Holy Crap: I?ve finally figured out a downside to global warming

I knew there was a down side to global warming.

If your cat has been a little more frisky than usual lately, you can blame the weather.

The SPCA is grappling with a huge influx of kittens and it says a warm autumn is the cause.

Balls of fluff climbing the SPCA walls is a seasonal issue that’s usually well and truly over by now.

“It usually ends at March, but when I started last year in April they said it was still going full bore, and then even into May we’ve experienced exactly the same this year,” says chief executive Andrea Midgen. ?

The summer breeding period for cats usually lasts around seven months, but this year it’s nine months, and that’s putting a lot of pressure on staff.

“It makes it really hard on the staff here because summer is our very, very busy time and no one gets to have a holiday or a break,” says Ms Midgen. “It’s pretty frantic.”

SPCA Auckland usually receives around 50 kittens during the winter months, but in summer that number rises to around 500.

It’s a total of about 5000 kittens per year, and Ms Midgen is hoping for some help.

“Help us out by fostering them. They sometimes need a little TLC before they’re ready for adoption.”

Just kill?the?little feckers. I’ve killed four cats this year so far…so I’m doing my bit.

The only thing a cat needs is a copper coated lead injection.


– Newshub