Why did Hager only choose TVNZ and RNZ?


Further to my musings on Hager and the media colluding on a hit on National and John Key, it kind of came to me that I could explain why TV3 was being cold shouldered by Hager (because John Campbell is now with Radio New Zealand).

I also figured out why Fairfax are outside the tent (because Andrea Vance is now at TVNZ).

But then it struck me.   What on earth has happened to the NZ Herald?

Matt Nippert and David Fisher were donkey deep running the Dirty Politics campaign along the Labour Party, Rawshark and Hager play book.  The New Zealand Herald were having pool parties diving through reams of my emails, mocking me and my friends on a daily basis through the paper, online and through social media.  They also phoned companies and key people with one sided stories, even managing to get some people sacked.

Why are they not part of that now?  Surely these two sterling hit men should be part of this again?

And since they’re not, what does that mean?

David Fisher is well known for burning his sources.  It’s how you get two stories.  First, you pretend to empathise with the person you work with (Cameron Slater, Kim Dotcom, that crazy woman with the Porsche), and when you have no idea what to write about, you use all the confidential information on your source, and hit them instead.

Nippert on the other hand jumped from Fairfax to the NZ Herald before he was pushed for reasons that will become clear eventually.  But what has he been doing at the Herald since his arrival?  Did he bring with him his myriad of industry contacts, sources and lead generators?

Nope.  He’s turned into a “data journalist”.   A data journalist is someone who has no people to talk to and tries to make stories from information.  It’s about a step above scraping stories from Facebook, but there you have it.

The NZ Herald and TV3 used to be point men for Hager.  Now it is TVNZ and Radio New Zealand.

Remarkable, don’t you think?




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  • cows4me

    How does the saying go, no honor amongst crooks ?

    • Wheninrome

      “Thieves” covers it.

    • anniem

      Traditionally “Honour among thieves”

  • Rebecca

    FWIW I went to “John Doe’s” manifesto and read the comment on John Key in full:

    “Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand has been curiously quiet about
    his country’s role in enabling the financial fraud Mecca that is the
    Cook Islands.”

    Sorry MSM, but that’s not an accusation of wrongdoing against John Key. It’s an accusation that NZ is or was an enabler for Cook Islands wrongdoing. John Key’s only “crime” is to be curiously silent about it.

    His response is apt, particularly that NZ closed loopholes that allowed misuse of the Cooks year before his watch. The subtext has to be that if other nations left loopholes open all these decades later, then they’d better fix it.

    All of this occurring in the context of a “manifesto” by an anonymous John Doe.

    Is that really it?

    • jcpry

      Me I’m all for letting the Cooks do what they want for these trusts. It provides employment and income in an economy that relies heavily on the vagaries of tourism and foreign aid.

      • Rebecca

        These days international money transfers of more than $10K are electronically traced anyway, so the old idea of stashing large sums in Switzerland, the Cooks or anywhere else, becomes meaningless if you can’t access the loot without being asked how you came by it. Some of these funds might already be “dead” money that never can be accessed again.

    • Wheninrome

      “Curiously silent” John Key is not a parrot who responds to pretty polly on queue. Is he required to respond to everything, Where was his response to the weather this morning, curiously silent oh dear.

      • Rebecca

        My grandfather loved to observe that “empty vessels make the most sound.” Key is wise to say as little as possible, especially compared to John Doe and his long missive

  • Quinton Hogg

    Just had a look at stuff and the Herald website.
    For all the huff and puff by the selected media outlets there is little or no interest in the 6am dump.
    Much ado about nothing…

  • Keeping Stock

    It hasn’t taken people from TV3 long to respond…

    If Paddy Gower reckons it’s a swing and a miss from Hager, then it probably was a swing and a miss. And a pretty ineffectual swing at that.

  • SavetheBees

    More of the same really, the right ignoring what the real facts are in this case and trying t to get side shows at the main thing we are talking about rather trying to get what the facts are. I think it interesting that the right bring up the same lines they use for Hager as they did when he released his last book. Attacking the person, not the facts.

    But then again, so many people in the world, believe what they want to regardless of the facts being presented to them.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Thats the nut of problem, we have not been presented with the full facts, but only some info to support a narrative. Facts doesn’t make a great story.

    • RockinBob625

      Interesting points, but for all the facts presented there is no smoking gun. People have trusts. Sometimes they are in overseas countries. For example, Mojo Mathers being the beneficiary of a UK trust established by her grandmother.

      A good investment advisor would tell you to spread your investment risk, so a Mexican or Venezuelan might invest in a stable country, say….. New Zealand.

      My explanation is no more fact, than the smears published by Team Hagar this morning. A Mexican has a foreign trust in NZ! Must be shady, cant trust those Mexicans!


      • SavetheBees

        your right and it makes it even stranger that we have the reactive left, who had the same set up when they were in power. This is not a isolated issue to National. Not sure how labour banning foriegn trust will cause a positive outcome.

      • Blokeinauckland

        One would assume the reporters would think they might only get one good go at this and fire their first shots as their big shots. If so, they have all dropped short, way short.

        So far we have seen legitimate businesses “exposed” – an Israeli selling drones to the Mexican Government – quell horreur, with wifts of anti-semitism, and a Colombian car dealer wanting a foreign trust….RNZ desperately trying to get the old drugs and arms conspiracy going through the italian suppository, innuendo.

        There is no way an Israeli is going to be selling drones to a foreign Government without his government knowing about it. And anyway what’s wrong with it. Last news I read there are major internal policing issues in Mexico with drug cartels and the police need the best gear they can get.

        This is a sick and sad hit job and the fact RNZ have aligned themselves with Hager is pathetic.

        What internal governance at RNZ approved the usage of stolen private information to expose people going about their legitimate business lawfully.

    • EpochNZ

      One thing I do enjoy about WhaleOil is the ability of the commenters here to have a civil debate when there are disagreements. To that end, I’d be very interested for you to list for us the facts that you have witnessed being presented to the New Zealand public? And no, I’m not being sarky in any way; I’m just keen for you to put forward your argument in more detail than you have.

    • Annoyed

      There are no facts in this case. There is only the left/media guessing and making baseless accusations. We can’t argue the facts as there are none to argue. So all we can do is point out that this is yet another dirty politics hit job.

      My understanding is that NZ tax law requires tax to be paid on income. If you get a distribution of income from a foreign trust it’ll be taxable under our law. If you don’t declare the tax it’s tax evasion. That some people seem to think we should be held accountable for other countries to allow distributions to be treated as tax free is ridiculous.

    • Justme

      But one of the BIG factors in this whole show is the source of the documentation; the authenticity of it.

      As we saw with Hagar’s last book, he edited to fit the story he wanted to tell. He had an answer, and produced the “facts” to show it.
      One also looks at who he had helping him.
      With all of this knowledge, would one trust what he has to say? Especially as he is using the same methods and people.
      One day he might be telling the whole truth, but by then he will have burnt his bridges. No one will listen to him.

    • Nige.

      What are the facts?

  • Aucky

    The radio side of NZME could possibly have been a factor in not involving the Herald. ZB’s three key radio hosts – Leighton Smith, Mike Hosking and Larry Williams would not have been parties to a hit job on John Key and all have scant respect for Hagar.

    • Alan Beresford B’Stard

      Oh I don’t know, most questions from Little start with:
      “Does he stand by all his statements?”

  • Intrigued

    It really wouldn’t surprise me if Hager is so seriously miffed that his orchestrated Dirty Politics hit job on Key and the National Government during the 2014 election turned into such a damp squib that he blames Kim Dotcom’s self-confessed “toxic effect” on it all and his response now is to freeze out Fisher, Nippert and anyone from the NZH associated with the last failed campaign. He probably doesn’t need the hacking resources of Dotcom either, so it wouldn’t surprise me if Dotcom is out in the cold on this too.
    Seeing the clip of Hager’s “war room” of Red Radio and TVNZ journalists on TV this morning working this story shows how clearly Hager is the puppet-master in the NZ context at least. I wonder how the journalists involved in this latest hit-job will fare in due course now that they are aligning their reputations with Hager’s dubious “ethics”.

  • Sally

    Must give Ms Vance some upticks about being honest who she worked with on this story. Unlike the dirty politics hit job.

  • Graeme

    Once the overseas media get on to this and discover which political party brought the legislation in, Clarks chance of the UN job don’t look to rosy.

  • Poppa

    Wondering if Rawshark and John Doe have ever met each other/or are they each other.

    • Catriona

      They are one and he same – that much is obvious.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Ah but they love Hager which is something he gets little of these days. To be a successful liar one needs a good memory and while Hager might have limitations in that area there is always Dr Google.
    It has been quoted he has been sifting through this hacked information for 3 years according to one Media Party source or 18 months from another. Then today we hear “Hager has had a week with the Panama Papers. More than 61,000 documents of the 11.5 million set to be released online tomorrow mention New Zealand” ?
    For reasons offered from him he thinks NZ is “absolutely” a tax haven none of which match no definitions or criteria that actually define a tax haven.
    Full disclosure is already available to over 100 countries and others can easily get the details by making a request to NZ. The “others” in most case are countries where there are much bigger problems than somebody attempting to use an offshore trust to evade tax in their native land.
    He was backed up with his rant by an ex-Labour candidate who claims to be a tax expert who did concede that Labour’s policy to ban foreign trusts “might not be feasible.” Few are foolish enough to add any credence to a failed Labour candidate except the party as their current leader was almost one himself.

  • one for the road

    Haha, scraping stories from Facebook!! Right on.

    Years ago the MSM got fed information from the “wire”, which Facebook has assumed the role of….

    Now all we get is propaganda, zero researched stories and conspiracy theories!

  • Zanyzane

    I think some of the Foreign Trust debate should become the responsibility of the Reserve Bank. The RBNZ needs to get a better handle on Foreign Trusts and Corporate Trustees. How it works at the moment is that for IRD to issue a IRD number on Foreign Trusts or on foreign companies or foreign individuals is a requirement to have a local bank account. IRD relies heavily on the banks to have completed their AML/CFT(Anti money laundering/Countering Financing of Terrorism) with the KYC(Know your customer) requirement.

    The issue of NZ being a Tax haven ie tax free interest on money placed in NZ exists under the Approved Issuer Regime which is administered by the banks. Our banks obtain this exemption to withhold any NZ tax on overseas borrowings once they obtain approval from IRD to become an Approved Issuer. The Approved Issuer levy regime was created to facilitate the tax administration of the bond market which means that if you are an approved issuer ie you are borrowing money from overseas then you would not have to concern yourself with withholding tax on the interest payable to an overseas lender.

    The Approved Issuer Levy is now zero which used to be 2% which effectively, the overseas lender does not have to pay any tax in New Zealand.

    The banks have encouraged overseas cash deposits placed into NZ banks to complete a application form, that form gives the foreign depositor a number of choices, tax at 33%, tax at 30%, tax at 17.5% and tax at 0%. Clearly all depositors will tick 0%. When you tick 0% the banks will likely create a bond document in effect the foreign cash depositor usually unknowingly purchasing a bond with the bank and therefore exempted from IRD withholding tax and zero rated under the Approved Issuer Levy Regime.

    In effect NZ becomes a tax haven when foreigners get zero taxes on interest on deposits earned in NZ