Hillary Clinton getting closer to a federal indictment


Hillary Clinton’s woes get worse after the office of the Inspector General issued a damning report into her email server issues.

A federal watchdog has issued a highly critical report of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private emails server while head of the State Department.

The 83-page report published by the department’s Office of the Inspector General found “longstanding, systemic weaknesses” relating to electronic records keeping, archiving, and poor cybersecurity practices.

The report was started prior to Clinton’s appointment in 2009, but had significant focus on her time as secretary of state, a position she left in 2013.

The report said that her use of a private email server was “not an appropriate method” for preserving records and emails, given that the department and its staff were subject to federal rules requiring strict records keeping.

“At a minimum, Secretary Clinton should have surrendered all emails dealing with Department issues before leaving government service,” said the report. “Because she did not do so, she did not comply with the Department’s policies that were implemented in accordance with the Federal Records Act,” it added.

Clinton later provided the records in 2014, a year after her post ended. Dozens of those emails were considered “secret” or the highest level of classification, “top secret.”

The former secretary of state is expected to be nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate in the coming weeks.

You can read the full report.

I think it is inevitable that the FBI will indict her.

There were four major findings:


Clinton, who is currently running for president, said amid the brouhaha on her campaign website that the private email server was not hacked.

“No, there is no evidence there was ever a breach,” reads the website. A campaign spokesperson said earlier this year that the Clinton team was “not aware of any evidence whatsoever” that the server had been hacked.

However, the inspector general’s report said there were a number of attacks against the server:

“On January 9, 2011, the non-Departmental advisor to President Clinton who provided technical support to the Clinton email system notified the Secretary’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations that he had to shut down the server because he believed ‘someone was trying to hack us and while they did not get in i didnt [sic] want to let them have the chance to.’ Later that day, the advisor again wrote to the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, ‘We were attacked again so I shut [the server] down for a few min.’ On January 10, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations emailed the Chief of Staff and the Deputy Chief of Staff for Planning and instructed them not to email the Secretary “anything sensitive” and stated that she could ‘explain more in person.'”

It’s not clear if any of the attacks were successful, however.

A footnote in the report added that the inspector general “found no evidence that the Secretary or her staff reported these incidents to computer security personnel or anyone else within the Department.

This is extremely damaging. Not only were her servers attacked, and it appears access gained, but Clinton never bothered to tell anyone about that. It also shows that Clinton continues to lie and obfuscate over the server.


Clinton has long been accused of trying to skirt federal records’ keeping rules by using the private server, which was believed to be outside the scope of the Federal Records Act.

From the report:

“In November 2010, Secretary Clinton and her Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations discussed the fact that Secretary Clinton’s emails to Department employees were not being received. The Deputy Chief of Staff emailed the Secretary that ‘we should talk about putting you on state email or releasing your email address to the department so you are not going to spam.’ In response, the Secretary wrote, ‘Let’s get separate address or device but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.'”The department’s executive secretary said it would provide two devices for Clinton to use, one of which would be subject to information requests, and one that wouldn’t. But Clinton’s then deputy chief of staff rejected the idea, arguing it “doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.”

So much for her claims of being open an transparent and operating in an highly ethical manner.


There were red flags not long into Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. According to one line in the report:

“In one meeting, one staff member raised concerns that information sent and received on Secretary Clinton’s account could contain Federal records that needed to be preserved in order to satisfy Federal record keeping requirements. […] According to the staff member, the Director stated that the Secretary’s personal system had been reviewed and approved by Department legal staff and that the matter was not to be discussed any further.”As previously noted, OIG found no evidence that staff in the Office of the Legal Adviser reviewed or approved Secretary Clinton’s personal system.

“…the Director stated that the mission of [Office of Information Resources Management] is to support the Secretary and instructed the staff never to speak of the Secretary’s personal email system again.”

Cover up?


According to Clinton’s campaign website, the former secretary of state “directed her attorneys to assist by identifying and preserving all emails that could potentially be federal records.”

That was as much help as Clinton would provide. According to a footnote in the report, Clinton declined the inspector general’s request for an interview.

Former staffers Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, and Jake Sullivan all declined to co-operate with the inspector general’s investigation.

I don’t think the FBI has any choice anymore. It is clear that laws were breached and if the law doesn’t apply to someone attempting to become President then who should they apply to?


– ZD Net


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  • Boondecker

    It’s coming. And, very soon too. Not before time, mind you – and all of it is thoroughly deserved. She cannot be trusted. Her reputation is shot to pieces.

    Sadly, the other elephant in the room still occupies The Whitehouse and is doing everything in his remaining days of inept power to upset middle-America’s apple cart. Watch out for the executive pardon and instructions to the DoJ to back down.

  • stephen2d

    Obama can block the indictment – it is as simple as that. But will he (does he want to)? Not so sure.

  • Seriously?

    The quoted article reads like a beat up, but when reading between the hyperbole it says:

    Intro. No law broken, just a policy.

    1. No breach of the server occurred, which is exactly what Clinton said.

    2. She wanted to keep her personal stuff person. Fair enough. I bet the government servers leak like a sieve.

    3. A moaner got told to shut up, and the title of the section has no relationship to its content. Okay.

    4. But she did cooperate even if she didn’t want to (which is fair enough).

    Look, I don’t know enough about the issue to pretend to have a worthwhile option, but if this argument is the highlights package of the case against Hilary then she is safe as houses.

    • RealKiwi

      Having Classified material on a private server is a crime, further being SCOTUS
      a high proportion of communication would have intelligence value given the portfolios
      dealings and therefore would be deemed sensitive.
      Even the title Secretary of State confers confidentially.

      • Seriously?

        You may be right, but that is not what the article says. It says it was a breach of policy.

  • cows4me

    Lock the crocked cow up already. If she is the best the US can find to lead themselves then turely they are a nation lost. About the only job fitting of her talents would be a job at the UN with all the other bludging wasters.

  • Wasapilot

    If she is prosecuted, does that mean sanders will be, by default, the democrats nominee to run against Trump, anyone know?

    sanders terrorfies me, clinton only scares me.

    • SaggyNaggy

      No, it doesn’t happen by default. Clinton’s delegates are still going to the convention. However, should she become untenable as a candidate, the convention rules would likely allow further nominations from the floor. Very likely that someone like Joe Biden would get the nod instead, unless Sanders can convince Clinton delegates to come over to him.

      This actually happened in 1968 – Bobby Kennedy won the most delegates, but since he was dead by the time of the convention, the delegates opted for none of the candidates who contested the primaries, instead nominating Vice President Hubert Humphrey. Of course there were riots, and there will probably be riots this time too.

      • Wasapilot

        Thanks very much SN. This is a great example of the power of WO and it’s commenters.

  • SaggyNaggy

    I think you’d be nuts to believe that Clinton is anywhere near being prosecuted. Otherwise it would have happened already. You think Obama and Loretta Lynch are going to knife their only hope of stopping Trump? Never in a million years. And what are people going to do? Sue? Impeach him? Get an injunction? Bring a private prosecution?! Nooo no no no no. Ask yourself what happens if they do nothing, and if the answer is “not much” then there’s no incentive for them to do what they’re “supposed” to be doing.

  • Red_NZ

    Nothing will happen, until after she’s elected(unfortunately). Then as president she’ll give herself a presidential pardon.

  • Andy

    I unfortunately listened to Radio NZ in the car tonight, in which the usual “panel” were bleating about the “villain” Trump

    Admittedly, Trump isn’t the obvious choice for leader of the free world, then neither was Obama, but the complete lack of any critical thought about the crimes of the Clinton family is just breathtaking

    When Trump gets into top gear, it is going to be hard to ignore though

  • Colin

    The report say Clinton broke the Law, The FBI are investigating whether she broke the law relating to national security. The FBI prepares their case and makes a recommendation whether to indictment to the department of justice

  • Seriously?

    If this article is the best case for the prosecution then no, it does not seem she has broken any law at all.

    Maybe there is more to it that this article mentioned.

  • zotaccore

    Well, it’s all over. The November election can be predicted, Trump will win and watch out for the stupid maniacal decisions he will make that will drag the US down even further from being the self-appointed police of the world to the even worse self-appointed executioners. Good luck US, you’ll need it and probably the rest of the world will too.