Why are the Herald playing favourites with the Auckland Mayoralty?

The NZ Herald has run an article today that is headlined “Candidates for the Mayor of Auckland give their views“.

I though great, let’s see what they all have to say, only to find that it isn’t all the candidates it is just Phil Goff and Vic Crone.

A reader emailed:

I was scanning the Herald this morning (for my sins) and saw this piece from the Auckland Mayoral candidates discussing the budget.

As I understood John Palino is a candidate so why hasn’t he been asked his opinion?

I don’t want to appear to be a conspiracy theorist but I think the left wing media are orchestrating this campaign before it even starts.

They know that Crone hasn’t a hope so they’re touting her as the right wing candidate leaving an easy run in for Phil Goff.

Am I alone in this thinking?

No, dear reader I don’t think you are alone.

I believe the NZ Herald is playing favourites here and not providing an level playing field for all candidates.

I want to hear what all candidates have about the budget, even dopey old Penny Bright.

Neither Crone nor Goff had anything to say in any case. Crone sucks up to National by saying everything is as it should be and Goff slams the government for not spending enough.

Crone finishes up by saying:

Council needs to get its act together, deliver a more focused investment programme for Auckland, free up land, speed up consents and get critical infrastructure in place faster. That will happen under my leadership.

Really Vic? How? Word is you can’t even keep your team together, with one de-camping to help Hillary Clinton’s campaign and others quietly disappearing before they get listed as working on the campaign. There are lots of rumours swirling around, some being pimped by Labour but others that appear credible, about the carry on in her campaign. After an initial blitz of advertising, billboards and social media all we have got now is the sound of crickets. Has the donor cash run out?

Phil Goff slags off Len brown obtusely before stating he is the one.

Perhaps Auckland hasn’t made the case strongly enough? The new Auckland Mayor and council will need to put together a strong case for the investment Auckland needs, but simply wasn’t in this Budget.

Really Phil? You’ve just slagged off the government and how you are telling us you will fix that by making people you’ve just slagged off, and spent a lifetime slagging off, listen to you. Not going to happen.

Perhaps the NZ Herald might like to stop playing favourites and give everyone a fair suck at the sav.


– NZ Herald



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  • Win

    Hardly anyone reads the Herald, and certainly no-one takes any credible notice of anything that is printed in it.

    • George Carter

      Fair point but you often find the same stories in the Herald are being passed around the tv and radio networks as well and so the message does get out!

  • I gather that the Herald has decided that Palino will never be mayor because it’s all his fault that Len Brown committed adultery.

    • Usaywot

      His and John Key’s of course.

  • The o my reason to here Penny Bint talk about budgets would be to hear how council will pay for everything with no one paying their rates

  • Moonroof

    Noted, disappointed and not unexpected as I scrolled through ‘article’. Especially annoyed since John Palino had an opinion piece published earlier in the week, the man is not invisible, and so far is looking rather credible.

  • Adam

    Even though I’m not a lefty, but I reckon Phill Gough is the guy to be Mayor. John Palino has mafia ties. I certainly do not want to see his henchman shooting up our beloved country.

  • Joe Banana

    Adam you do not deserve to live let alone comment on local politics in auckland