The Identification of Rawshark – by Ben Rachinger

If you have arrived at this article without first reading my press statement and the first of these articles, then you may not have the context to understand what follows.  Take the time to catch up, and then return here.


Ben Rachinger wrote a comprehensive report for me on his work in trying to expose Rawshark, the hacker of Whaleoil, and the provider of the data to Nicky Hager.

It is attached in its original form below, but let me step you through some of it here.


I don’t claim any of this information to be true.  I don’t claim any of it to be factual.  All I claim is that this is the document that Ben Rachinger sent to me.  The media party have all claimed that what Ben Rachinger has said about me is all true, and so if that is true then they must start believing that this is true too.


As you can see, Ben Rachinger was working very hard to assist me in tracking down the source of the “Dirty Politics” hack.


Report to whom?   At that stage, he wasn’t yet working with the NZ Police.  He wasn’t working with me.  Ben was being approached at the hackers’ initiative and asked to assist.  His claims that he didn’t do anything are on record, yet he spent an incredible amount of time on it.   Doing what?  I suspect the hackers weren’t just keeping him in the loop for kicks.


And this is why Ben was of such interest to me personally.  If you put it in the context of me “ordering a hack of The Standard” (which I did not), you can see that the history of Ben and I was one of doggedly trying to unravel who had hacked me, who had financed it, and who had subsequently used the data.


It was always my intention to hand any and all such information to the NZ Police.  And Ben Rachinger knew this, and also followed this path for some time.  In fact, he became a police informant.  And I thought that the Police, Ben and I were on the same page: expose the people behind the Rawshark crime.

Nothing you are reading here today is new to the Police.  They have this, and much more.  The point of showing you this is to unravel Ben’s subsequent public allegations about me, and rewriting history on his own decisions, actions, statements and behaviour.


As Ben was interacting with people and eliciting more information, all of it was recorded and handed to the NZ Police.  (Or so I believed!) Ben, at that stage, was definitely still one of the good guys (or was he?).  He was on Team Whaleoil, and I had no problem paying him some money to be able to pay for his living expenses as he didn’t have any other income.

He may have been an unpaid police informant, but he regularly asked for, and received payments from me.  Payments I was happy to part with as I believed him to be making progress and helping the police unmask Rawshark and all subsequent individuals down the chain.  It is these payments he would later show as “evidence” of being paid for hacking The Standard.  The problem for Ben’s story is that these payments were made before Ben claimed to have accessed The Standard illegally. 


At some point, Ben was concerned for his safety.  The people he was informing on were putting pressure on him to stop.  The police have more specific details.

It appears to me that Ben needed an exit strategy from helping Cameron Slater and being a NZ Police informant.

But that’s just my thinking.


And so, and this is a working theory, Ben, who up to that point acted as and was paid for being my “consultant”, crafted the next brilliant plan:  entrapment of Cameron Slater.  Lots of the communication he held, such as my payments to Ben for his work like what you’re seeing here, work he did as a consultant, were suddenly cast in a different light.

I fully realise that none of this will ever hit the media, and the leftie blogs and political opponents won’t touch it with a barge pole.  It simply doesn’t fit their purpose as having painted me as some kind of uber-evil toxic human that the planet is better off without.

But for those of you have stood with me all the way, have provided practical support when I was in need of it, and more importantly, your own courage and moral support that has seen me through a time of my life that has been incredibly difficult.

The rest is now up to the NZ Police.   But I’m done waiting, and I’m impatient.  This is why I no longer will remain silent.

At the same time, Ben is battling the NZ Police as well.  It will be interesting to see how that turns out.  I am clearly very, very angry with him.  But there remains a part of me that recognises the incredible raw talent.  Most of it misdirected.  Who knows how things would have turned out had he not had so many other demons?

His family won’t speak to him.  The Police are now cautious of him.  I suspect he’s no longer trusted and welcome in any of these online hacker and social activism communities where trust and consistency are a basic requirement.  

The only people he thinks are his friends are some people at TV3, who are only after yours truly, and have no problem using Ben and spitting him out as well.


At this stage, he can take responsibility for his own decisions.  I can’t understand why he didn’t take diversion.  I suspect he was goaded by the media to try and turn it into a public spectacle.  Something that’s backed up by the media turning up to court hearings that they possibly couldn’t have known about unless Ben told them.  And subsequently, a huge effort to bring this story to the public.  I fully expect a major piece with Ben Rachinger the alleged fraudster and self-admitted The Standard hacker to run on TV that will have none of these balancing facts.

It’s all out in the open now, and please return tomorrow as I continue my series of The Ben Rachinger Files – in his own words.


There is a surprise today at 9:00 however.  I’ve agreed to an interview!  Don’t miss it.






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  • Ross

    The question needs to be asked… If the Police have all this information too, then why hasn’t Rangi Kemara been arrested? Clearly he has no “journalistic privilege” or “public interest” defence. He sounds like one hell of a misguided vigilante.

    • Here’s the thing. Ben Rachinger has made a lot of stuff up…the left-wing have taken what he said about me at face value. They believe everything he has said is true. Mediaworks invested, literally, in Ben Rachinger and his story. If what he said about me is true, and they believe it to be true, then what he has said about Rangi and media may very well be true too.

      Or it is all a massive sting and total horse dung made up by a silly little fool with a drinking problem.

      They made this happen, not me.

      • Justme

        In other words, by releasing all of this, the media either have to accept it is all true, OR it is all false. They can’t (although it is what they are doing) cherry pick what they want and deny the rest.

        • sheppy

          They will rely on people not coming over here to read the full facts.
          Innuendo and lying by omission is what the NZ media do

          • Keeping Stock

            It’d be interesting to see WO’s traffic figures since mid-afternoon yesterday.

        • Correct. They can’t have their cake and eat it too.

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    When I first heard rumours of Kemara’s involvement I thought ‘no way’… But it turns out that he is in fact a very talented and capable individual. I don’t know or even want to speculate if he was actually involved, but in terms of Rachinger’s clever deception, fingering Kemara is certainly plausible. I can see why Cam took the bait.

    Meanwhile, this is looking more and more like entrapment… Are there any laws relating to entrapment or enticing someone to commit a crime? I get the feeling that Rachinger is in a whole heap of trouble.

  • CoNZervative

    An interesting read: some observations on Ben Ratsinger 1) “immatureness”? (he means “immaturity” which typo reiterates the point) and 2) ‘handler’? Ben is a fantasist and thinks this is Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy and he’s in a Ludlum novel; Sin von Dotcrim is also a fantasist – a commonality that links much of this

    Observation: as I read this it appears to my instincts that: a) Ben craves to be accepted in some secret squirrel world with “skills”; b) he initially got in with Team WO but c) got freaked by Rawshark who was scary and ‘heavy’ d) wanting acceptance and having “immatureness” turned and made ‘friends’ with them which is what insecure sycophants do. In conclusion: he’s just a Fop flip flop.

  • Catriona

    Rangi Kemara looks as though he’s been quite active on Twitter over the past 24 hours. So, where to next for Kemara? How can he get away with what he did? And, more importantly, who paid him to do it?

  • Crowgirl

    Oh man, Benny boy is going to be a pariah now with all his hacker chums. I see what you meant when you said yesterday that he would want to move countries.

    • spanishbride

      The thing is, despite all he has said about WO being bad he is not actually scared of us. If he was he would never have done this to us. The hacker community and Rawshark in particular he IS scared of and rightly so. In his tweets he has indicated that he is protecting them at a great cost to himself.

      • Crowgirl

        Not sure Rangi Kemara feels really protected right now.

      • Ross

        Maybe because Cam has never been charged with terrorism and firearms offenses!?

      • spanishbride

        Ben has confirmed that I was right on the money about his fear of Rawshark. He made this comment today.

  • shykiwibloke

    A certain European keeps cropping up wherever there is political trouble.

  • KGB

    The important detail is that he was not hired to hack anything. He had claimed to already have done so and was attempting to sell the information.
    That how I read it anyway.

  • Capt. NoBeard

    A lot of this information that was provided to you seems to be b.s. Are you sure that he is not just paranoid and delusional and took you for a ride for cash by making up the idea that he had ‘hacked’ data supplementing his ‘hacking’ by some info gained through personal connections to lend credibility to the overall picture?

    A lot of this seems fairly improbable to me especially these pixilated ‘encrypted’ files etc. It makes TS look like some kind of Bond villain using complicated visual based codes etc to store data that most places would be happy to just firewall.

    Having had a look at his blog he definitely seems to have delusions of grandeur. It could be possible that he has some real IT knowledge and has used that to make himself look like a bigger ‘hacker’ than he actually is.

    Im not a huge IT expert but have you had one look at this data to ascertain the feasibility of actual hacking taking part on his part.

  • Ben does have help and protection. It comes from getting a lawyer and going to the police to have a full and frank chat about everything. Disclose what he’s done, where the red herrings are, what he’s left out, what he knows and can prove, what he knows and can not prove and what he thinks.

    It’s the only clean way out of this.

    If he goes any other way, he’ll just dig deeper.

    • niggly

      Fully agree Pete, those are wise words indeed and one would be very foolish not to follow them. Better to be on the side of the law rather than oppose (and lets face it those on the wrong side eg hackers etc, usually will eventually be outed or caught).

      As an aside, it’s a pity the MSM are to shallow to look into these things (such as the shadowy world of criminal hackers, people it seems Hager receives alot of info from over the years). As a result I don’t think TV3 will be Ben’s savior because after all they are only interested in Ben to create a “dirty politcs” aftermath news story. I do hope TV3 don’t ultimately end up with blood on its hands as a result, so to speak …..

  • CheesyEarWax

    Whats in it for Ben, money, revenge, attention, redemption…? Certainly money is a big motivator but he wouldn’t expect to get it from Cam.

    • Having been “in the Bunker” with Cam and others for years, and having had time to analyse it all, I’m still not 100% sure what Ben’s motivation was. It has changed as he went along, this is why the earlier and later stuff are hard to match for consistency.

      Ben admits he was working with the “Rawshark” team.

      Ben admits he was working with the Police to expose “Rawshark”

      The final chapters still have to be written before all that starts to make sense.

      Ben either switched sides, was a double agent, or both. (Can a double agent switch sides? Oh my head hurts)

  • SavetheBees

    I have read all three posts now and the language is interesting. It reminds me of the article that Tony wrote recently. The perpetrator using language that makes them come across as the victim. Also while all this information is all lovely. There is no mention of the name suppression and the hypocritical behaviour of a person. Who seems to pride themselves on naming and shaming, calling people rats etc. I find truth, balance and context a hard concept to see examples off on here. I do enjoy reading it all, I find alot of it quite funny.

  • SAM51

    More like cuddling up to the police so he could get protection from the likes of Kemara and his associates.

  • SAM51

    Yes and looking at Kemara I doubt he would have the ability to be a hacker – but perhaps looks are deceiving.