Holy Crap: I’ve finally figured out a downside to global warming

I knew there was a down side to global warming.

If your cat has been a little more frisky than usual lately, you can blame the weather.

The SPCA is grappling with a huge influx of kittens and it says a warm autumn is the cause.

Balls of fluff climbing the SPCA walls is a seasonal issue that’s usually well and truly over by now.

“It usually ends at March, but when I started last year in April they said it was still going full bore, and then even into May we’ve experienced exactly the same this year,” says chief executive Andrea Midgen.  

The summer breeding period for cats usually lasts around seven months, but this year it’s nine months, and that’s putting a lot of pressure on staff.

“It makes it really hard on the staff here because summer is our very, very busy time and no one gets to have a holiday or a break,” says Ms Midgen. “It’s pretty frantic.”

SPCA Auckland usually receives around 50 kittens during the winter months, but in summer that number rises to around 500.

It’s a total of about 5000 kittens per year, and Ms Midgen is hoping for some help.

“Help us out by fostering them. They sometimes need a little TLC before they’re ready for adoption.”

Just kill the little feckers. I’ve killed four cats this year so far…so I’m doing my bit.

The only thing a cat needs is a copper coated lead injection.


– Newshub


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  • Isherman

    Observations of a cat person.
    So naturally, this would also be the situation with wild/strays/ferals as well as domestics, in which case more ferals = more targets = more things to pop on a weekend after breakfast. (or dinner if you prefer the evenings). See, it’s a problem with an upside:)

  • Orange

    I don’t know the numbers but I suspect about 4800 of those 5000 are put down. A vet nurse I know had to leave them because it was more like working at the abattoir.

  • Phenandra

    “I’ve killed four cats this year so far…so I’m doing my bit.”

    And that right there is why I haven’t donated yet to WO. Every time I think the tone towards cats (I don’t understand – why hate cats?) has settled down, and am about to donate, up it pops again.

    • Nebman

      Without presuming to speak for anyone else here, the anti cat theme you refer to is primarily driven from a conservation perspective believe it or not.

      These cats are not domestic moggies that have wandered off. They are breeding and thriving in the wild and doing untold damage in the process. They are predators and they’re killing our wildlife.

      As a hunter I’ve killed dozens over the last few years as have many in the group I hunt with. While I may not hate cats, I’m not that fond of them, I’m more angry with the idiots that let them breed and dump the excess at the SPCA or just dump them.

    • R&BAvenger

      I’m a former responsible cat owner. The attitude to cats on here refers in main to those feral ones in the wild. having you pet cat fixed and putting on a collar with a bell on it helps to keep moggy focused on getting food from home and wandering far in the neighborhood for it.

    • Plants

      We have a morepork that lives in our puriri Tree. This morning we watched a feral cat climbing the tree. What would you recommend we do?

  • BR

    Maybe that’s why Gareth Morgan hates global warming so much.


  • Rick H

    Send them all to Gareth.
    He could house them in his shack on our new Tasman Bay beach.