks investigations, including the Panama Papers.

    Green Party co-leader James Shaw said Elworthy’s name “rings a bell”.

    The Greens have been criticising the Government for helping facilitate tax avoidance since the Panama Papers scandal broke last month.

    You couldn’t make this kind of thing up!

    • JEL51

      Again, as I said yesterday, the heroines & heroes of the media by backing/ worshiping the likes of Snowden, Assange and Hager are dangerous fools. To have good families like those mentioned above, dragged through muck which they are throwing for no other reason than to promote their own selfish endeavours, is nothing but criminal. These journalists are lower than low.
      I hope someone will sue the daylights out of them.

    • metalnwood

      yep, if your name is Elworthy then for James shaw it ‘rings a bell’. If your name is Whitney then for James Shaw it ‘rings alarm bells’.

      If you are greenpeace with a foreign trust you are doing good work, if you are someone else then you are undoing your country’s good work.

      And of course, if you have a foreign trust yourself, it’s not really foreign and being a beneficiary doesnt really mean anythying..

    • Bombastic

      Well, that’s tax dodging, fraud and money laundering if ever I saw it! Just borrowing their very narrative.

      Never, leave the seat up if you’ve left skid marks, as my grandfather used to say.

  • James M

    Great, I wonder what privately owned structure they’ll climb now to fly a polyester flag proclaiming they have done nothing wrong?

  • Ross15

    Well JK is going to be able to have plenty of fun in Parliament if the idiots keep pushing him.
    I note the left leaning journalists are all squirming around and are not sure what way to go now. Some are trying to paint it as a morality issue because they know there are no legal issues not matter how they try to frame it.

  • Blokeinauckland

    Green Party donor with a foreign trust. Greenpeace International beneficiary of a foreign trust. Amnesty International beneficiary of a foreign trust. Talk about unintended consequences – the ICIJ and their acolytes in New Zealand are heaving their favourite left wing charities activists under the prius.

    • Miss Phit

      Thats the problem with throwing faeces into a fan. Sometimes it sticks where you throw it but mostly it goes everywhere and sometimes some lands on the thrower.

      The left have just discovered the law of unintended consequences. Shame they will burn their friends…..

    • Annoyed

      They’re arguing that the names are thrown in as a distraction, but considering that these trusts are supposedly secret, who are they supposed to distract?

  • Oh Please

    So Amnesty and Greenpeace are mentionned…John Key isn’t…and most of the “New Zealand” entities are actually not New Zealand companies.
    “Hagar Corporation” is listed – is it too much to hope???

    • Miss Phit

      Oh please please please be an own goal!!!

  • Bombastic

    Oh dear, Mojo Mathers, that Green Party list MP has a foreign trust too. She must be an illegal money laundering capitalist pig too. Just borrowing the media’s narrative for that last bit. The way TVNZ, Radio NZ and Hager are going with this, every family trust will be dodgy by next Tuesday.

    • Phenandra

      She clearly has Pom disease and regards NZ as a
      subsidiary of the UK. I nearly blew a fuse when I saw that quote in
      today’s newspaper.

  • zotaccore

    Aren’t Greenpeace now alleging that they didn’t have a foreign trust set up but someone else (nameless?) used Greenpeace as a cover. It’s all very interesting, but the truth will be there somewhere.

    • R&BAvenger

      Russel was having a classic moan on Red TV (Breakfast ) this morning. It’s from the wrong database etc etc. Wants PM to apologise.

    • zanyzane

      Green peace is a soft terror organisation that has been arrested and its members jailed for illegal activities in many many countries

  • zanyzane

    I thought it is a crime to receive and to use hacked private information? Should Nicky Hager be arrested for using stolen data for pecuniary gain?