Hide on Labour and their pathalogical ineptitude

It’s hard for the Leader of the Opposition to win some media coverage – especially when up against a popular Prime Minister who has stolen your policies and wears your clothes. That’s Andrew Little’s lot.

The answer is media stunts, preferably illustrating how the Government is failing and how your policies would make a difference. Stunts involving real people and real problems work best. It shows you are connected and caring. Real people can do the talking for you.

The good thing about stunts is that you get to prepare them. You get to choose when and where and have time to develop and craft your message. You have staff and MPs to check things out.

It is important to check every detail and every fact from every angle. The journalists will pounce on the slightest mistake to write a story contrary to the one that you are hoping to make.

You especially have to check the talent. Involving real people is good but they can wander off message.

We know where the talent came from.  They mined their membership for people who were willing to go on TV with their stories about poverty. 

The journalists were given the address. Turn up and Labour will show you 17 poor people at one address living in a tent.

The journalists are there ahead of you. Everything is ready to go. But then the homeowner wanders out to tell the journos there is no problem, there is no overcrowding, the tent is for furniture and material while he renovates.

The homeowner sounds content and aspirational. He’s fixing up his house. He’s looking to the future. It’s a disaster.

The stunt reinforces the impression that Andrew Little is unlucky and bumbling.

Little’s staff hastily redirect journos to the local Labour office. The leader is “a little lost for words and confused about which house he was meant to be at”.

Labour have a quite consistent history of not presenting reality, but some kind of cooked up situation just for media consumption.  It is now even expected that the people we see and the stories they tell are artificially enhanced for effect.  So much so, that when Little spoke of some union idiot going through a car wash with the windows down, everyone wanted Little to prove that person really existed.

As I stated a few days ago, had Dirty Politics been a National hit on Labour, it may actually have worked.  But Labour keep over-egging the pudding.  They think reality isn’t good enough, and then stuff up the Punch and Judy show.  It is so reliable for them to get in their own way, it’s becoming painful to watch.

Little should be grateful he wasn’t hung out to dry by a media that’s largely trying to assist him.  This tent stunt could easily have been his Two Snapper moment.

In the mean time, the man’s on 7%, his party on 26% and they are all acting like they are in a Benny Hill skit.


– Rodney Hide, NZ Herald


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  • Pluto

    Surely even Labour can’t be stupid enough to stuff that one up.
    Did someone just happen to be driving by and saw a tent on the lawn ?
    Looks like a setup to me – any idea who Robbo ?

    • Joe Burns

      Try McCarten

      • Sailor Sam

        Assuming it is a little chief of staff, why is he still there?
        Seems that there is a little bit missing, maybe a little back bone?

  • XCIA

    Whatever is happening behind the scenes, for whatever reason, the identity of the puppet master and the grand plan is something I hope we will eventually be privy to.

  • JeffDaRef

    I read the MSM less and less these days, but even then I am amazed at the lack of honest commentary about just how pathetic this stunt was, and Labour’s ongoing attempts to drum up sob stories.
    Given WOBH large – and growing – readership, we all know what is behind it and it illustrates exactly why support for both Labour and “traditional” media are heading in the same direction.
    Not only that, as the media continue to focus on these manufactured scandals, they are neglecting any form of analytical critique of this government which while clearly the pick of a bad bunch is still not really performing.

  • Totara

    There was a time in New Zealand history when the census form had a question: if afflicted by any of the following infirmities, write ‘deaf-and-dumb,’ ‘blind,’ ‘lunatic,’ ‘idiot,’ or ‘epileptic’ as the case may be.”

    And it turns out this country has always had a small proportion of lunatics, idiots or imbeciles.

    Nowadays, we don’t ask such questions directly, as that would be impolite. But we know that the proportion has risen to 26%, because those are the people who still support Labour.

    • Wheninrome

      Some are obliged by relationship to support, should we take them out of the equation ie spouses, partners, transgender equivalents, they’s etc., and of course the “just confused”. We must be fair.

  • Rick H

    I’m picturing McCarten and Little walking along a park pathway with McCarten slapping Little on the head.

  • Wasapilot

    Just seen an article on the stuff site. In it is this little gem of a littleism

    “If Labour was in government, it would deliver “a sustained lift in living standards”, Little said.”

    The devil is in the detail angry, as usual he just rolls out more slogans, no details or costings. Sigh

    • XCIA

      We will all have plenty to sigh about if the idiot ends up running the country as part of the Grande Coalition. ;-)

    • Wayne Peter McIndoe

      That has been his tactic since he was “elected” leader, telling us evrything that is wrong but actually offering no solutions as to how to fix it and I think the voters are seeing through it all

    • Richard

      To deliver “a sustained lift in living standards” means delivering a sustained lift in productivity i.e. the value of what you produce per hour worked. I guess a fair chunk of Labour supporters produce very little of any value

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    It comes down to the old adage – before embarking on a story/publicity venture – do your research, get your facts right – it is so simple, it is just plain ineptitude from Labour, and they want us to believe that they are a government in waiting – that is a joke.