Greens announce policy: 450 new state houses, which is less than the Government will build

The Greens are political charlatans. They rock up to a press conference with an obligatory sad face to parade and then jump on the manufactured crisis in housing to announce that they will build 450 new houses…which is less than the government will do.

Moving people living in their cars and on the streets into homes is the centre of a new Green Party policy targeting state houses.

Co-leader Metiria Turei launched the policy in Auckland this morning, which would see 450 new state homes built, but the Government says existing work will build more than that.

Under the Homes Not Cars plan, Housing New Zealand would keep its dividend and have its tax refunded — money which would otherwise go back to the Government — freeing up $207 million in the next financial year for house building.

Ms Turei says it is an urgent response a “housing emergency” the Government lacks the political will to fix.

“This plan isn’t the silver bullet for our housing emergency, it’s just the start, but the bottom line is we need the Government to build more state houses, not sell them off, or pretend the problem doesn’t exist,” she says.

“It’s shameful that in a wealthy country like New Zealand we have so many people sleeping in cars, in garages and on the streets.”

They won’t build 450 homes inside 3 years…so this is just grandstanding and parading a sick child and desperate mother for political purposes.

Housing New Zealand Minister Bill English and Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett say the Government’s existing work will build more houses than the Greens’ “rushed” policy.

Mr English says Housing New Zealand has 924 homes contracted or under construction, including 589 properties in Auckland expected this year. Another 55 are under negotiation.

The corporation has also identified the possibility for building another1319 nationwide, and its programme to rebuild 700 quake-hit state houses in Canterbury is almost done.

Mr English says the Government is in the same boat as any other developer — they “can only go as fast as the current local planning rules allow”.

The ministers say the Greens’ plan doesn’t add up.

“The Greens’ policy is a slogan, not a plan,” Ms Bennett says.

“We’re already building more than they propose, and they haven’t put aside funding to actually put people in those houses.

“The Greens oppose Housing New Zealand moving tenants out of old homes to put more properties on large, underused sections. Without using existing land, it’s not clear how they would build properties in Auckland within their budgeted figure, when it costs Housing New Zealand significantly more.”

So the Greens launch a policy that will build half the homes that the government is already building. Paula Bennett is right, its a slogan not a policy. She also raises the point about moving tenants into housing that suits their needs not their wants. The Greens are always opposing moving a granny out of a four bedroom house on the basis that it has been “her” home for 30 years and despite the fact the kids have all grown up and left. They have also opposed redevelopment in places like Glen Innes.

The recent developments of pimping sick, poor and unfortunate people to lay a guilt trip on government is a strategy that is ultimately doomed. When it is finally their turn in government they will suffer the same tactics…then we will see what they really would do.


– Newshub


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  • Stephen Fuller

    surely you’re not suggesting that the Greens will get a turn in Government!

  • Kendall

    Do they not also realise that that money was tagged in a budget to go somewhere? Health, education maybe and it would under their plan mean a cut somewhere else. wish they wold just stick to protecting the environment.

    • Gollum

      The answer to the question “Do they not also realise that that money was tagged in a budget to go somewhere?” is, no they don’t realise! Profits and/or surpluses are capitalist concepts that don’t feature in the melon’s marxist lexicon.

      • JLS

        or any hippy nirvanaland either.

  • MaryLou

    I’m not really sure how much it matters WHAT policies the Greens espouse – they’ll never BE the government, and have already said they’ll only work with Labour. Which at this point, is equally as likely. They can have pet ideas, but that’s really about it. So why are we paying them, again?

  • Sailor Sam

    Seems to me that yesterday was a slow news day, so TVNZ and the other usual suspects headlined this non-event.
    Seems to me that TVNZ had not caught up with the latest Egyptair disaster at 6PM yesterday.
    And theobligatory sad face who cannot find a house to rent in Auckland and is on a benefit should move out to a country town.
    After all she does not have a job to keep her in the city.
    I can rent her an insulated heated house in Tokoroa for less than $200/week.

  • “It’s shameful that in a wealthy country like New Zealand we have so many people sleeping in cars, in garages and on the streets.”
    Seems like only just last week they were on about how poor we all were and how everyone was living below the poverty line and couldn’t afford to feed kids, now we are a wealthy country

    • Zanyzane

      Increase the accomodation supplement to $3 billion and the problem is fixed.

  • cows4me

    And I guess these new homes will have to be near public transport as we can’t have more polluting cars on the road. The Melons are in a way a very lucky party, they can spout endless amounts of crap and dream up any harebrained scheme they like safe in the knowledge they’ll never deliver, probably just as well.

  • Aucky

    Poor old Metiria. Anyone noticed that we are hearing less from her these days and it’s Shaw who does most of the talking now? Genter is getting a lot more airtime and sitting alongside Shaw at QT more frequently. A new co-leader in the making?

  • ridsel

    Honestly… if we provide welfare housing (HNZ or subsidised private rentals) with garages, a percentage of the recipients will see that as available sleeping space for additional children. Building or providing more houses with garages won’t stop people from sleeping in garages… they’ll just breed-to-fill whatever is provided.

    • Wheninrome

      A double garage will need to be provided as people are 2 car families today or they are “poor”.
      Although in the Green’s case there should be no garages and no cars. That would solve the problem of people sleeping in garages.

  • R&BAvenger

    Dumb policy from the Greens – no surprises. Shifting people out of old run-down stock and building multiple units on the large sections makes sense.

    The Greens also fail to acknowledge houses built already by the government here in Christchurch that have had to be taken out of the housing stock equation as they have had to be decontaminated and repaired due to HNZ tenants cooking P in them, a problem not exclusive to Christchurch

  • Nechtan

    450 houses in 3 years? That is 1 new house every 2 days……I doubt there is enough tradesmen in the country for that sort of output. Allowing that they could get council, iwi, RMA and all the required consents lined up before construction and all the inspections during and after.

    • Win

      Recent experiences for renovations, about a year to get resource consent, two months for building consent, 4 months waiting for the first tradesmen, and 2.5 years later it’s only painting and decorating to deal with. To get a decent building job done takes quite some time. Part of this is Council, and a huge part is waiting for quality tradesmen to be available.

    • Dog Breath

      There must be enough tradespeople remember the other side to this story currently twice as many houses are being built or about to be built without the Greens having anything to do with it.

  • Huia

    You would have to be pretty thick not to realise that Auckland Council is probably negotiating for land all over the place to build on.
    It is great to be able to stand on the sidelines without any responsibility and pontificate and make ridiculous promises about what you will do when you are in power, we all know that is never going to happen.
    It takes time to negotiate new land and all it brings with it, to find your way around environment issues, conferences with all Iwi’s who are involved in ownership of the land (the longer it gets drawn out the more they get paid), Infastructure, right of ways, Power and Sewerage, Water rights, roading, feeding the Taniwha in all the water ways, easements etc etc etc.
    It is something that is not going to happen over night, but it eventually will happen when all the T’s are crossed and the i’s dotted.
    If the Greens are so concerned about people living in cars and garages then for heavens sake stop wanting to bring in more Muslim “refugees”, “we aint go no where to put em Mateira”.
    Also its logical to sell off old State houses on large sections, you are always banging on about the state housing being unfit for humans so what in the blue blazes do you want?
    A large 1/4 acre section in the City boundary is ridiculous especially with the maintenance and upkeep to the taxpayer and we all know what wonderful tenants we have in a lot of state houses. Pull it down, rebuild smarter and you can house a lot more people on that land.
    Stick to your knitting love, you haven’t got a clue.

    • Wheninrome

      In fact in a lot of cases a concrete bunker with a high pressure hose would suit some of these tenants, easy care.

  • Wheninrome

    Our pioneers had to provide a roof over their heads when they came to NZ, it was a huge incentive for most of then to work hard in their new country, the harder you worked the better off you were, or so my ancestors found and passed on to me. After WW2 my parents (both serving in the forces) got a land grant, a “farm” covered in tea tree, you couldn’t graze anything on it. They lived in a shack with an open fire to cook on, my father cut firewood and sold it, eventually they brought the farm in and farmed. My mother worked as hard as she was an excellent horsewomen and good with stock. My father had been a town boy turned RNZF pilot. he was a green farmer, however they ended up with an excellent farm. My mother is now 97 and about to go into a resthome for which she will pay the sum of $50,000.00 per year as she has assets because of her hard work.
    AND we have the whingers in society who demand a warm, dry house, food and clothing at someone else’s expense, give me a break.

  • JustanObserver

    I was genuinely distressed last night when I saw this piece on TV.
    The poor woman who finds herself caring for a sick daughter while living in a car following her relationship break-up is truly a sad case.
    Sad that she never had the financial skills while in her relationship to gather together $1000 or more for ‘A Rainy-Day’
    Sad that she clearly had not garnered any assets other than her car in her 40+ years.
    Sad that she appears to have walked away from a relationship with ‘nothing’
    Sad that the relationship ended leaving her and her sick daughter with few options other than Meteria Turei & the Media Party.

    • Mav E Rick

      I totally agree with you Justan. It is sad that her problem immediately becomes the tax payers problem so I will add another couple of sad’s;

      Sad that she doesnt have any family or extended family that can help her in her time of need.
      Sad that the father of her child is not held accountable to the ongoing financial provision for her.
      Sad that she has no shame and has to pimp her story to the media and stand there demanding a house which she considers should be sitting there empty just waiting for her to say – “aw I need that house now that you have been holding for me”
      sad that no one else cares for her or can help her. Only person of help is the tax payer.

    • Left Right Out

      You can add that in her time at the human Rights Commission, she obviously wasn’t able form relationships with others and other organisations. If she had she would have had the ability to go to them for help.

      The one very sad part in all of this is the sick little girl. You can’t help feel for her… she is dealing with her illness and incompetent mother

  • CheesyEarWax

    “Homes Not Cars”, I’d bet they spent more time and effort to come up with that slogan than the actual policy.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Just more flapping gums from the Greens. They haven’t got a clue.

  • Left Right Out

    The timing is very interesting with this policy…… It makes one wonder if the greens and media party were in bed together on this…. this week it’s all about living in cars with the media party, and dudahhhh… we have Homes not cars policy

  • KGB

    The more they build, the more they’ll need.

    • JLS

      Did you mean the more they’ll breed?

  • Keyser Soze

    When? When! WHEN!?! When it is their turn?!? Please say it ain’t so. Please say that’s not how NZ works!