Hey Andrea? Remember when you said this?

Andrea Vance is one of the main journalists sniffing through the Panama Papers.

It might be useful to remind Andrea Vance of something she claimed in 2013:

In other circumstances, I could probably find something to laugh about in revelations that the journalist who broke a story about illegal spying was snooped on by Parliament’s bureaucrats.

Let alone the irony that the reporter previously worked for the News of the World, the tabloid at the centre of a privacy violation scandal.

But I am that journalist and I’m mad as hell.

Anyone who has had their confidential details hacked and shared around has the right to be angry.  

Well Andrea, what do you say about the way you delved into my private and confidential details that were hacked and shared around by media like yourself?

What do you say now that you are sharing around other people’s legal and confidential information that was hacked and shared around by media?

Here is the thing Andrea, deary…you weren’t hacked and your information wasn’t shared with the world. That is actually what you are doing. Your information was given to a government inquiry into the GCSB and SIS…it was never broadcast by scumbag journalists like you.

I wonder if one day you might like to practice what you preach?

One day you might have just cause to be angry about being hacked, I hope that day never comes because I can tell you it isn’t a whole lot of fun. But when you learned your craft at the News of the World and sit on the knee of Nicky Hager to continue your craft then I’m afraid you are going to destroy whatever shabby credibility you had, if you ever had any in the first place.


– Fairfax


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  • Keeping Stock

    It’s such a hoot watching the reactions of those like Vance and Hager when the worm turns and they are on the receiving end of a “privacy breach”.

    Precious little flowers, aren’t they…

  • Keyser Soze

    No one does hypocrisy quite like the left.

    • Keeping Stock

      Or the mainstream media.

      Hypocrisy, thy name is Andrea…

  • RightofSingapore

    Ah, but former News of the World journalist Andrea Vance has the shield of sanctimony so that makes what she is doing completely ok y’see.

  • Bob Dazzler

    They are light weight non-entities

    • Boondecker

      The problem is, and experience has taught me this, there are plenty of gullible types out there in amongst the great unwashed who read and hear what these “light weight non-entities” say and then believe it or support it. That’s why they need to be severely taken to task when they are just plain wrong or do something illegal in order to get their story. Otherwise, if taking them to task is not done, the word ‘credibility’ may as well be removed from the dictionary.

  • Seriously?

    The difference is that journalists perform an important role in our democracy, a role that deserves special protections. They are the fourth estate (I don’t know what the others are but the fourth must be important) after all.

    How else might we learn if the Bachelor really slept with Naz (and if so the details of it), or if the PM’s son has a new Instagram account.

    Come on people,we owe respect where it is due.

    • Wheninrome

      And all important Max Key is going to have a boozy 21st on Friday and has died his hair blonde. This is earth shattering news.
      I cannot make sound investment decisions until I am aware of these types of facts in the morning. Whether the sun is going to shine or not pales in comparison.

    • jcpry

      The thing is that proper journalism – news gathering, dissemination and analysis along with decent investigative journalism really has a proper place in our society. The fourth estate should prod and poke and keep track on the integrity of our politicians and others who I am afraid would run amok without scrutiny – a good example being the ASH article from today and the many things that have been brought to light by journalists – Watergate for example.
      We should care less that they report on Max;s hairdo. This has also been standard fare for as long as we have had printed news it is only that it is much harder to avoid at present. But it is not something we should be affected by – it is a sideshow that should be ignored.
      What is an issue is the inability of the editors (or is it in our minds) of the various agencies to clearly delineate between news (gathering, dissemination), editorial (usually analysis), commentary (opinion) and social (gossip and sport) content.
      The major issue I have is where the credentials of a quoted expert is not fully explained e.g. political affiliation when commenting on government policy and where no balanced opinion is sought or fairly balanced. This immediately takes an article from news past editorial into the commentary area.
      The causes of the decline of the fourth estate are many but to me the major issues are:
      1) The cult of personality that has been attributed to news readers and the high rate of pay assigned to them. How well a auto-cue is read does not add any credibility but unfortunately there is a section of our society who have this as their primary news source.
      2) The absolutely poor pay levels of news journalists which leaves you with only those with a barrow to push remaining is the industry – the rest get out to make a living. It is a classic pay peanuts situation.
      3) The need for content – at speed. I recall queuing outside the news agent to get the Waikato Times which came out in the early afternoon. How things have changed I now get regular updates during the day on my phone, computer and yes even my watch – and this is expected by us all. What this has produced is a need to feed the machine – an unholy rush to be first with the news and to present angles that no-one else has. This lead to mistakes. Many of you pick up errors in spelling and construction in articles. But get this. The journalist will often have less time to prepare the article than you spend crafting a post on this blog. It will lead to mistakes and these will continue to occur and we need to get over it.
      The real issue is that as consumers we “demand” the content and what is on the web is very much a reflection of our society and until the news industry can return to a sound financial footing behind paywalls this is what you are going to get as the revenue is derived from the advertising dollar which is driven by clicks. If you have a look at sites that have gone to a paywall what you get for free is the social stuff, a little news and not much analysis. In behind the wall is a treasure of analysis and commentary of the best quality. Bring it on.

      • Keyser Soze

        While I agree with most of your post I’d suggest it is not necessary for sites to retreat behind a paywall to become financially sound. The only really successful paywalled sites seem to have be financial news & analysis heavy. A proper news site that ticks all your other points will attract enough viewers to live very comfortably on advertising.

  • Usaywot

    I’m just living for the day when these scum bag hypocrites are publicly and finally called to account. I suspect I am going to be living a very long time. Personally, they make me sick.

  • axeman

    The problem being is no one hold them to account. There is no headlines on stuff or herald or TVNZ or Newhub roasting them. its a Pity really, I might watch something like that

  • Bryan

    the biggest bomb for them was to find out over the Dunne incident that parliamentary services could track everywhere they had been inside that building, when they had for years been able to wander in and out of minsters officers and look at stuff they should never have been able to access. Since then they have had their wings clipped very much and they think they are being hard done by, when they were doing just as bad as what Hager did and think crying “its in the public interest” allows them to break the law. revenge is sweet and about time

  • john Doe

    She bombarded me last night on the telly with her bright red lipstick, bright red blouse and bright red finger paint and her anti New Zealand rhetoric. I turned the telly off in disgust much to the howls of protest from Mrs Doe.

    • R&BAvenger

      You could always change the channel. I’ve never gone back to One since I went to Prime News at 5:30. usually recorded so we can fat forward through the ads. There has been no Panama papers ‘news’ on Prime so far this week, only on One, when we a-watch Breakfast (while waiting for the weather report).

    • Cadwallader

      Years ago, without talking to my doctor or a shrink I determined that watching TV news was bad for my physical and emotional health. Do you think my self diagnosis was correct? Other than avoiding TV news are there any other known remedies? Lobotomy? Sedation? Asceticism?

    • CD

      Every time I see her mug it reminds me what a dithering, poorly sighted old fool Peter Dunne must be.

  • Catriona

    Why would I give credence to anything Andrea Vance had to say. She us not a hot shot, ace reporter that I can make out. I would, however, give my attention to George Alagiah, BBC News Correspondent. Andrea Vance is a muck raker of the highest degree imo. Seriously, where do TVNZ find these people?

    • Dog Breath

      She learnt her trade at News of the World so her values are not that high.

      • Mick Ie

        Journalistic ethics was not a strong point. Isn’t that why it was shut down down?

  • Murray Pratt

    Forgive me for being naive, but who owns TVNZ? Oh that’s right its the Government of New Zealand. Given the fact that National is in power and funding TVNZ, why has nothing been done to stop government journalists[& they are] waving the red flag without cuts for their propaganda. I think the call has been made to let them go for it as its doing far more damage to their cause than good.

    Pimping the poor and illegal hacking into computers and phones for their gain has got them where? Ask John Campbell & Kim Gone Wrong. Look at the polling stats and how that’s not working for for the left, but how it might be helping the right. John Key is no idiot and the way things are working out for the left right now, he more than likely wants to give journalists like Vance more air time, not less. That wont bother me at all, because I’ll be on the other channel.

    • Dog Breath

      TVNZ operates independently of Govt. The last thing any country needs is a state controlled media so we have to suck on what some reporters employed by TVNZ produce.

      • OneTrack

        Why does the government need any relationship with TVNZ then. Better to sell them off and spend the money on housing and children in “poverty”?

        • Dog Breath

          Good question. I am not sure if TVNZ is actually profitable. The government had to start TV and have its own corporation because no private investors was capable of doing so. However a lot has changed since the good old days and if profitable it’s sale would be a good idea I would think.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Who actually reads what Vance and her left wing fellow travers write? The other great unwashed, maybe, but their minds are already closed so she persuades no one.

  • kiwiinamerica

    It’s the old adage that the left lives by: the ends justifies the means. If they do it, it’s ok because the wider cause of destroying the Tories is served.

  • Isherman

    Yeah well, her latest hit job on Kazhegeldin might just turn out to be a facepalm too, trying to make out that he is the crook in all this. Or is it because he was a reformer who believed in free markets, free elections, and a free press…all the things the socialist dictator Nazarbaev went against,he was a western style market reformer…that’s probably his real crime in the world view of Hager and Vance.

  • Cadwallader

    Are you expecting the essentially idle minded Ms Vance to volunteer to do a guess post here? Her change of mind is reminiscent of the remarkable changes in attitude exhibited by Mrs H R Clinton. From reading the dross which is presented as journalism these days the most profound theme is an inability to ponder, compare, measure and determine. In other words laziness.

  • Chris Bell

    VANCE – Vilely Arrogant Non Credible Egomaniac – she loves herself so much she’d marry a mirror if she could