Hope Paula Bennett is proud as vigilantes damage private property


Really.  A minister of the crown should not be creating the conditions for the public to feel confident enough to harass tourists and damage their hired vehicles.  It’s shameful.

First it was the classification office and now it appears a West Coast vigilante has taken exception to Wicked Campers controversial slogans.

Robin Sandford runs the Riverside Holiday Park in Murchison and says in the last couple of days four of the company’s vans have arrived at his park after travelling up the West Coast and have had their vans spray painted.

“It almost looked professionally done. It wasn’t a kid who did this. It wasn’t just fast. It just hit where the bad words were considered offensive. You can still look at it, and see what they meant as an adult. As a child you know, I think, that’s what they’re trying to stop,” he says.

Mr Sandford says the van’s drivers were all worried about what Wicked Campers would say when they returned the vehicles.

I’ve seen vans with Duct tape over the offensive words to avoid being harassed by the public or to have uncomfortable confrontations with holiday park owners and visitors.

A proper society would have discussed this and then introduced legislation.  Instead, we had ministers (no less!) fire up the media and the public, and it’s turned into a pitchfork and torches scenario.

If this happened in another country, I would mock it.   Now, I’m just ashamed.


– Newshub


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  • waldopepper

    im concerned we are dragging innocent tourist’s into the fray.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    If this happened in another country, I would mock it. Now, I’m just ashamed.

    All too true and what is it doing to our tourist trade – word of mouth negative advertising from those poor people hit by these low lifes.

    • Davo42

      It’s a natural consequence of Wicked Campers provocative and attention grabbing slogans, and you can bet they are loving this extra attention – they are big boys that have chosen this path and can handle it. The tourists can always book elsewhere if they don’t want the negative attention or camp boycotts – no sympathy from me.

      • Wasn’t a problem until Paula got offended.

        • Davo42

          It isn’t a problem now – Wicked Campers are revelling in all this free media attention. They should now offer PB a free weeks rental as a thank you.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Yes they can book elsewhere but if I was looking for a camper van for a holiday I could have booked with them as it all sounds a bit of, to my mind, harmless fun. I would certainly not have anticipated all this negativity and would wonder about a country that can’t take a joke, so to speak. Hence they do have a bit of sympathy from me.

  • Sailor Sam

    We have not heard from the Minister of Tourism, he may not be happy that his “heir apparent” is responsible for upsetting foreign tourists.
    I also note that these vans do not appear in statistics of foreign drivers killing locals by driving on the wrong side of the road.

  • cows4me

    This supposedly conservative government seems to have got itself a taste for nanny statism. Bennett and her offsiders may not like wicked campers but giving comfort to vigilantes and their actions do nothing to promote a civil society. There’s a great danger here that obviously escapes the likes of Bennett and co. One, who appointed them judge and jury ?. Two, If this crusade against wicked grows legs and the company is brought to heel who will be next ?

  • Boondecker

    At the end of the day, it’s still a humourous statement, just not “objectionable” to some. Frankly, I think common sense will prevail with Wicked and they will probably take full advantage of the publicity and leave it on the van in question. It’s only once the vandalism becomes damage that they will likely get upset.