The House Today #nzqt

Parliament is sitting today.

You can follow proceedings starting at 2 pm on TV (Freeview 22, Sky 86), streaming audio via Radio New Zealand and streaming Parliament TV via the internet. After the sitting day, on-demand replays can be found at In The House.

Questions to Ministers

  1. BRETT HUDSON to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the New Zealand economy?
  2. ANDREW LITTLE to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by all his statements?
  3. JAMES SHAW to the Prime Minister: Will he follow the lead of the Australian Government and introduce new measures in the upcoming Budget to ensure multinational corporations pay their fair share of tax?
  4. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister of Health: How many times has he met with the Minister of Finance, if any, over the past two months, for the purpose of discussing Vote Health funding for Budget 2016?
  5. SIMON O’CONNOR to the Minister of Health: Can he confirm that the Government is providing more New Zealanders with access to new medicines?
  6. DAVID SEYMOUR to the Minister for Building and Housing:Does he stand by his statement, “If you look at the Massey University Housing Affordability Index, independently produced by that university, actually housing affordability in Auckland and every other market in New Zealand is actually more affordable now than when National came to Government”; if so, what would the Massey University Housing Affordability Index rating be if interest rates returned to the same level as they were in 2008?
  7. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister of Education: What reports has she received that celebrate exceptional NCEA achievement?
  8. PHIL TWYFORD to the Minister for Building and Housing: Does he stand by his reported statement that the housing crisis is a media beat-up?
  9. EUGENIE SAGE to the Minister for Primary Industries: How does increasing the amount of irrigated land by 400,000 ha in the next 15 years, as the Ministry for Primary Industries is considering, fit with the Ministry’s goal of “sustainable resource use”, when irrigation and agricultural intensification cause declining water quality?
  10. CHRIS HIPKINS to the Minister of Education: Does she stand by her statement that “schools have never been more well-funded than under this Government”; if so, why is the cost of primary and secondary education rising at almost 10 times the rate of inflation?
  11. TRACEY MARTIN to the Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment: Does he have confidence in the tertiary education sector?
  12. MAUREEN PUGH to the Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector: What recent announcements has she made regarding support for social enterprise and community leadership groups?

This post is a Debate post about the goings on in The House. It is not a general debate post. Off-topic comments will be removed.


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  • kayaker

    Angry and his stupid questions about who JK talks to in Koru Lounges.

    • rangitoto

      I suspect no one talks to Little when he is in the Koru lounge.

      • essiep

        I saw him at Wellington airport last month surrounded by … a lot of space.

    • contractor

      Angry should follow his own suggestion and “stop the c##p.” He makes things up continually.
      Edit; wrong word corrected.

  • contractor

    National’s answers to several questions were with facts, not rumour mongering and blatantly making up scandals which is all that the left can come up now and under Clark:

    1. Employment – 200,000 more jobs than in 2008 under Labour.
    2. House insulation – 320,000 + 180,000 in next 3 years versus 50,000 under 9 years of Labour.
    3. House building annually – now 27,000 versus 13,000 in 2008 under Labour.
    4. Mortgage interest rates lowest for generations versus 9% under Labour.
    5. Research that the RMA is the main cause of land prices which have sky rocketed from during Labour’s 9 years and since yet they still block RMA reform.

    And there is much more along these lines.

  • ChrisM

    Didn’t watch….so did JK get another “grilling” from that vicious opposition again today?

    • contractor

      They tried aplenty, but it was as light weight as it gets, with Key, Joyce, Smith and Finlayson repeatedly kicking them into touch.