Hands across the sand? They barely managed the length of a football field

Seventy people dressed in scarves, woolly hats and coats in late Autumn have held hands to show they worry about climate change and a warming planet [snigger, snort].

In a sign of solidarity, men, women and children held hands on a wintry morning in Christchurch.

More than 70 people, and a handful of dogs, lined New Brighton beach for Hands Across the Sand.

University of Canterbury student Bridget White, 18, co-ordinated the event at New Brighton pier, which was part of an international action that called for a halt to deep sea drilling and the use of more sustainable energy sources to protect the planet from climate change.

More than 70 people? More than? But less than 80 right? How about “Just 70 people  from a population of 370,000 bother to give a shit about climate change”.

Obviously most sensible people had better things to do on a freezing morning.

The Press, however, are missing out on the endless articles on the “housing crisis” that is worrying so many newly minted Auckland and North Island homeowners because in Christchurch the council was forced to make lots and lots of land available and were forced to allow more density.

The upshot is another year of flat house prices and falling rents so it’s back to giving coverage to 70 deluded loons freezing themselves half to death worrying about “global warming”.

The Media party are part of the problem not part of the solution.


– Fairfax, The Press


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  • Carl

    I just looked at the video at the Press and I could count no more than 50 people and if you look at the comments section it is great for a laugh as they are getting no love.

  • XCIA

    I guess these idiots either walked or cycled to Brighton Beach then? Hypocrites!

  • cod

    Ah, just like hippies at a love in. I am now assured that Canterbury is over the earthquakes, otherwise they would have more important things to worry about.

  • Disinfectant

    It needs to repeated that the severe and ongoing blow dealt to Christchurch had one silver lining.

    Heaps more land to build on. The Christchurch City Council harps on about urban boundaries from time to time but its neighbours, Selwyn and Waimak got in first and scooped up earthquake refugees. CCC could see its rates revenues hopping over the boundaries.

    Nothing like a bit of competition.

    And it was Norman Kirk (Labour Prime Minister) who pushed for the satellite city of Rolleston, which has seen enormous growth since the earthquakes.

    The current crop of Labourites, especially on coincils, are simply mad.

  • Santa Fe fan

    So our schools are now teaching 5 year olds about ‘climate change’, with scaremongering about how the ‘fish are dying’ because of it?? Whatever happened to just teaching reading and writing at the age of 5?

    “Young Theo had been learning about climate change at his West Spreydon school.”

    • Nige.

      “never let the state get in the way of a good education” -Mark Twain.

      Hopefully kids get a better education at home.

      • Miss Phit

        Unfortunately some arent, what with global warming, polution and vapour trails the kids dont stand a chance.

      • Mike Webber

        Exactly, I have studied this for many years, the state should never have any say over, curriculum, control, and delivery. I have also written a article on this that has been on Murial Newman’s website for a few years.

        • Nige.

          You should submit it to the tip line for a slow weekend as has been done by others in the past

          • Mike Webber

            It is 800 words.

      • XCIA

        He had another one which I quite like “Never argue with stupid people because they will bring you down to their level then beat you with experience.”

  • Tom

    Its so typical of the left and those with “causes”, they delude themselves into thinking everyone feels as they do. You just have to look at the number of left wing commentators that start with the people/think say are angry at etc. to see that! The truth is that most care more about what their family and themselves need and want.

    • Nige.

      Whenever I hear the headline “outrage over the prime minister……” etc. I think “outrage? From who? Why does it matter that the person is outraged? What is the extent of the outrage?”

      • XCIA

        I often wonder what contribution these people have made to society apart from being permanently outraged and bitter.

  • Miss Phit

    Yep Chch has the right amount of houses allright. Unfortunately it took a change of council and a quake to get it there. Well not there yet but we are moving in the right direction.

    But please dont send down the car dwellers and homeless that Aucklanders dont want. We dont need your outcasts, we have enough of our own, thanks.

    Some weeks ago there was chatter about the homeless and beggers in auckland being found places to live, is this that plan in action – shift em out to another town?

  • JD

    Saw this lot yesterday. had to snigger. A girl with “stop deep sea oil drilling” top on, cooking on a gas bbq.