Hillary Clinton muscles up

This election in the US is going to be an awesome and spectacular donneybrook.

Hillary Clinton hasn’t really yet been attacked by Donald Trump so she is getting in some licks first.

Hillary Clinton dismissed Donald Trump’s now-vanquished GOP rivals as ill-prepared to take on the bullying real estate mogul. Clinton said she won’t make the same mistake.

“Oh, absolutely. But I’m not running against him,” Clinton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a live interview Wednesday from her Chappaqua, New York, home, when asked whether she knows how to run against him. “I’m running my own campaign. I’m running to become president, to really deal with the economy, get it working again, take on all the barriers that stand in the way of people getting ahead. I have a very clear mission in this campaign.”   

Republicans were “dumbfounded” by Trump’s rise and could not stop him, in part, Clinton suggested, because they largely agreed with him on matters of policy. Asked how “scorched earth” the general election campaign will be, Clinton said that would be up to her opponent.

“You know, he’s the one that’s making that decision, Anderson. Not me. He’s the one who has run the campaign insulting people, demeaning women, degrading people with disabilities, talking about keeping Muslims out of the country. He’s the one who has been running that kind of very negative, aggressive bullying campaign,” she said. “He could choose to run whatever campaign he wants to run. I’m going to keep staying on the campaign I’m running.”

As far as whether Trump could unleash the Clintons’ past as a weapon against them, such as their marriage, the former secretary of state shrugged.

“Well, he’s not the first one, Anderson. I just can’t — I can’t say this often enough. If he wants to go back to the playbook of the 1990s, if he wants to follow in the foot steps of those who have tried to knock me down and take me out of the political arena, I’m more than happy to have him do that.

“You’re ready for that,” Cooper responded.

Clinton responded, “Oh, please. I mean, look, this — this is — this is to me a classic case of a blustering, bullying guy who — who has knocked out of the way all of the Republicans because they were just dumbfounded. They didn’t know how to deal with him and they couldn’t take him on on the issues, and they basically agreed with him and they didn’t take him on on the issues because they agreed with him and they didn’t know how to counterpunch.”

Nice fighting talk which she backed up with the video shown above and this one:


– Politico


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  • Seriously?

    I’ve said it before, if this comes to a slug-fest (and I’m sure it will) Clinton has the persona and the resources to give every bit as much as she gets, if not much more. She has the advantage of her own skeletons being already picked clean, while Trump’s have plenty of rotting meat left on them.

    • George Carter

      I think her skeletons may have had a poke or two but nobody has really had the guts to pick them clean; Trump will!

      • Seriously?

        I’m sure he will give it a good go. Stock up on popcorn, this is going to be fun to watch.

        • George Carter

          You’re right there, I can’t wait!

    • Builder

      She lost against Obama. Trump is a lot more formidable than him.

    • RealKiwi

      They have not been picked clean, Hillary has been given a free pass by her MSM cronies
      and sheltered by the Democrat Apparatchik both conspiring to keep the lid on.
      The hinges have now been rigged with nitro waiting to go off!

  • George Carter

    She may have a point but I actually think she’s worried. Yes people have tried to take her on in the past but it’s all been within the political machine. The Benghazi inquest was never going to take her down, they didn’t have the teeth to finish the job. Trump on the other hand could go all guns blazing and it wouldn’t bother him at all. If that’s the case a lot of her mud will start to stick!

  • CoNZervative

    Trump will KILL Clinton: here’s why (20- reasons):

    Trump has defied everyone including the polls and will again

    He is not that ‘negative’ against women

    Clinton has the support of African-Americans but 20% don’t back Clinton and if Trump even wins some of them he’s close to the Presidency

    Hispanics want jobs and Trump is talking jobs

    Trumps exit poll demographics are widely spread; his appeal goes across the divides of class and gender and socio-economic and even party affiliation

    The campaign has not even begun and he will kill Clinton or she will over play negatives against Trump

    Clinton’s negatives are entrenched but Trumps are not; he has room to address and remove them or at least neutralise them; her’s are set

    Clinton’s negatives are on honesty and integrity – political killer blows

    She has a genuine FBI investigation over her (which is why The Bern stays)

    Bernie Sanders is still campaigning hard and will hobble her path to victory

    Clinton will campaign traditionally; Trump is unorthodox; fresh and doesn’t follow the establishment rule-book – this will disorient Clinton’s campaign

    The Left will now come out with HATE HATE HATE against Trump and will over reach and damage their cause against him

    Any Islamic terror will play to Trump’s narrative

    Any Mexican drug cartels or immigrant crime issues will play to Trump

    Trump cleaned up in a three-horse race with over 60% of the vote in some states that suggests he has MASSIVE popular appeal that the Left and pundits have under-estimated.

    The intolerant violent Leftist protest movement against Trump and his supporters at his rallies will swing Middle uncommitted America over to Trump

    Trump will hire-in a strong shadow Cabinet that will unify the GOP and its nay-saying Establishment.

    His pick for VP will be inspired and swing GOP and Independent voters in behind him.

    The more his kids and family speak out the more votes he wins (they just look and sound so wholesome and successful and gorgeous and youthful – everything America loves); the Clinton family doesn’t cut such a smily Hollywood persona (especially with Billy Boys history). Would Lewinsky endorse Trump? Ouch!

    Trump seems strong against Putin; Mexico; the Chinese; ISIS; Europe; and Clinton is “Obama Term III” and regardless of personal politics this is right up there with American voters who will support Trump on that facet alone even if they hate him in others respects. “Make American Great Again” is an inspired campaign slogan with mass appeal.

  • Cadwallader

    The words reported here as being Clinton’s regarding Trump, echo the same sentiments said about this blog by Hagar/Labour etc.. Those words failed for that lot in 2014 and I am beginning to believe they’ll fail for the Democrats too. Trump has a free rein as he is not protecting a political dynasty nor will he ever be fully answerable to his Party. This contest will be a ripper.
    In NZ the msm will leap on any negative they can towards Trump while speaking in soft feminine tones about Hillary. Let’s never forget that she sat beside Bill when he trashed Monica’s character and future. Brand Clinton stinks!

  • Bluemanning

    There are ample Clinton skeletons for Trump to rattle and expose. I can hear ‘dem bones’ from here…Clinton is justifiably worried. All this US lefty MSM bluster is reminiscent of Hagar, KDC, attempted manipulation at the last NZ election.

  • cows4me

    From what I’ve read on various forums there are factions in the FBI that aren’t willing to let the old cow off the Hook for her email security. Even if Obama won’t let the hounds lose they’ll act alone and if that happens it will come close to civil war. The left in the US have had eight years of dribbling pandering coming from the white house, they’ll go down like the petulant children they are.

  • Tiger

    So Hillary’s campaign slogan will be something like “Vote Positive”? “I’m not running against him”, “I’m running my own campaign.” Nice try, but I cant help wondering that like a previous campaign closer to home this sounds nice and fluffy, but is really so far from Hillary’s intent. Once again lefties saying, “do as I say, not do as I do”!

    • Seriously?

      It is an interesting dynamic this time. Quite different because of Trumps’ approach to things.

      I suspect the normal plan would be for Clinton will try to stay out of the worst of it, leaving the attacks to her proxies. Anything like “vote positive” will at most be for her personal message, the dirt will fly.

      Trump on the other hand will deliver the message personally. If that were to pan out then trumps face may dominate the media as it did in the nomination race. It may well be worth Clinton delivering more of the dirt personally than a candidate normally would in order to balance that up a bit. I guess people that have been spending months on such decisions.

    • Boondecker

      I saw Bill O’Rielly grill Trump on exactly that this morning (last night there?). He asked Trump how he would handle Hillary taking the “high road” if the “low road” attack dogs in the form of BLM, MoveOn and left wing bloggers try simultaneously every day for the next seven months to rip the Don a new exit passage.

      Trump just raised and eyebrow and just responded that he was comfortable however Hillary and her minions try to come at him. He said he would handle both the high and low roads quite easily. He’s waiting and ready…

  • CheesyEarWax

    One thing certain is Trump will get more free media coverage than Clinton. I am looking forward to the many Hollywood celebrities, many worked with Trump, coming out and endorsing Clinton’s plans on the economy and creating jobs whilst filming on location outside of the US.

  • Korau

    “I’m running……. to really
    deal with the economy, get it working again, take on all the barriers
    that stand in the way of people getting ahead. I have a very clear
    mission in this campaign.”

    Talk about a harsh comment on the incumbent. Wonder what he thinks about it?

  • Eiselmann

    I’m not going to run a dirty campaign, but I think Trump probably will , so just in case he does I’m going to start running a dirty campaign to point out that Trump might run a dirty campaign and I’m not and …and oh my God I think I’ve gone cross-eyed.

  • Vlad

    It’s amazing though isn’t it? The most advanced economy in the world; a population of 300 million plus; many bright people; a fiercely competitive political system with people schooled in local and state government, most of which far exceed NZ in size.

    And we end up with this:

    A blustering phoney poorly educated real estate shill, bankrupt even more often than he has been married to rent-a-Russians


    An ordinary Washington hustler with no real achievements trading on the name of her just as ordinary husband.

    And if she gets done for criminal neglect of her attention to national security, then the contest will be between the blathering TV reality dork and a 74 year old outer fringe dingbat socialist, Bernie Sanders.

    How did it get to this?

    • Dog Breath

      It’s a lose lose not only for America but ultimately for all world wide. Barack is going to look like a genius compared to what’s coming. Was watching the recent annual media dinner and Barack was at his best as he always has been each year at this event then tried to imagine Clinton or Trump doing the presidential speech. All I could think of is cringe.

      • Deborah Lancaster

        In other words you prefer a smooth talking liar to a someone telling the plain but sometimes cringe inducing truth?

        • Dog Breath

          I find it interesting how commentry from everyone be it media or bloggers always comes down to truth or lies and no in between. My god life would be one big suck if life was that simple. I really do not understand the ligic of people who revert evrrything in politics to truth and lies.
          If your question is who would I choose if it was a three horse race between Clinton, Trump or Obama it would be Obama. If I was asked to choose between Clinton or Trump I would not choose because in my view it’s a lose lose. Nether are fit for office for quite different reasons however one will be chosen and I suspect the so called cringe truth person will not be the chosen one simply because of the cringe, it’s simply not presidential. With the Republicans splitting if the Don is their candidate it opens the door for Clinton to walk in without any serious competition.
          However there is definately an under belly of discontent in some of the masses that has facilitated the rise of Donald Trump that needs to be fixed and neither Clinton or Trump are the right people to do that in my view. Having one person feeding that discontent is like putting petrol on a fire and having one that ignores the discontent is allowing the discontent to fester.
          I struggle to understand how the system has allowed such poor candidates to become the cream from the milk, surely there must be better people than those who ran for the primaries. It’s a bit like looking at the Labour lineup and thinking what happened there that has created a party devoid of significant talent that they could be a competent government.

  • Effluent

    Judging by the video posted by one of my fellow WOs last night, Trump won’t be short of material for some interesting attack ads.

    Difficult to imagine how anyone could consider voting for her after viewing this.

    I assume the content must be defensible, as I am sure they have some pretty effective anti-defamation laws in the states. On the strength of this doco, she’s a Putin-grade kleptocrat.

    To say nothing of additional impending federal charges, if Obama doesn’t give her a presidential pardon, like husband Bill did for assorted crooks who paid for his campaigns.


  • Nebman

    I’m have to admit I was wrong about Trump – I really did believe the GOP would find a way to rinse him or at least white ant him before he became their nomination.

    I think he has approached the whole thing like his reality TV show. If he learned anything at all from his time in TV, he learned that you can say whatever you like and get away with it and if you are hit with a stick, go get a bigger stick and hit them back. He tells lies because “everyone” tells lies.

    I do believe he eventually will make a colossal faux pas that he just will not get passed, but until he does, it’s going to be entertaining. The question will be when he makes it though. It’s hard not to see the occasional echo of KDC coming through in his ego and hubris when dealing with people who challenge him on facts.

  • Brian Dingwall

    Scott Adams (Dilbert) explains in his most recent blog post how on one level these two ads play well for Clinton.

    But when it comes to “persuasion” the first emphasises that choosing Trump is a risk at the very time the people have signalled they are want risk (risk averse in good times, risk appetite increases in bad times…something different is needed to be done) and the second actually differentiates him from the GOP um dicks and losers of the establishment the people actually want him to replace.

    They will both play positively for Trump not against him from the perspective of the swinging voters, he says. Clinton own goals…