The House Today #nzqt

Parliament is sitting today.

You can follow proceedings starting at 2 pm on TV (Freeview 22, Sky 86), streaming audio via Radio New Zealand and streaming Parliament TV via the internet. After the sitting day, on-demand replays can be found at In The House.

Questions to Ministers

  1. JAMES SHAW to the Prime Minister: On what dates did he discuss with the Minister of Revenue his conversation with Ken Whitney on foreign trusts, and what specifically did he say to the Minister?
  2. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement on 11 November 2015 regarding Silver Fern Farms, “The parties to the deal have every incentive to ensure that it is a good deal, and actually, every incentive to ensure that it is lawful”?
  3. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Why, on 13 April, when he told reporters that he had been approached by someone in the foreign trusts industry who was concerned that the rules for trusts were about to be tightened, did he not reveal that person was his personal lawyer?
  4. SCOTT SIMPSON to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received indicating continuing economic growth in 2016, low inflation for New Zealand households, and increased business activity?
  5. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement that we are “on the cusp of something special” given the median Auckland house price has risen by $100,000 since January?
  6. Dr JIAN YANG to the Minister for Primary Industries: What reports has he received on growth in horticulture exports?
  7. GRANT ROBERTSON to the Minister of Revenue: Why was the review of foreign trusts proposed by IRD in 2014 not undertaken?
  8. DENIS O’ROURKE to the Minister of Transport: Is the Government committed in the long term to a sustainable railway network for New Zealand?
  9. Dr PARMJEET PARMAR to the Minister of Transport: What steps has the Government made on strengthening New Zealand’s air links with India?
  10. GARETH HUGHES to the Minister of Energy and Resources: Does he stand by his statement that Genesis Energy’s decision to stop burning coal at Huntly is “a sign of the times and reflects the growth of New Zealand’s world-leading renewable energy industry”?
  11. JACQUI DEAN to the Minister of Justice: What recent announcements has she made on the social investment approach to Justice?
  12. JACINDA ARDERN to the Prime Minister: Does he have confidence in the Minister of Building and Housing in light of the Commissioner for Children’s criticism that the Government’s Bill on rental standards “will do little for children living in cold, damp, mouldy housing”?

This post is a Debate post about the goings on in The House. It is not a general debate post. Off-topic comments will be removed.


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  • Wayne Hodge

    Oh dear, the usual suspects with their usual silly questions.

  • Grant

    You would think if JK was corrupt and interfering with trust laws his lawyer would be the first to know. Bit of a home goal that his lawyer knew nothing about it.

  • Sally

    What no questions about Scenic Hotels and Niue from Little.

    • kayaker

      Instead he’s making a complete fool of himself over what the lawyer said or didn’t say.

      • Carl

        Little was bad but James Shaw has just no idea and we pay these people.

        • kayaker

          The look on James Shaw’s face after he sat down said it all. Out of his depth.

          • zotaccore

            Looks like a Marionette from the Thunderbirds era.

  • Aucky

    Regrettably I have to go to a meeting but at the of Q3 I can report a resounding 3-0 lead to the Government with JK already well and truly in the running for Player of the Day Award.

    • Sally

      Not according to Megan Woods who twittered from The House.

      Megan Woods ‏@Megan_Woods 23 minutes ago
      Under pressure John Key hits the trifecta of shady evasion in #nzqt time today: blame labour; angry; union #bingo

      • zotaccore

        Hasn’t it been determined that if an MP tweets from within the House and makes an accusation, it is deemed not to have parliamentary privilege in doing so?

    • Steve kay

      Q3. Just awesome. Rolled bowled and ar*eholed. Unions, keytruda, poor Andy is struggling

  • Wasapilot

    Q10, Simon Bridges did not take the opportunity to hammer the melons over their travel expences being the highest/MP, and none of them have electorates. Disappointing.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    What happened?? I was expecting blood, all we got was a damp squib.

  • sheppy

    Tuned into this today expecting a real debate, what I heard was a bunch of losers trying desperately and repeatedly to make a smear stick.
    What a waste of oxygen Labour / the Greens / NZ First are!
    We only have a limited number of days on this earth and they should cease wasting them