The Herald needs to do more than put a weaselly disclaimer on their shabby hit job

This is what the Herald posted under their false William Trubridge story yesterday after people pointed out they were wrong.

herald apology

The problem is that they have only corrected just one of their major errors in the story.

The whole story was a shabby hit job against McDonald’s and also the Hoki fishing industry in claiming through the wrong and false statement that Hoki fishermen were trying to kill Maui dolphins. Trubridge’s full false statement was:  

“What decent human being or company could possibly buy fish from an industry that fights for the right to kill every last Maui’s dolphin?

“I have faith that most who hear this story will refuse New Zealand fish until it is no longer mixed with the blood of the last few individuals of a beautiful species.

“Only then will New Zealand’s fishing industry and the Government realise that its brand and its economy depend on the dolphins’ survival, and therefore on their protection.

The man is an idiot and also just plain wrong. He should be apologising to McDonald’s and also to the fishing industry along with the editor of the NZ Herald.

The facts are simple. Maui dolphins have NEVER been caught by any Hoki fisherman ever. Maui dolphins live on the West Coast of the North Island between the Hokianga and Whanganui in littoral zone environs. Hoki fishing grounds are hundreds of miles further south down the West Coast of the South Island or Cook strait in offshore and deep water environs. They are also caught in the Chatham Rise east of the South Island. There are quite simply NO Maui dolphins or even Hector dolphins in any of those waters.

The whole premise of Trubridge’s claims and the Herald story is false. It is nothing more than a shabby hit job and for that they should apologise.

If I was the fishing industry I’d take legal action against Trubridge and the NZ Herald. Their attack was nothing short of commercial sabotage.


– NZ Herald


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  • Seriously?

    What qualifies Mr Trubridge to have an opinion that ought to get any more weight that that of the man at the drive-through ordering a fish burger?

    I have no beef with well known people having opinions on things, but other than for commercial reasons I do not understand why a newspaper presents that opinion as if it ought to carry weight. It is for me no different to the PM expressing his view on who should be the AB’s first five, or my taxi driver telling me his opinion about the merits of vaccination.

    Quality journalism it now the exception, and they expect the public to pay for it?

    • Cadwallader

      I didn’t used to have a beef about well known people having opinions on things, then along came Susan Devoy!

      • Dave of the West Bank

        …and Leonardo DiCaprio…and Lucy Lawless…

    • localnews

      hes not exactly the most famous New Zealander. Does he actually live in New Zealand?

  • Korau

    This is just one more (of many) reasons not to buy what the so called MSM is selling. Lies, innuendo, and more, no wonder journalists as a profession are so poorly regarded.

    What can they do to reverse their decline (which is far more rapid than John Key’s plummet). They could tell the truth ,and just report the facts without the sickening moralising that comes with every utterance.

  • Dave

    I think Maccas should also fire a large warning shot across the bow and demand a lengthy apology and several puff pieces on the positives of the kiwi fishing industry from Granny Herald. When i first read the article, I thought “right, no more fillot of fish burgers for me” now, im annoyed, another reason the previous fish and chip wrapper is not suited to fish of any kind.

    NB: Don’t really like Maccas, but the fish burgers are acceptable on a hungry day.

    • Tiger

      Not sure if McDonald’s advertise in the herald, or other apn publications, but they won’t be now, surely?

  • Aucky

    Can’t wait for the day when we have a single foreign-owned newsroom providing ‘news’ for the entire NZ newspaper network (ODT excepted) and the bulk of the commercial radio system once the NZME-Fairfax merger goes through. The only significant ‘competition’ will be Red Radio, TV One and TV3.

    Welcome to 1984.

    • adam

      the ODT tabloid is nothing more than copy and paste from the extreme left of other outlets, and a few washed up hacks inventing stories, they are nothing worth having either

  • Dave of the West Bank

    I have not met a fisherman, and I know a few, who would admit to fighting for the right to every last of anything. In truth, most are vehement conservationists and would no sooner kill off creatures of the deep than a farmer would go and shoot all of his stock.

    An unfortunate perception of the fishing industry held by many of the general public, is that fishermen are rapists of the sea and are barely a notch above Neanderthals, a notion perpetuated by a hostile media. This belief is, of course, bandied around by certain individuals whilst supping on a nice feed of sashimi with sushi. The harsh reality is that fishermen brave a fairly hostile environment to feed their families just as their land-based contemporaries do, and they do it within a strictly policed industry regulated by scientists and many Government Departments – and they do it very well.

    Trubridge is all smoke and no hangi.